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Dogs are more than just pets, they’re like family. So, it’s normal to want your dog to be a part of your wedding day. But you must ensure the dog’s safety and emotions at the wedding when you’re busy. But the question is how to manage your dog on your special occasion. If you’re in quest of the same thing, you’re on the right post. In this article, we will discuss how to manage dogs at wedding events. Let’s have a look for a better understanding!

1. Manage Things According to Your Dog Behavior 

If you want your dog at a wedding event, it is wise to manage things according to its behavior. As you know, the bride and groom do what they want on a wedding day. But will your dog will enjoy it without your attention? If your dog doesn’t like being around lots of people or if they can’t do what you imagine for the day, it might not be a good idea. This way, you and your dog could end up feeling let down. But if you can’t carry your dog with you, it is better to contact a reputed puppy school that can take care of your dog in your absence. 

2. Dog Photography 

If your dog isn’t in the ceremony, you must choose creative ways to include your dog in the wedding ceremony. Your dog can be in your wedding invitations and pictures before and after the ceremony. But for this, you need to hire a photographer who knows your dog well. Plus, you also contact a photographer with great animal photography experience. 

3. Make Sure Guests Are Good with Dogs 

No one can spoil their wedding event. Imagine for a while, suddenly someone starts sneezing loudly at a wedding event due to your dog. It can be awkward. If you want your dog to come to the wedding, you must tell your friends and family early so they can plan for any allergies. 

4. Choose Pet-Friendly Venue 

If you want to have your dog at a wedding, it is wise to choose a pet-friendly venue. Before deciding on any venue, you must ask the venue management about the pet facilities. Nowadays, many event management companies arrange venues according to dogs. Besides, if your guests are also coming with their dogs, you should manage things accordingly. 

5. Hire A Dog Handler

Your dog special attention at an event when everyone is busy. In that case, there is no more awesome than hiring a dog handler. Remember, your friends and family can’t handle the dog in crowded places. However, the handlers have great knowledge and expertise to manage the dogs. They’ll make sure your dog stays calm, happy, and exercised. Plus, they also help your dog to be part of the wedding effectively. 

6. Understand Dog’s Liking & Disliking 

What is your dog good at? If they’re good at sitting still, it might be a good idea to have them sit in the ceremony. If your dog likes to move around a lot, you should think about it. 

On the other hand, if your dog doesn’t mind wearing clothes, you can dress them up in a cute outfit. But you must practice with your dog in advance to avoid any risk. 

7. Help Your Dog to Know Your Wedding Place

if your dog is fine with going to new places without getting nervous, it’s a good idea to take him to see your wedding location before the big day. This will help him feel more comfortable. If the wedding venue allows dogs, you should bring them along when you visit the place for the first time. 

Summing Up

If your dog will be part of your wedding, there are lots of things to think about and choices to make. You know your dog best, so trust your feelings. Once you’ve figured out how you want your dog to be involved, your planner and wedding officiant can help you do it safely. Besides, all these things, we have discussed the best tips in this article to manage your dogs at wedding events. So, whether you want to carry your dog at your wedding or other ceremony, it is highly recommended to consider the things mentioned earlier. 


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