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Every year, between 80,000 to 120,000 weddings happen in Australia. And one of the most popular venues for weddings is the beach.  

At a beach wedding, you have the ocean as your backdrop, the sand as your floor, the crashing waves as your background music, and the stunning scenery as your décor and lighting. You also have the sunset as part of the backdrop. All these features and views make your special day dreamy and romantic.   

If you’re planning a beach wedding, you need to find a dress that suits the place. Read on to learn how you can choose your bridal ensemble for a ceremony on the beach. 

1.Have a customised veil fit for a beach wedding 

When it comes to wedding veils, most brides tend to leave them out of their ensemble because they fear the wind will only blow them away. Others prefer to skip the veil and replace it with tropical flowers or birdcage nets. 

However, there’s something romantic about wedding veils that no other hair accessory can replace. A veil can add more flair to your wedding photos, especially when it starts flowing lightly with the wind.  

So, if you want to keep your beach wedding traditional, don’t leave out the veil just yet. If you’re worried about your veil being blown away by the wind, you can incorporate crystal styles for your custom veil to weigh it down a bit. Crystal pearls are also associated with the ocean, making your veil perfect for a beach wedding theme.  

For the length, opt for an elbow-length or shoulder-length veil, so you don’t have to keep fidgeting and readjusting your veil every time it gets blown by the wind. Elbow- and shoulder-length veils also make a suitable choice for a beach wedding because they’re less formal and won’t overwhelm your dress.  

But if you prefer a traditional look, go for a waltz veil. The waltz veil is ideal for brides wearing mermaid-style or fitted wedding gowns. It also goes well with dresses that are flowy. You can even add crystal pearls to the edges, which will help the veil stay put in windy conditions. 

Bride And Groom On Beach At Sunset
A married couple, bride and groom, at sunset on a beautiful tropical beach

2. Think about the fabrics 

Another aspect to consider is the fabrics. You wouldn’t want your wedding dress to get tangled or pick up debris from the sand as you walk down the aisle. 

Choose a dress made of lightweight fabrics like chiffon, organza, cotton, or charmeuse. These fabrics will give your dress an airy and breezy look, making it flow freely. 

Avoid choosing a wedding dress with too many layers of fabric, which will only inconvenience you during photo shoots on the beach.  

3. Select a comfortable and manageable dress length 

Most of the time, the only obstacle you’ll have to deal with at a beach wedding is the wind. Because the place is breezy, wear a wedding dress with a length you’re comfortable with. Though long and flowy gowns look pretty in pictures, they’re hard to manage during the ceremony and photo shoot. 

A low-maintenance wedding dress, such as a knee- or tea-length piece, will be a wise choice. Dressed in a short wedding dress, you can easily walk on the sand or dip your toes in the water.

One of the worst mishaps is to trip in your own dress or shoes. So, if you prefer a long, flowy gown, bring your wedding shoes to fittings and alterations with your seamstress. Your seamstress will determine the most ideal dress length that works well with your shoes. 

4. Pick a neckline suitable for the weather

When choosing the neckline of your wedding dress, you’ll need to consider the weather. Since you’re going to hold an outdoor wedding, you’re most likely expecting to get married on a fine, sunny day. Instead of the typical long-sleeve, high-neckline dress, opt for an off-the-shoulder, a one-shoulder, a halter, or a sweetheart/semi-sweetheart neckline.  

These types of necklines are some of the popular ones for beach, summer, and destination weddings. But if you’re unsure of what the weather conditions on your wedding day will be, you can ask your wedding dress designer or manufacturer to include gorgeous add-ons like boleros or caplets, so you can cover up when necessary.

5. Accessorise appropriately

Some couples choose to have a beach wedding because it’s casual and laid-back. But just because it’s a relaxing ceremony doesn’t mean you should skimp on accessories. Some accessories can make your bridal ensemble look more stylish. 

If you want to keep your accessories simple and elegant, pick pearl or seashell earrings. Steer clear of large dangling earrings, as they could easily get caught in your hair or veil on a blustery day. If your gown’s neckline permits, you can wear a lovely necklace to spice up your look.  

Besides jewellery, wear a flower crown, artificial floral clips, floral headband, or other hair embellishments, which are common at beach weddings. Floral accessories pair well with loose or updo hair. 

6. Find a suitable hairstyle 

For indoor weddings, you have endless options to style your hair since you don’t have to worry about weather elements like the wind. At a beach wedding, though, you’ll need to choose your hairstyle carefully. 

An updo is the most suitable hairstyle to wear on a breezy day. There are many wedding updos you can try like a topknot or a twisted ballerina bun. Add more flair to it with hair accessories or embellishments. 

But if you really want to wear your hair down on your special day, have a hair stylist on standby throughout the ceremony. 

7. Pick footwear appropriate for the location 

Wearing heels at the beach isn’t a good idea since your shoes will keep sinking, causing you to lose balance. If you want to look taller, go for wedges. But make sure the aisle is stable. You can add a red carpet or runner, which will help you maintain balance while walking. 

A more practical option is a pair of flats or sandals. It’s best not to wear closed shoes either since the sand will eventually get in and make your feet feel itchy and uncomfortable.  

Better yet, why not get married barefoot? You can wear bridal foot jewellery to add more bling to your feet. You can also try putting some thick flower petals on the aisle to keep your feet cool as you walk.  

Getting ready for your beach wedding

How you dress can make or break your beach wedding. Take these tips into account to choose a bridal ensemble that’s not only practical and suitable for the venue but also beautiful and comfortable. 

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