2020 Best Wedding Celebrants in Melbourne

As a wedding venue in Melbourne, you can sometimes forget that a wedding reception comes after a couple’s marriage ceremony, and without a wedding celebrant there is no wedding. So today’s updated blog is about some of the best wedding celebrants I have had the pleasure to observe or work with over my time here at Brighton Savoy.

A wedding ceremony is about the commitment and formalisation of a couple’s relationship, so when looking to engage a marriage celebrant for your wedding held in Melbourne it’s important to spend a bit of time researching and deciding what type of celebrant you want; male or female,  young or experienced, fun or serious, famous or infamous? Once you have set your criteria it is important to meet with a number of celebrants to determine if you are able to develop a connection with them.

My first marriage celebrant memory

The first wedding celebrant I met was back in about 1987. Her name was Margo Mclennan, or should I say Lady Margo McLennan. (she changed her name to Lady ) I think the fact that her husband was Rod Mclennan ( a TV performer and a judge on Channel 9’s New Faces) might have also impressed me as a youthful upstart in the weddings  industry.

Margo was an amazing lady, she was stylish, friendly, professional, yet had an aura about her that beamed class and sophistication. Lady Margo has always been the blueprint for what I believe a marriage celebrant should be like. Margo was also ahead of her time as she was the first woman in the world to work as a celebrant for gay marriages. Sadly Margo passed away of cancer in 2004.

Some of my favourite wedding celebrants Melbourne has on offer.

So here are some of the celebrants that I would suggest you consider to host your civil marriage or commitment ceremony. They are all very professional and I have observed them all in performing wedding ceremonies. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of the marriage celebrants of Melbourne below to discuss their costs and what style of ceremony they can provide

Mike Larkin

Keren Loyer

Shannon Jeans  

Julie Byrne

Andrew Redman

Sharon the Celebrant

Sarah Aird 

Meriki Comito

Sally Hughes

Janet Hussey

 Geraldene Fleishman 

So once you have found a wedding marriage celebrant to host your ceremony, why not consider Brighton Savoy as the venue to host your Wedding Reception & Ceremony.

We offer competitive wedding reception & ceremony packages. Our events team are on hand to assist and please give them a call on (03) 9592 8233 to find out how Brighton Savoy can share in your special day.

Michael Lee

Brighton Savoy
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