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2023 Best Wedding Celebrants in Melbourne

As a wedding venue in Melbourne, you can sometimes forget that a wedding reception comes after a couple's marriage ceremony, and without a wedding celebrant there is no wedding. So today's updated blog is about some of the best wedding celebrants I have had the pleasure to observe or work with over my time here at Brighton Savoy.

A wedding ceremony is about the commitment and formalisation of a couple's relationship, so when looking to engage a marriage celebrant for your wedding held in Melbourne it's important to spend a bit of time researching and deciding what type of celebrant you want; male or female,  young or experienced, fun or serious, famous or infamous? Once you have set your criteria it is important to meet with a number of celebrants to determine if you are able to develop a connection with them.

Keren Loyer Melbourne Celebrant



0414 897 325

Hi, I’m Keren and welcome to my page. I’d love to share my story about how I became a Celebrant.

Being a Celebrant complements my outgoing, positive personality and my genuine passion for people. It combines everything that is important to me in my life. My passionate values of love, family and bringing people together. The joy and satisfaction of helping couples weave and define their paths towards a lifelong journey of love and fulfilment and to be able to do this for others is such a blessing.

Speaking of blessings, I am a Mum to three gorgeous boys, a wife to an amazingly supportive man and a daughter to parents who have instilled in my sister and I the values of family, friendship and a deep sense of community.

I love helping couples facing the same challenges as I did is what fuelled my passion to become a Celebrant who combines the Cultural elements of various ethnicity’s within a single Ceremony.

Since 2009, I have proudly performed hundreds of Wedding Ceremonies, Naming Day Ceremonies and Commitment Ceremonies.

Each couple I meet is unique. So from a first meeting, by asking questions and getting to know the couple, I am able to make a ceremony personal, warm and fun.

I would love the opportunity to meet with you, to help you plan and be part of your special day.


Sweet Wonderful You - Wedding Celebrant Melbourne

Sweet Wonderful You Wedding Celebrant Melbourne





Weddings, what’s not to love!? Creating a ceremony that is uniquely you is my greatest priority. Jump over to the ‘Lovers’ tab to see my packages & what's involved!


Want to keep it simple? An elopement is definitely the way to go. You, me & 2 witnesses is all it takes & we can get you hitched! I have some great little contacts in the Macedon Ranges and can find you the perfect, private location for your ceremony, or I can simply come to you.


It is one of my great honours to be asked to give someone their final farewell from this life time. When you lose a loved one, there are so many thoughts running through your head, and organising a funeral can be incredibly overwhelming. I feel that I have a calm, loving and relaxed presence, and can support & guide your family as we plan a service that is a true reflection of your loved one’s life. 

Pete The Celebrant - Wedding Celebrant Melbourne

Pete The Celebrant Melbourne


0421 760 023

Melbourne Marriage Celebrant

Your young male Melbourne celebrant and MC with 5-star reviews

Pete is a young Melbourne marriage celebrant and MC who creates relaxed, chilled out and easy-going wedding ceremonies.

Your ceremony should be the highlight that starts your wedding day where your friends and family will be in stitches and tears as he shares your story in an authentic and engaging way, hilarious yet with the sentiment.

Melbourne Celebrant Service


The biggest day of your life can look different for each couple, however, whether it’s with a large group of friends and family or escaping for an intimate elopement – the right celebrant will make all the difference.

Event & Wedding MC

It’s not that you don’t trust your uncle or mate, it’s just better left in the hands of those who are happy to hold the mic for an evening and not a stubbie. After an incredible ceremony, it makes sense to trust your reception with the same person that everyone now trusts for a great evening.


Celebrate the life of a loved one with a funeral or memorial service that blends the experience of sharing captivating stories along with humour, warmth and love. Whether it’s preparing the eulogy or reading them on behalf of the family, help is here.

Renee The Celebrant - Wedding Celebrant Melbourne

Wedding Celebrant Melbourne

Phone: 0415 726 262
Email: info@reneethecelebrant.com.au
Website: www.reneethecelebrant.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/reneethecelebrant
Instagram : @renee_the_celebrant

I'm Renee the Celebrant and you'll find me in the world's most liveable city.
I get around all kinds of ceremonies, but specialise in alternative weddings. I will collab with you and your boo to make a wedding extravaganza that's uniquely yours. I'm an event producer, performer, DJ, creative writer and public speaker. I offer a range of pre-made packages and services to suit all dreams and budgets.
I'm a proud member of the queer community. My involvement during the marriage equality campaign was inspo to become a Celebrant and what an honour to officiate LOVE ALL WAYS! That being said, my services aren't exclusive to the queer community, I don't discriminate wink.

