Over many years here at Brighton Savoy Hotel I have observed and worked with many different wedding video companies, so I thought I would create a list of my top ten

My list of the 2018 best Wedding Video producers is made up of different wedding video companies with different styles who have willingly provided their work to us. With the use of modern technology and drones, you can capture amazing angles and perfect film of Brighton beach and sunsets .

The list is in no specific order.

Ultimately when selection a wedding video company, it’s important to meet with them, and decide if you have a good connection. Depending on the package you decide to arrange, you will be spending between 4-10 hours on the one of the most memorable days of your life with them, so it helps if they are nice, and you like them.

1. Stu Art Video Productions

2. Studio Edge Wedding Video & Photography

3. Rockmotion Project

4. Cine Studios

5. Visual Media Movies

6. Allure Productions 

7. Dreamlife Photo & Cinema

To any video companies that I may have missed, Send me your best video taken at or around Brighton Savoy, and I can always add you to the list. 

Brighton Savoy is an award winning hotel reception venue catering from 30 – 220 guests.please reach out to us if you are seeking a wedding reception venue.


Michael Lee

Managing Director

Brighton Savoy Hotel