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The Pantone corporation today announced their Colour of the year for 2021. Last year’s colour of Classic Blue now been updated for 2021. For a second time in the last decade Two colours have been selected Ultimate Grey and Illuminating.

2021 Colour Of The Year

The Pantone colour system allows standardisation of colours by all designers, manufacturers to ensure their products match in colour without  having to have them in the same location.

So what has this got to do with weddings?

The Pantone colour of the year provides a lead to many designers and interior designers as to what colours to design in, and usually ends up setting the tone.

Gala Ballroom
The Gala Ballroom with hints of Ultimate Gray

The Seaview Room with hints of Illuminating

Ateia Photography & Video Wedding Photography Melbourne Brig
ATEIA Photography & Video – Wedding Photography Melbourne – Brighton Savoy Wedding Photography

So if you want to be on trend, and are planning your colour scheme for your 2021 wedding reception, keep Ultimate Grey and Illuminating in mind.

These two colours would look stunning, in the events spaces at the Brighton Savoy, so if you are looking for a wedding receptions venue in Melbourne that can feature your 2021 colour of the year, give us a call on 9592 8233.

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