Enough about me, I'd love to get to know you, so hit me up for a no obligations chat!

Meriki Comito Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Meriki Comito Wedding Celebrant Melbourne



Wedding Ceremony Planning Processes

My priority is to ensure the following when creating your marriage ceremony:

  • Make the whole process as simply and as easy for you as possible
  • You are completely comfortable with every element of the wedding ceremony planning process
  • All the legal requirements + obligations are explained and taken care of
  • The wedding brief has been discussed and you have approved a wedding ceremony layout
  • You have all the resources you need to assist with your vows, reading selections, symbolic inclusions
  • You have unlimited opportunity to discuss any extra additions you would like to include in your wedding ceremony, like cultural/family traditions
  • You arrive at your wedding confident that your ceremony will run smoothly, will engage your guests, will set the tone for the rest of the day and will be a memorable celebration for all the right reasons!
  • You are relaxed and experience ALL the feels and joy of getting married!

My marriage celebrant service includes:

  • An initial meet + greet to discuss all of your requirements, obligations, options and ideas.
  • A free, take home information pack and plenty of time to discuss all the steps we need to cover leading up to your big day.
  • A more intensive planning meeting, to start the process of designing & constructing your ceremony and to complete your first legal obligation – the Notice Of Intended Marriage (NOIM).
  • Lots of resources required in relation to readings, vows, symbolic elements and traditions.
  • A rehearsal, OR final face to face meeting in the week or two leading up to the ceremony, if required.
  • A professional quality PA system with wireless microphones, built in CD player and Mp3 capabilities.
  • A professionally printed Certificate of Marriage Australia
  • A personalised, keepsake copy of your marriage ceremony.
  • A name change kit if either party wishes to change their name.
  • I can provide a table and two chairs, decorated to suit your taste, for the signing of the Marriage Certificates, if required.
  • Completion, lodgement and registration of all legal marriage documentation with the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths + Marriages
  • I will discuss your dress code with you and present myself appropriately on the day.
  • I will arrive approximately 30-40 minutes before the ceremony, to assist with the co-ordination of events and to ensure everything is in order.

Mine Forever Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Mine Forever Wedding Celebrant Melbourne



Fun, relaxed and easy going

If that sounds like your ideal Melbourne Wedding Celebrant, then give me a call, and we can chat about how I can help you with the ceremony. It's about creating a special moment, the ceremony you want - and one that your friends will remember, forever.

You'll find me marrying people and taking selfies across Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley and beyond.


Matt Finch Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Matt Finch Wedding Celebrant Melbourne




As a modern-day celebrant, I’m free of rules and tradition.  I am open to ideas, and it’s my job to create a ceremony that’s right for you and your beliefs, inclusive of race, religion or lifestyle.  From a classic ceremony with a twist to something more daring, your wedding is what you want it to be, and I’m here to inspire, guide and support you on this journey.

I’m passionate about getting to know people and their story.  A wedding is the beginning of a new chapter in your life, and as your celebrant, I’d be honoured to be part of that story.  I look forward to meeting you.



When we first meet, you can throw as many questions at me as you like, to decide if I’m the guy for you. I can show how it all works and let you know what you need to start thinking about.


Once booked: lucky you! I will complete all the legal stuff for you and just show you where to sign.


Over a drink, you can tell me just how this journey of yours flowed and your thoughts on one another.   I’ll write a personal wedding script detailing the ‘who, what, when’ of your ceremony.


We can run through everything at a wedding rehearsal so that you’re more at ease on the big day.


Using my own professional sound gear, I ensure that all of your wedding guests can clearly hear and enjoy the bespoke, real warm ceremony that you have imagined.


I’ll do my very best to make your wedding ceremony happy, stress-free and forever memorable.


Julia's Celebrant Agency - Wedding Celebrant Melbourne

Julia's Celebrant Agency Wedding Celebrant Melbournejuliascelebrantagency.com


Celebrants with Pizazz!

Celebrants who really add sparkle to your ceremony! Highly recommended, wonderfully professional and super lovely. What more could you ask for?!

With wedding industry events running every single month, this social calendar will surely excite those who love to mingle, create and challenge themselves as small business owners.


Anthony Cribbes Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Anthony Cribbes Wedding Celebrant Melbourne



Why I believe a wedding ceremony is the most important part of your day.

Before my own wedding, I can tell you that my experience of wedding ceremonies could be described as either: forgettable or cringe-inducing. Sadly this was all too common until I had my own little personal moment of enlightenment!

