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Four Classy Casino-Themed Wedding Ideas

Meeting the love of your life is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to anyone in their lifetime. If you’ve met yours, congratulations to you, and if you’re still searching for Mr or Mrs right, we hope you find them real soon.

There are various ways to theme your wedding, and casino-themed weddings are gradually becoming very popular and it’s a perfect choice for entertainment lovers. In this article, we shall show you four classy casino-themed wedding ideas. Let’s ride!

The 4 Most Important Things to Consider

To get the perfect wedding that is themed after the Australian online casino industry or that in another country, you should consider some things. These four aspects that we are about to discuss will give you the perfect casino-themed wedding that will be the talk of the town.

  • Let Your Invitation Cards Tell the Story

The invitation card is the first clue for guests attending your wedding that it’s a casino-themed event. You’re spoilt with a lot of options when it comes to the invitation cards.

If you get this part right, we promise you that your guests already know what to expect. Check out the list below for four casino-themed wedding card designs:

  • Slot Machine Invitation: On the regular rectangular wedding cards, make it look like a slot machine with you and your loved one as the symbols on the reels.
  • Playing Card Invitation: Let your invitation card look like a playing card. Remember to opt for Hearts with the card numbers being the wedding date.
  • Roulette Wheel Invitation: Go for the less popular circular invitation card. Let it look like a roulette wheel. You can put a picture of you and your loved one at the centre of the wheel.
  • Poker Chip Invitation: Another option of circular invitation is the poker chip. Let the background be the chosen colour for the wedding.


  • Casino Themed Cake for the Wedding

Cakes at weddings are as important as the wedding itself. Let the cake that’s the centrepiece of your reception capture the theme of the wedding more than anything else. Tell the baker or pastry chef of your idea and a good one will immediately know what to do.

There are many concepts for cake and each one you choose depends on your budget. You can go all out by designing your best casino hotel as a wedding cake if you have a significant budget or plan a very big wedding.

However, if you’re on a budget or just want a smaller wedding, the chef would still be able to do something within your budget that connotes your theme for the wedding. A simple cake with all four suits (hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs) of cards could do the trick.

  • Casino Themed Decorations

This is another aspect of the wedding that needs serious attention. After the invitation card and cake have played their part, you need to theme your wedding venue in a way that lets everyone get the point.

We are going to give you some decoration tips, and you can use all if you like or just select some for the perfect casino-themed wedding idea:

  • Set the scene with red carpets and velvet ropes
  • Welcome your guests with a poker chip guestbook
  • Use playing card elements throughout the decoration
  • If it is an indoor wedding, use casino signs and marquee lights
  • Dice and poker chips can be used for decoration too
  • Transform your tables to look like casino tables
  • Let your photo booth be created with casino props
  • Set the mood of the event with casino-themed music and sounds
  • Serve casino-inspired cocktails and appetizers to your guests


  • Casino Themed Souvenirs

To round off your event, you should ensure that your guests leave with something that reminds them of the most unique weddings that they have ever attended. You can take inspiration by going through an up-to-date list of Australia’s best online casinos from OutlookIndia to see some nice ideas. Just ensure that you work within your budget.

Here are some cool casino-themed souvenirs that we suggest you give your guests:

  • Personalised poker chips
  • Chocolate casino coins
  • Mini Dice Keychains
  • Casino-themed candy jars
  • Casino themed candles

Important Tips for Having a Successful Wedding Event

Now you’re ready to have the best casino-themed wedding that will be the talk of the town. How about some tips that can help you plan your wedding better?

Set Your Budget

You might be able to afford a big and flamboyant wedding but always remember that your wedding is just one day. Don’t spend beyond your means. You will need money to take care of your new family that you’re about to start.

Choose the Right Date and Time

Select a date and time that works for you, your partner, and all the important guests that should be at your wedding. Consider factors like seasonality, religious holidays, and others.

Book Your Vendors Early

The best vendors are usually very busy people, so you should book with them early enough. This will allow them to prioritise your event and offer you the best services.

Find the Dream Venue

Select a wedding venue that matches your guest size, the wedding theme, and your budget. Consider factors like location, ambience, amenities, and accessibility.

Delegate Tasks

You need all the help that you can get when planning your wedding. The process can be overwhelming, so always delegate tasks to trusted family and friends. This will make the burden lighter on you and your partner.

Engage a Wedding Planner

This is optional but if you can afford to, engage a good wedding planner. It would come at an extra cost but the best wedding planners know everything you need and you won’t even need to lift a finger.


As you can see, planning a casino-themed wedding can be a lot of fun. With a little creativity and planning, you can create an event that your guests will never forget. Start by sending out invitation cards that tell the guests what to expect. Create the perfect atmosphere by choosing the right decors and finally, round it off by giving casino-themed souvenirs that will give them a lasting memory of your wedding.

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