What do you wear to a bachelorette party? A seemingly simple question, but one that does not have an answer. After all, it depends on what kind of bachelorette party it is—heading out to play paintball with your friends? Then a grungy t-shirt and jeans may be what you wear—spending the day on the beach or by the pool? Then, the appropriate party wear might be a swimsuit and a cover-up. However, most bachelorette parties involve a night in the town, and we find that many party attendees want to find the perfect bachelorette party dress for the big event. What that means depends on what you are doing, where you are going, and how you and your friends usually dress.

Many women, including the bride, want to look sexy for a bachelorette party. We wholeheartedly encourage you to add some sexy to your look, but we also want you to always keep the context in mind. If a sexy little dress is part of your regular weekend wear, then wearing on to a bachelorette party is going to feel normal and natural to you. If it is not, then make sure you are physically comfortable in the dress. If you are always tugging on a dress you feel is too-short or self-conscious about a dress that reveals more cleavage than you would typically show, then you are going to be distracted and, instead of helping you feel like a million bucks, your outfit will detract from your good time.

Bachelorette parties are a surprisingly recent phenomenon. Though there were soirées – such as bridal showers – thrown in honour of a woman getting married for as long as traditional weddings have existed, it took until the 1980s for proper bachelorette parties to become a significant trend. Bachelor parties, on the other hand, had already existed for decades before society relented that the boys shouldn’t get to have all the fun. We have an exclusive range of hens party services to spice up your girls’ night out at Magic Men. 

For a while, it seemed to have a “real” bachelorette party; it had to be drunken and debaucherous, with lots of phallus-related paraphernalia. For some, that might still be how they want to celebrate their final days as an unmarried woman – and that’s fine provided no boundaries are crossed – but for others, it just doesn’t fit their personality. There are endless ways to celebrate at a bachelorette party, so it can be overwhelming to figure out what you want to do for yours. One way to narrow it down is to figure out what type of party is your style. 

Here are some of the most popular types of bachelorette parties:

Wild & Crazy

This is how most people picture bachelorette parties. It may involve a trip to Las Vegas, another famous party city, or even just a lot of barhopping through your hometown. 

Simple & Low Key

Just because you want something relaxed doesn’t mean you can’t still have a weekend away. Sure, this could be a slumber party at home, but renting a house with your closest gal pals to lay out by the pool will give you the right vibes while feeling a little more exciting.

Classy & Refined

At first glance, this bachelorette party style might seem more like a bridal shower, especially if you decide to enjoy high tea. Dinner at the best restaurant in town with all the women closest to you might be just what you need. 

Opulent & Luxurious

Bachelorette weekends are more common nowadays, but some brides celebrate a multi-day trip to an exotic location. If you choose to go this route, just make sure it won’t be a financial burden on your guests.

White Dresses

There is something about a white dress in the summertime that makes every woman look beautiful. We love a white dress for a night out because it is every bit as neutral and flattering as black, but it is also unexpected. If your whole group is dressing in similar colours, white is a great way to help you stand out from the crowd and look good in photos, whether in bright sunshine or dark clubs. 

Black Dresses

The little black dress or LBD is a wardrobe staple for a reason; it looks great on almost everybody and works in a wide variety of situations and locations. The bachelorette party is no exception! A bachelorette party can be a great time to wear this wardrobe staple, which you probably already have in your closet, but it is also a great excuse to splurge on an addition to your wardrobe.

Pink Dresses

Pink is a trendy colour for bachelorette parties and is often the go-to colour when bachelorette party guests want to coordinate their dresses. Whether you are looking for a soft rose-gold hue or a hot, bright pink, you can find many attractive pink dress options.

Plus Size Dresses

If you wear plus sizes, then hopefully, you already know that you can find gorgeous, sexy, affordable dresses in plus sizes at most retailers. If not, we need to talk to you, gurl. Many fabulous dresses out there for the fuller-figured woman, and skirts can be flattering to a woman’s curves. Whether you consider your style edgy, traditional, trendy, or somewhere in between, there are so many beautiful dresses out there. Even better, if you shop at stores known for a good bargain, you can find these dresses in the same affordable price range as clothes for more petite women instead of traditional plus-size stores. 

Dresses for the Bride

Is there anything special about the kind of dress the bride should wear to the bachelorette party? Not really. Generally, if you have clothing differentiated between brides and bridesmaids, it is far more likely to be with t-shirts. However, the bride might want to dress a little differently than the bridesmaids. One theme that is pretty popular with brides, especially if the bachelorette party guests are all part of her wedding party, is to dress in white and have the bridesmaids in the shade similar to their bridesmaid dresses. Other brides see their bachelorette party as the last time to dress super-sexy unless their groom-to-be is around. In contrast, some brides dress a little more conservatively than they usually would, just in case photos of the bachelorette party find their way to the groom or his family! In other words, when it comes to the perfect dress for a bride to wear to her bachelorette party, it depends a lot on the bride’s individual style and preferences.


Velvet is the fabric of the season, and of course, as a super fashionable lady, you have something fuzzy in that closet of yours. Pull it out because it’s the perfect base for your winter bachelorette party outfit- now just find some fabulous shoes, and you’re out the door!

Over-the-Knee Boots

Winter outings are the optimal time to don those over-the-knee boots that have been hiding in the back of your closet. Pair them with either a mini dress or shirt for a sexy yet comfortable look that you will have fun partying in all night long.


Winter is officially the season for glitter. If you are a bride, why not make it the dress code for your winter bachelorette party? The pictures will be fabulous, and the personalities of your best friends will still shine through.