I discovered something when my wife and I got married - that the ceremony can be both amazingly awesome and the highlight of the day.

This experience taught me what a great ceremony can do for a wedding. It sets the vibe of the day and it engages all of your guests. But most importantly it truly ensures that your wedding is a proper celebration of the one thing that matters above everything else - how much you bloody love each other!

How it all works from here


I like to keep the process nice and easy, if you want to know more about my views on weddings and why I became a celebrant we can set-up a completely obligation free meeting.

If we're a good match for each other and you want to proceed...that's music to my ears and we will lock your date in!


We will sit down together over a coffee (or something similar if that's your tipple...it might be mine!) and we will create your ceremony as a team. It's my job to guide you through the process, but ultimately we will create your wedding, how you had always wanted it to be.

We can meet us much as you like to make your wedding happen...there are no additional or hidden charges.


This is the best part...we make you wife and husband, husband and wife, wife and wife or husband and husband or spouse and spouse!

It is my job to make this the best day ever for you, your guests and whoever else is involved in the wedding. I love weddings, they are the best moments in the world!


Fiona Garrivan Marriage Celebrant Melbourne 

Fiona Garrivan Wedding Celebrant Melbourne





Behind every wedding is a unique couple.  A wedding looks different for every couple.   If you and your guests are able to walk away having laughed, cried and really enjoyed yourselves and are looking forward to the celebrations, then I know I have done my job.


Having a big wedding is not for everyone. If you are looking for a meaningful way to commit to one another without all the fuss, maybe eloping with just a few of your closest family and friends is the perfect way for you to start your married life.


Erin Rollason Marriage Celebrant Melbourne 

Erin Rollason Wedding Celebrant Melbournecelebrant.erinrollason.com.au


On your wedding day you want to look amazing, but also feel amazing with a great sense of enjoyment and ease as you’re guided throughout the ceremony!

Your ceremony is the first official start of your wedding day and your marriage- you want to get it right from the very beginning with no regrets!






With my expertise and experience, you will feel that the ceremony process and your Wedding day will be smooth sailing, reducing stress, reducing anxiety and not feeling overwhelmed as I have everything under control in regards to your ceremony. You will actually find working with me throughout the process and on your big day enjoyable and fun- the way it is meant to be.


Rebecca Mayo Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Rebecca Mayo Wedding Celebrant Melbourne




Let's have a chat and get to know each other! We'll chat about you, chat about me, and chat about your i-do's. We can do this via FaceTime or Skype, or if you want to meet in person then I'm always up for a coffee or a wine!


Once you've decided we're a perfect match, you can lock me in with a booking fee. Then we will meet face to face to sign and lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage which must be done a minimum of 1 month before your wedding. At this meeting, I will give you your super awesome wedding kit, packed full of sample vows, readings, rituals, and other fun stuff.


Let's get creative! You can have as much or as little input as you want. I will write your ceremony from scratch, ensuring it to be completely unique, fun, and personal to you. I will send you a draft to check over and make any changes you wish until its perfect.


Your big day is here! This is the biggest celebration of your lives, and I believe it should be fun and enjoyed by you and your guests! So, let's do this!!!


Weddings by Jay Allan -Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Jay Allen Wedding Celebrant Melbourne



As a celebrant, I don't over-do-it, or under-do-it. I listen to you and create a ceremony that suits you best.

Simple, Easy, Stress-Free + Fun

I take care of all the legal stuff and help you with planning your big day. 

20 + years of wedding planning and performing experience and expertise.

Since becoming an Authorised Marriage Celebrant, I have been able to be more than just the partyman at the reception, I have been able to share in the wonderful moment when two people become one couple. It is such an honour! 


Stand-up Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Stand Up Wedding Celebrant Melbourne



My name’s Paul and I’m a full-time celebrant based in Collingwood, Melbourne. 

I’ll be flat-out honest with you – I have selfish reasons for wanting to be your celebrant. 

I dig the stage. As a stand-up comedian I’ve been lucky enough to support the likes of Fiona O’Loughlin and Dave O’Neil. Getting up on stage scares a lot of people. Understandably so. I love it. It’s a thrill.

I love writing. I’m a natural storyteller and have written features for Bernard Fanning, Jimmy Barnes, The Rubens and Gareth Liddiard (excuse me while I pick those names up off the floor).

As a celebrant I get to combine those two things. 

For me that’s like hitting a triple-word score with two q’s and a z. It’s like slapping down a draw-four wildcard. It’s like finding the Gameboy key in A*mazing. It’s like beating Rainbow Road on Mario Kart. It’s like… you get the picture.

