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Wedding ceremony styling packages are comprehensive services designed to create a beautiful and cohesive look for your wedding ceremony. These packages typically include a range of elements that ensure your ceremony is visually stunning and aligns with your personal style and wedding theme. Here’s a detailed explanation of what you can expect:

1. Consultation and Planning

  • Initial Consultation: You’ll meet with a stylist to discuss your vision, preferences, and budget. This helps the stylist understand your style, whether it’s rustic, modern, vintage, or something else.
  • Mood Board Creation: The stylist may create a mood board to visually represent the theme and color scheme you’re aiming for.

2. Venue Styling

  • Decor Selection: This includes selecting decor items such as arches, altars, and backdrops. Stylists often have a range of options to suit different themes.
  • Floral Arrangements: Professional floral arrangements for the altar, aisle, and other key areas. This can include fresh flowers, greenery, and sometimes artificial options.
  • Seating Arrangement: Design and layout of the seating, including chair styles and possible decorations like ribbons or floral accents.
  • Aisle Decorations: Decorations for the aisle, such as petals, lanterns, candles, or fabric runners.

3. Personal Touches

  • Signage: Customized signs for directions, welcome messages, or seating charts.
  • Personal Items: Incorporation of personal items or family heirlooms into the decor to add a personal touch.

4. Coordination and Setup

  • Delivery and Setup: The styling team will deliver and set up all decor items at the venue before the ceremony.
  • Coordination with Vendors: They’ll coordinate with other vendors (like florists, rental companies, and the venue) to ensure everything is in place.

5. On-the-Day Management

  • Day-of Coordination: Some packages include a coordinator to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day of the wedding. This person handles any last-minute issues and makes sure the setup is perfect.

6. Pack Down and Collection

  • Post-Ceremony Pack Down: After the ceremony, the team will pack down and collect all styling items, ensuring you and your family don’t have to worry about cleanup.

7. Customizable Options

  • Tailored Packages: Many stylists offer customizable packages that can include additional elements like lighting, draping, or themed accessories.

Benefits of a Styling Package:

  • Stress Reduction: Professional stylists handle the details, reducing stress and allowing you to focus on enjoying your day.
  • Cohesive Look: Ensures a cohesive and polished look that aligns with your vision and theme.
  • Expertise and Experience: Stylists bring a wealth of experience and creativity, often providing ideas and solutions you might not have considered.

By opting for a wedding ceremony styling package in Melbourne, you’re ensuring that your ceremony space is beautifully and thoughtfully designed, creating a memorable and aesthetically pleasing environment for you and your guests.

Here is one of my favourite Wedding Ceremony Stylists in Melbourne

Weddings of Distinction in Melbourne offers a range of wedding ceremony styling options designed to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your special day. Their services include:

  • Custom Decor: Choose from over 700 decor items, including arches, backdrops, floral arrangements, and aisle decorations.
  • Personalized Planning: Initial consultation to understand your vision and budget, with mood board creation to visualize the theme.
  • Comprehensive Coordination: Delivery, setup, and pack down of all decor items, along with day-of coordination to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Whats is the difference between a wedding stylist and a wedding planner

A wedding planner and stylist can both help you to make the wedding in your head come to fruition, but each in a different way. To use a simple analogy, imagine that getting ready for your wedding is like building a house. Your Planner is your general contractor, while your Stylist is your interior designer.

A planner will secure and direct vendors, coordinate timelines, oversee deliveries, and help you manage your budget so that you, the bride, may enjoy the freedom of having one contact who supervises the myriad details that go into making your special day run smoothly.

A stylist, on the other hand, is all about “the pretty”. They keep up to date on trends; can create fresh design themes, come up with a suitable colour scheme, advise on venue and table décor, give guidance on the best places to source props and decorations, and are usually hired to help make a couples vision for their wedding day a reality.

For more detail view our full blog about the differences here.

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