Jazzy Jeans

Yes, a pair of jeans are very versatile, but even though you’re tempted to wear your favourite Levi’s to that upcoming bachelorette night, nip that idea in the bud. Take the opportunity to dress up and get away from your everyday look with a different pair of jeans. Stores are beginning to carry more faux leather jeans or ones with a shine to them. These will spice up your outfit without being over the top.


Get cozy in a winter getaway with all of your best friends before you become a Mrs.! The ultimate winter bachelorette outfits for this theme is flannel everything, so enjoy the fireplace and the hot cocoa while you reminisce and make new memories.


Masculine-inspired formal wear is back, with the blazer making a grand reappearance on the fashion stage. But bachelorette parties are supposed to be fun, not work, so get a “party” blazer on, with a less structured shape and attractive colour or texture, like this sequined beauty.

Black Turtleneck

Look chic and put together with a black turtleneck, and let your shirt or pants capture the attention. It’s a great outfit that you can take from the office to the bachelorette party, as long as your boss has nothing against sequins…


Get active for your bachelorette party! Winter sports are a fun way to spend some quality time together with your girls, but remember, you still need outfits! Stick a mini veil on the bride’s ski helmet and put little tutus on top of your snow gear so that everyone will know that there’s a bachelorette on the slopes!

Sequined Leggings

No two bachelorette parties are the same, and sometimes it’s difficult to know what to expect. Choose sequined leggings for a winter bachelorette party during which you might be standing outside, dancing on tables, or even just sipping a cocktail at a fancy hotel bar. This is a safe but snazzy bet.

Pajama Party!

No matter what the season, a bachelorette slumber party is always a blast! Do some face masks, paint each other’s nails, dance like no one’s watching, and watch “Bridesmaids” on repeat. Matching jammies just make it that much more fun and cozy, so put the popcorn in the microwave and start blending those margaritas!

What To Wear To A Bachelorette Party

Wear To A Bachelorette Party Melbourne

It's time for the bachelorette party! Who doesn't love a good girls' night (or weekend) out? It's the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and encourage the bride-to-be to engage in a little pre-wedding fun and relaxation. Based on how you end up celebrating, we've rounded up outfit ideas to make sure all attendees look great while doing it! Are you searching for the great service to spice up your hens? Then  Magic Men is the answer.

What's On The Agenda?

Fancy Dinner & Dancing

Great food, good music, better—friends, what more can you ask for? How about the perfect outfit—a party dress and heels! There are plenty of styles to choose from, whether you're going to a fancy dinner and upscale lounge or bar and club hopping.

Weekend Getaway

There's nothing like a vacation with your girls! Whether you're hopping on a plane to a tropical locale or going on a road trip to the next city over, you're going to need to pack your best looks. Take a look at the itinerary to know what essentials to bring—going out for a fun dinner? A cocktail dress will come in handy. Go for a beaded or embellished version — you're on vacation, after all! Are you going swimming? Don't forget your swimsuit and cover-up. Be sure to check the weather, too. You may want to bring a jacket or coat plus an umbrella, just in case.

Wine Down

Cheers! Taste-testing different wines, whether at a vineyard or someone's home, is always a good time. It's even better when you're with your girls! Dress up a little—it is a special occasion after all! A fresh sundress or simple sheath is perfect. If you'll be walking a lot, then opt for comfy flats or sneakers. Known to spill? Skip wearing light colours if you prefer merlots to chardonnays. 

Spa Day

Good vibes only. Relaxation is critical during a spa day, and your outfit should be relaxed, too. Make a statement with tees or sweatpants sporting a "Bride" and "Bridesmaid." Don't like going to the spa? Find a company that will bring the spa professional to you—massages and mimosa at home for the win! 

Gone Glamping

Outdoorsy bride on your hands? Then she'll love the glam version of camping—say hello to glamping! From staying in a luxe tent to a plush cabin, the options are endless. Keep it casual and comfortable—think jeans and T-shirts. Bonus points for matching ones—if that's the bride's thing, of course.


Just because you're staying in doesn't mean you can't look cute—a cute staycation is just what the bride ordered! Remember those sleepovers you had with your girls when you were younger? Host the party at a bridesmaid's house or get a hotel room in the city. Add cute pyjamas and robes, and you're set to play your favourite bridal party and board games.

Don't Forget The Accessories!

Whether you choose statement jewellery or the of-the-moment mini bag, take the opportunity to have fun with your outfit using accessories.

  • Turn heads in a statement necklace, bracelet or earrings.
  • Stick with fashion jewellery–you wouldn't want to lose the real stuff.

Gifts To Bring

The bachelorette party is the perfect place to gift the bride items she can use for the honeymoon and beyond. Go for pieces you know she'll love, plus a few she'll appreciate (but never buy for herself). We've rounded up a few foolproof ideas: Tired of looking for hens party ideas? Look no further, Magic Men has you covered.

It's What's Underneath That Counts

She can never have too many bras and panties! Bridal lingerie will come in handy. You can't go wrong with all-white sets. Consult with the other bridesmaids and gift her the right mix of classic and sexy styles. Shop your lingeries here

A Little Razzle Dazzle

She needs "something new." If you know the bride's taste, the bridesmaids may want to go in on a stunning piece of bridal jewellery. A pair of earrings or a bracelet to accompany her dress would be a big hit.


Picking what to wear for a bachelorette party, especially a destination bachelorette party or another bachelorette party with multiple events, can be challenging. You want to look fantastic, without breaking the bank, and probably want to buy something you will be able to wear again. Hopefully, you have found some things you love in our bachelorette party dress guide or at least get some good ideas about what kind of dresses to wear to the party. Of course, if the dress guide overwhelmed you, you can always be the party goer that suggests bachelorette party-themed t-shirts instead!

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