I’m Melbourne based. I live in Collingwood but can travel from the Peninsula to the Yarra Valley to Geelong. I do weddings in Melbourne. I live in Melbourne. I’m repeating the word Melbourne because it’s great for Google search. 

I have some cool features like 'Pimp My Celebrant' - it lets you choose exactly what you want me to wear! I also have more than 100 five-star reviews over on my Easy Weddings page.

I want to be at your wedding and create a ceremony your guests won’t stop talking about. I want to write about how you met, what you enjoy about each other and why one of you snores like a German trooper.

I can’t build a cupboard. I’m awful at fractions. I barely know how to cook a jaffle.

The things you are passionate about in life are the things you do best. 

This is what I do best.


Sally Hughes Marriage Celebrant Melbourne 

Sally Hughes Wedding Celebrant Melbourne



I am a full-time Civil Celebrant, occasional classical singer, former business banker and happily married mother of two little girls.  As a wedding singer for over fifteen years I had the privilege of witnessing hundreds of ceremonies, however it wasn't until I was nearing the end of maternity leave with my first daughter that it occurred to me to make a career shift to celebrancy.

Observing hundreds of priests and celebrants for over a decade gave me a rare insight into how ceremonies were typically structured and presented. I had always held strong opinions about what I did and didn't like and how, given the chance, I would write and present ceremonies.  My "Ah-ha! moment" arrived whilst sitting in a chapel pew.  The following week I enrolled to become a celebrant and have never looked back.

I pride myself on delivering highly personalised and engaging ceremonies as I'm a firm believer that ceremonies should never be considered merely the "necessary part of the day". They should be interactive, interesting, enjoyable and memorable for both you and your guests.

I am friendly, attentive, organised and professional and my considerable experience in performance and public speaking ensures that I will deliver an engaging ceremony which reflects your personalities, values and vision.

I’ll never take for granted how fortunate I am to be invited into people’s lives and entrusted with such an important and very rewarding responsibility.  I get the best seat in the house and I’m so grateful for that!

Please contact me at any time to see if I'm available on your wedding day.  If so, I'd love to meet you for a drink and a chat.


My services include:

  • An initial, obligation-free meeting to listen to your ideas and discuss how we can create a bespoke ceremony together. During this meeting we’ll discuss the process of writing your ceremony and the legal requirements for your marriage. You will also receive an information kit. Should you wish to proceed, I would ask that you complete a booking form, sign my service agreement and pay a non-refundable and non-transferable booking fee to secure my services.
  • Access to my resources (poems and verse, sample vows, ritual ideas and music suggestions).
  • A second meeting, during which we will discuss the first draft of your ceremony and attend to the lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM). I will also need to sight the identification documents relevant to your circumstances. Shortly after the second meeting, I will email you the first draft of your ceremony. We can meet again to discuss or correspond as often as you like via Skype, email or telephone. The choice is yours.
  • A final meeting at my home office or at the venue (venue permitting) in the days prior to your ceremony.
  • A professionally printed commemorative marriage certificate.
  • A bound copy of your marriage ceremony script.
  • Completion of all legal paperwork and lodgement with the relevant authorities on your behalf.
  • A Change of Name Kit (for Australian residents) if either of you wish to change your surname via marriage.
  • A professional quality PA system with MP3 player (CD and USB) and smartphone connectivity.
  • I will dress appropriately to ensure that I compliment the wedding party and reflect your dress code.
  • Please note:  I cannot provide musical services for a couple whose marriage I will solemnise


Charis White Wedding Celebrant Melbourne

Charis White Wedding Celebrant Melbourne



Weddings in Melbourne

The ceremonies I perform are very special occasions due to their immaculate attention to detail. Whether you choose to have a traditional, non-traditional, large or small wedding, a civil service allows you to construct your own wedding ceremony to suit.  It may seem like a daunting process, but it is actually very simple. I will be there to guide you through every step of the way.

Let’s do this!

Step One

Let’s chat over coffee, wine or a gin and tonic and get to know each other

Step Two

I will gather information about your love story and we will fill in the legal paperwork

Step Three

I will write your story and put together a beautiful ceremony

Step Four

You get married!


Georgia Mills Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Georgia Mills Wedding Celebrant Melbourne




Standing before the people you love to share your promises in marriage is a really incredible and powerful experience. It can also feel a little daunting - especially for those who aren't used to being the centre of attention. This means it is so important to have an experienced, calm and confident celebrant beside you  - helping you to relax and enjoy getting married!


