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Are you tired of coming home to a bedroom that lacks the glamour of your dream five-star hotel? You’ve come to the right place!

With just a few simple changes, you can turn your humble abode into a retreat worthy of the most lavish overnight stays. Say goodbye to drab monotony and hello to lush comfort and style.

Dive into our guide and learn how to elevate your room into a haven fit for royalty. In this article, we’ll provide tips on how to turn your bedroom at home into a luxury hotel room like those you’ll find in the Brighton Savoy.

Opulent curtains for a touch of glamour

Let’s start with a touch of elegance that’s sure to make a statement. Swap out those tired blinds or short curtains for extra long curtains that exude sophistication. Opt for luxurious fabrics like velvet in rich hues for a regal touch, faux silk for a glamour factor, or dreamy lightweight linen topped with a blackout curtain for customisable light, privacy and temperature.

Not only will these curtains make your space more visually interesting, but they’ll also create the illusion of height, making your bedroom feel as spacious as a hotel penthouse. Bask in the opulence of your lavish curtains while you sleep like a royal.

Mood lighting for ambience

Lighting has a big impact on the vibe of a room. In your quest for hotel-grade luxury, it’s crucial to get the lighting right. Install dimming switches so that you can control the ambience to suit what you’re doing at the moment – you’ll want a little more light to find that missing sock, for example!

Opt for soft, warm hues to create a cosy atmosphere for a relaxing mood, or install colour-changing lights to brighten things up on a whim. Consider adding fairy lights or, for a truly luxurious look, add a statement chandelier to be your centrepiece and complement rich velvet curtains.

Declutter for tranquillity

Grand hotel rooms are designed to greet guests with immediate visual pleasure and instantly relax visitors. Replicate this by decluttering your bedroom and using statement pieces instead. Remember, the less you have going on in your room, the more your guests’ eyes will be drawn to the furniture you want them to notice. 

Hide unsightly, but practical, clutter in stylish storage solutions such as armoires, mid-century side tables, or a plush ottoman. Utilise under-bed storage, hidden by a glamorous valance.

Thoughtful decoration for personality/interest

Now that your room has been cleared of clutter, you can focus on accessorising. Opt for attention-grabbing decorative pieces, and choose furniture that is both chic and practical.

Bedside lamps are elegant accents that can elevate the aesthetic of your bedroom. The lamps you choose come down to personal preference and the look you’re hoping to achieve. There’s a huge variety of lamp designs out there, so there’s no need to worry about not finding the perfect ones. 

Adding a stylish clock to your bedroom is functional but also adds a touch of sophistication. Choose a design that complements your bedroom’s style, whether it’s sleek and modern or vintage-inspired, to enhance the ambience of your space.

Incorporating feature items adds a personal touch and gives you the opportunity to add colours, textures and styles that complement or contrast with the dominant colour scheme. Some ideas include an arrangement of artisan vases on a mantlepiece and a feature or ‘gallery’ wall with a balanced collection of treasured items, art and photos.

Investment furnishings for added elegance

Upgrade your furniture game with pieces that exude sophistication and style. Think sleek modern bedside tables, an oversized velvet headboard, and a wing-backed armchair paired with a feature standing lamp.

Placing mirrors in your room creates an illusion of elongated space and adds an elegant focal point to the room. Echo your bedroom’s style, whether it’s an ornate gold frame to go with your crystal chandelier or minimalist, off-set thin mirror panels.

Pay attention to both quality and style.  It’s better to have fewer pieces of furniture of exceptional quality than to fill your room with lots of pieces of questionable quality.

Create a comfortable space and pamper yourself

Top-tier hotel beds and rooms epitomise comfort, giving you the sense of being enveloped in a giant, cosy hug. This magic comes from a combination of a high-quality luxurious mattress, sheets as soft as clouds, and thick, plush bedding that soothes you with its warm comfort.

Transform your sleep experience with 1000-thread-count Egyptian cotton or silk sheets that promise the ultimate in softness and comfort. Elevate your bed’s look by draping a throw blanket made from cashmere or faux fur over it. Create a glamorous look with a mix of pillows and cushions in bold, contrasting colours, perfectly complementing the colour scheme of the room and the bedding. 

Treat yourself and bring the restful night’s sleep you get at a high-end hotel into your own bedroom.

A touch of greenery for relaxation

There’s no better way to add a sense of calm to a room than introducing a few indoor plants. Add a touch of lush greenery or dried flowers to your decor to enhance relaxation in your bedroom retreat.

Not only do plants add natural beauty, but they also purify the air and promote a sense of calm. Opt for low-maintenance varieties like succulents or peace lilies to add a pop of green without the hassle. Alternatively, flowers like hydrangea, baby’s breath, and proteas make wonderful dried flower arrangements that never wilt, acting as no-fuss, beautiful accents to your room. 

In this article, we’ve gone through some creative ways to bring the magic of a 5-star hotel room into your very own bedroom. 

Now that you have this comprehensive guide to transforming your bedroom into a luxurious hotel room, all you need to do is make a few changes to create your very own slice of paradise. Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to the extraordinary. Your private retreat awaits!

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