I love my role as a marriage celebrant - guiding you through the whole process of getting married, from all the necessary paperwork, through to creating and sharing your unique ceremony - so that you can celebrate finding the love of your life and share your happiness with those closest to you. It's a pretty great feeling.


Megan Thompson Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Megan Thompson Wedding Celebrant Melbourne




Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life and I am here to take the stress out of planning your ceremony!

I believe ceremonies set the scene for the celebrations ahead, and it's my mission to have every guest smiling, laughing and maybe even shedding a tear.


It's important to have an initial chat to see if I'm the right celebrant for you. It's obligation-free and I'm available for face to face meetings, skype/facetime calls or even just a quick chat over the phone.


I will provide you with online access to my ceremony basics to help you work out the structure of your ceremony. The majority will be custom written by me though.


My ceremonies require both you and your partner to fill out a questionnaire.... separately! This will allow me to get some more insight into your relationship which will assist me in the writing process. It's only 8 questions and best to have some fun with it!


You can choose to receive a draft of your ceremony or just wing it on the day! I am VERY experienced so you can have full trust in me to create something fun, emotive and unique to your relationship!


During the second meeting we will go through the ceremony structure, discuss music requirements, any other inclusions and also begin the legal paperwork.


I arrive at your venue nice and early to set up and after that you will usually find me organising with venue staff, chatting to guests and creating a great atmosphere..


This is not the last you have heard from me! I will register your marriage and lodge all original paperwork with births,deaths and marriages. I will notify you once everything is complete (usually 4-6 weeks afterwards).


I will send you a follow up email with detailed instructions on how to obtain your original legal marriage certificate from the BDM office.


Anna Smale Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Anna Campbell Couture Wedding Dress Maker Melbourne




Many couples don't realise how much they can personalise their wedding ceremony.

There are only a few legal words that need to take place during your ceremony and the rest is up to you!

I like to create ceremonies that are light-hearted, meaningful and compliment you and your style!

After all, your ceremony is what sets the tone for the rest of your celebrations and you want it to be one that you and your guests enjoy.


Many couples don't realise how much they can personalise their wedding ceremony. There are only a few legal words that need to take place during your ceremony and the rest is up to you!

I like to create ceremonies that are light-hearted, meaningful and compliment you and your style.

Your ceremony is what sets the tone for the rest of your celebrations and you want it to be one that you and your guests enjoy.


Wedding Ceremony

Perfect for couples who want the traditional style wedding ceremony with a modern twist. During the planning meetings, I will sit down with you to design your ceremony, in which I will share with you sample vows, readings, and so much more! Couples can have as much input as they like!

Short, Simple & Intimate

Perfect for couples who don't want an elaborate wedding and prefer a smaller intimate ceremony. Together we will design a short and simple ceremony in which you may like to personalise with vows.


Perfect for couples who just want to be legally married in Australia. It involves me, the two of you, a minimum of two witnesses (who must be 18yo or older) and a few legal words. We then sign the certificates and you’re married! The best part - it can be anywhere you want it to be! 

So how does it all work?

Firstly, get in touch with me and provide me with as much information as possible about your wedding and the style you are after.

Let's catch up for a meet and greet where we can get to know each other, discuss your wedding and visions for your ceremony. If you're unable to meet in person, we can chat over Skype or FaceTime.

If the meeting goes well then book me in and pay a booking fee to secure the date.

We'll have subsequent meetings where we will complete your 'Notice of Intended Marriage' form and start discussing your ceremony. I will provide you with a Ceremony Guide with lots of examples (vows, ring exchange, readings, etc).

Approximately one month before your wedding you will receive a copy of your ceremony for review.

If requested, a rehearsal can take place a couple of weeks prior to your wedding.

Wedding Day! I will arrive nice and early to set up and liaise with your other suppliers to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Time to celebrate and enjoy married life!


Weddings by Danielle Emily - Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Wedding By Danielle Emily Weddingcelebrant Melbourne



Welcome to Weddings By Danielle Emily Civil Marriage Celebrant

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement!

It is such an exciting time for you both. If you are looking for a ceremony that is romantic, yet relaxed with a little bit of humour you have come to the right place.

Take a look around my website and get in touch if you want to chat further!

I would love to be a part of your special day xx



For those wanting the whole shebang! 

All ceremonies include a non-obligation meeting, phone & email support, rehearsal  (offsite), personalised ceremony script, use of my PA system, conducting the ceremony,  completion & lodgement of the legal paperwork & the commemorative certificate


 For those looking for a short & sweet low key ceremony!

(20 guests or less)

Includes a non-obligation meeting, phone & email support, standard ceremony script, conducting the ceremony, completion and lodgement of the legal paperwork & the commemorative certificate. 


For those who just want to make their love official!

Includes myself, you two and two witnesses and just the legal wording, completion and lodgement of the legal paperwork & the commemorative certificate. Travel fee applies for locations further than 10km from Frankston


For those couples proceeding with a partner or fiancé visa application.

Includes completion of the NOIM and letter of support. I will offer a 10% discount to any couple who then books their personalised ceremony with me. 


All fully personalised & short but sweet ceremonies further than 50km from my home in Frankston will incur an extra travel fee to be quoted at the time of booking

ership with someone who: 

 Is modern, professional, organised, and fun to work with from the first meeting to the last.

 Respects the serious and important nature of the occasion, but who can engage them and their guests in something personal, enjoyable, heartfelt and meaningful.

 Is creative and delivers a ceremony that matches their vision, personality and beliefs.


Congratulations on your plans to celebrate a very special occasion, and thank-you for taking the time to consider my professional services.

If you choose me to celebrate your relationship, please feel confident that you are in the experienced hands of a genuine and down-to-earth human… a man who connects and engages just as easily with corporate high flyers as he does blokey blokes … a professional who has a great ability to personalise ceremonies with energy, sincerity, authenticity and humour … a celebrant who guests invariably say is the best they’ve ever seen because he made it feel like he was a good friend standing up there with the happy couple.

I am good at interpreting people’s personalities and listening to their preferences … it’s important because I want to write a ceremony that is “real” and “true to who you are”, and I want to tell your story in the language and tone that best reflects you!


Kate Morgan Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Kate Morgan Wedding Celebrant Melbourne





My main objective is to discover what is most important to you, then turn that into a relaxed fun and memorable ceremony; one that reflects you and your lifestyle. 

I love getting to know you, hearing how you met and what your hopes are for the future. We will talk through your ideas for the ceremony.

On the big day itself, I will keep you calm and as you make your vows.


I have always been a passionate supporter of marriage equality.

With the recent 'YES' vote and changes to the Australian 'Marriage Act,'  I am thrilled to be able to finally & legally marry my same-sex couples.

Being a part of this change is one of the reasons I became a marriage celebrant in the first place, so I'm very proud to be among the first group of Celebrants to marry same-sex couples in Australia.


One of the most rewarding roles I have is conducting funerals. Saying farewell to a loved one is incredibly sad but brings with it the opportunity to celebrate life and convey how much they were loved. 

I believe that making the funeral ceremony really meaning can be an important step in moving through your grief.

Contact me here to talk about how I can help you arrange a funeral.


With extensive experience in public speaking, I am available to emcee your event, whether that be your wedding, corporate or public conference.

I will keep your audience engaged and entertained whilst shining a light on the subject, making sure your program flows beautifully and is on time.

For a quote please provide as much information about your event here.


Zena Lythgo Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Zena Lythgo Wedding Celebrant Melbourne



I like to make the process as collaborative as possible, that way it’ll be the truest representation of the two of you.

A winning wedding ceremony is an honest reflection of who you are day to day. It allows everyone to have a few laughs (with you, not at you), and is an engaging and heartfelt experience that your guests feel a part of! It raises the energy in the room and leaves everyone feeling privileged to have been invited in to that moment with you.

Planning a wedding can be busy and high-pressure.

Ceremony planning should be the opposite:

  • It is a chance to reflect on what brought you to this place.
  • And where you want to go together in the future.
  • It shouldn’t feel like work.
  • It should be fun, a little revealing & very insightful.

Amongst the busyness that is planning your wedding, ceremony planning is a chance to pause and reflect on why you chose each other and get excited for the day ahead.

Your wedding should be:

  • Fun and easy
  • Calm and authentic
  • Organised and individual

I am Melbourne based – but love to road trip to scenic locations!

If this sounds like the way you’d like to collaborate, then please get in touch. I look forward to connecting with you.

How it all works


We’ll chat and book in a time for a face to face meeting


We’ll get to know each other and discuss your dream wedding


We plan your ceremony down to the nitty gritty details


Pete The Celebrant - Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Pete The Celebrat Wedding Celebrant Melbourne




Hey, I’m Pete, a young Melbourne wedding celebrant and MC who creates relaxed, chilled out and easy-going wedding ceremonies.

Your ceremony should be the highlight that starts your wedding day where your friends and family will be in stitches and tears as I share your story in an authentic and engaging way, hilarious yet with sentiment.

Want an easy experience with a relatable marriage celebrant to make your day and the journey towards it better than thought it could be?

Well I’d love to hear your story over a drink and guide you in making this ceremony unique and personal – let’s chat!


Naomi Korolew Wedding Celebrant Melbourne 

Naomie Karolew Wedding Celebrant Melbourne



Need to find a wedding celebrant that will help you have your wedding, your way?  You just have…

On your wedding day I believe the spotlight should be on you and your partner – not on your celebrant. Which is why I create a unique ceremony (written about you from scratch) that reflects your own personalities and preferences, that you and your guests will actually enjoy.

So, no matter where you sit on the wedding spectrum – from an intimate elopement to a formal affair – if you want a fresh, modern ceremony that is meticulously planned and executed, but feels casual and relaxed, then we should definitely chat.

Why not say hello and see if I’m available on your date?

Premium Service


When you book your ceremony with Naomi you will receive;

  • AMAZING RESOURCES – A fabulous Ceremony Toolkit: Your Wedding Your Way, to provide you with everything you could possibly want or need to plan your ceremony
  • EDITORIAL CONTROL – Your ceremony, written about you, over which you have 100% editorial control
  • BEST PA IN TOWN – Provision of a crystal clear cordless PA system and seamless management of your ceremony music
  • METICULOUS PLANNING – Comprehensive ceremony planning that will address everything from risk management to choreography to ensure your ceremony is conducted with grace and style
  • UNLIMITED CONSULTATIONS – Access to ongoing support before, during and even after your wedding

David Schneider Professional Marriage Celebrant Melbourne 

David Schneider Wedding Celebrant Melbourne



The things you need to know.....

The legal work

There is a legal requirement under the Marriage Act that at least one month notice and no longer than 18 months is given for you to be married. The form to use is the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) and you can download the form HERE. The form must reach me no later than one month before the wedding.  For example, if we receive the form on September 15th you can be married anytime from October 15th onwards. If you need to apply for your marriage to be conducted within this one month timeframe please telephone me urgently as we must make application to the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages and seek permission to conduct the wedding.  I have successfully obtained permission many times and can assist you to conduct the ceremony if less than one months notice is required.

The photo gallery

You will see that I have a style at every wedding.  I am always suited and always wear a black suit. I never wear a blue suit as often the groom and groomsmen are wearing one. Just 1 of the 101 things I show you I do that makes me a standout celebrant. 

How much does it cost?

Often I am less than the cost of your cars, and the flowers and I try and make my weddings affordable to everyone.  I am certainly great value for the amount of time that goes into making your wedding special and couples have commented on that in their testimonials.  There is about 20-30 hours work in most weddings. Click here to see the ceremony fee and everything that is included.  Remember, without a great celebrant, you are just having an expensive party.


There are so many things I do to help your day run smoothly, from escorting the mother of the bride down the aisle, (if she wishes) to re-pinning the groom's flower as it has slipped sideways. Have a read of the most frequently asked questions here and if I have not answered anything you need to know, send me an email or pick up the phone.  I am one of your greatest resources when it comes to your ceremony.  

Preferred melbourne wedding suppliers

I work with some amazing suppliers all over Melbourne. From photographers to florists and stylists and hire items and cars, I can help with most things.  Have a look here at some of the suppliers.


Melbourne Cityside Wedding Celebrant 

Melbourne Cityside Wedding Celebrant



Marriage Ceremony

 "When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"

Vows and ceremonies are extremely personal. I do things a little different and don't use tired or copied scripts. I write each ceremony from scratch to the values and journey of each couple i work with to ensure its a perfect reflection of your lives together. 

Be it funny, intimate or modern there is nothing better than a ceremony you look back on that was a true reflection of your lives and values. 

When it comes to Vows I can offer to share some I have written for inspiration with a Youthful and Modern twist, I also offer my time to you both to catch up and do my vows workshop to help you write the perfect words.

Located in the flourishing CBD, I also offer a popular and unique 'short and sweet' marriage service that's personal, intimate and fun.

Please read many fantastic reviews, so you can have confidence in the professionalism and caliber of my work. I encourage you to leave a review for me after your wedding.

 Marriage Ceremony Inclusions

Below is a list of inclusions for your Marriage Ceremony. 

Not only am I very good value, I also offer free of charge my world famous vows workshop to help couples mold the perfect words into something well structured and sincere.

Feel free to discuss with me any idea's or inclusions you would like. I will help you design and bring to life the ceremony that fit's you both perfectly..

Simply leave your details on my contact page or call, email or text me anytime. 

Initial consultation at a time and place suitable to you. This is the time to plan and develop your ceremony and talk through the legal's required. I can walk you through each stage step by step and put together all your information to get started. For speed and accuracy I use the Birth, Deaths and Marriage online portal.

I will hand write of your wedding ceremony to the tone and values that represent your style as a couple. I have a professional and easy process to ensure we capture the essence of what you both have in mind. 

Wedding rehearsal if booked to run through logistics so your ceremony runs smoothly. Who stands where, names of your guests, who's holding the rings and so on. This way I can direct the ceremony for you with certainty and you can be at ease knowing its all organised.

I will provide a PA at your request and always free of charge. I have a high quality system that can be charged to run up to 20 hours and come with wireless microphones for logistical ease. This can be used with Bluetooth to play any music you wish during the ceremony.

The ceremony will be conducted at the venue of your choice. You will be provided with a wealth of options and advice to assist in choosing the perfect venue should you not have one in mind.


Promise To Love Wedding Celebrant Melbourne

Promise To Love Wedding Celebrant Melbourne



About Me

Hi, I'm Julie-a fun, professional person and I love working with ALL couples to craft special lovely personal ceremonies-weddings, naming or renewal of vows. I promise you both will love the delivery of your ceremony and you will have everyone commenting just how wonderful it was. Individual, modern, traditional ceremonies. It's your choice. Multi-cultural ceremonies, home weddings and surprise ceremonies are the core of Promise to Love. I promise to organise stress-free legals and a really lovely ceremony in the style and with the content you both want!

So many precious moments! Let's make sure your ceremony is one of them. I promise you it will be.

How to Choose a Wedding Celebrant

Recommendations from Friends and Family

A wedding celebrant can’t just sound good on paper. They need to have the right personality and the right presence in order to bring your ceremony to life! If you want to know exactly how a celebrant works on the day, you’ll need to ask the people who have had first-hand experience with them.

Start your celebrant search by asking any recently married friends and family for their recommendations based on their own wedding experiences. Ask for their honest opinion on everything, from their personality on the day along with the behind-the-scenes organisation, planning and communication.

Wedding Fairs

Attending a wedding fair should be your next step to scouting the perfect celebrant. Yes, there are plenty of online directories and the right celebrant could just be a Google search away – but a wedding fair actually allows you to meet and chat with celebrants in person. This is invaluable when you think about how personal and intimate their role really is for your big day.

With many local wedding fairs operating annually, use this as an opportunity to chat to some celebrants and see how you communicate with each other. Do you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident? Or is it awkward and tense? Use these wedding fairs to find a celebrant you really click with in person.

Use your venue choice as a guide

If you are still unsure about the type of ceremony you’d like, use your venue as a guide. Have you chosen an outside wedding, a tipi wedding or perhaps a ceremony on a beach or farm? Any outdoor wedding requires a Celebrant with either a strong voice or a microphone system to cope with nature and different acoustics!

Ask your favourite Celebrants to talk about their experience with the type of ceremony you’d like and for ideas. A good Celebrant will get your creative juices flowing and give you a taster of what they can offer! The best bit about having a Celebrant led ceremony, is there are no limitations at all!

Read the reviews

It’s great when Celebrants have reviews. You can learn a lot about them by reading through the real-life reviews and also by reviewing the reviewer! The couples that left the review and their venue choice will give you a good insight into the Celebrant’s style and flexibility.

Personalising your Ceremony

There are many truly special ways to personalise your Wedding Ceremony. From sand ceremonies to handfastings and many more, with the support and guidance from your Celebrant, you can include a unique symbolic addition if you’d like to. Some Celebrants specialise in this, so when reviewing profiles, take extra care to spot what they have experience with, or make it one of your questions when asking for more information.

You may also want to include religious content, or something faith-based. Your ideal Celebrant will either have experience of this or be willing to be guided by your choices and influences as the process will be two way and you will work as a team to make the ceremony perfect!

The choices are endless when it comes to personalisation, which is why you have chosen a Celebrant who can offer total flexibility to deliver a unique ceremony.

Get in there early

Celebrants get booked up fast, especially good Celebrants. Ensure you leave plenty of time to book in a consultation and pencil in a date. The last thing you want to do is find the perfect Celebrant that is already booked for your date!

The Celebrant Directory offers an availability calendar, but it's worth contacting the Celebrant from the site should you find your perfect match that doesn’t appear to be available, as you or they may have some flexibility with dates or times.

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