Wondering, what are good ideas for a bachelorette party? It’s easy to have fun with your friends, but how do you make sure that your bride’s bachelorette party goes as perfectly as she’s always envisioned? There are tons of ways to throw a memorable bachelorette party for her. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Your bachelorette party serves as the last big GNO you get to have with your girls before officially settling down with your new hubby. Therefore, many brides like to take advantage of their last taste of “freedom” and go all out for their bachelorette experience. But what if watching strippers, getting drunk, or hitting the club isn’t your thing? That’s okay. There are dozens of ways to have group fun for the girl who doesn’t like to “party hardy.”


There are tons of activities you can do during a bachelorette party! After all, people have been throwing them for years.

“The term originated out of the male celebration for the groom known as the bachelor party,” according to Bachelorette Party Fun. “Centuries ago, there was a traditional celebration in Europe for the groomsman (known as Bridegroom) where dinner would be given in honour of his marriage to his wife. There were many traditions around weddings for ages, with none of them based on a party for the bride and her friends. As time passed, a formal event for the bride emerged, having a luncheon with tea and traditional clothing; it was created to honour the bridesmaid known as the bridesmaid luncheon and was hosted by her closest friends and family.” Want to have the best Melbourne hens party? Magic Men has you covered.

Then, in the 60s, women started throwing more elaborate parties, which we know now as bachelorette parties.

“The beginnings of the bachelorette party stayed far more formal and sophisticated, having luncheon and tea parties, really until the late 1970s and 1980s,” according to Bachelorette Party Fun. “During the last two to three decades, bachelorette parties have stepped up their pizzazz, rivalling those wild bachelor parties — now with weekend getaways, fancy bachelorette parties, co-ed bachelor and bachelorette parties and the addition of male strippers and the always favourite classy and crazy bachelorette party supplies. The term was coined as the ‘Last Night Out’ where the bachelorette and her friends could let loose one last time before the marriage, a behaviour created by the male version, the bachelor party. Now, so far from its inception, it’s widespread to see women at the bachelorette party parading around with party favours and supplies to wear, racy decorations and outfits all while playing a host of mild to wild bachelorette party games.”

With that all said, here are some ideas for activities you can do during the bachelorette party.

DIY Pin The Kiss on [Your Celebrity Crush] Game

Find out the bride-to-be’s celebrity crush and print out a human- or jumbo-sized photo of them (you can do this at your local office supply store). Then pick up some smooch stickers, which you can buy off sites like Etsy. Blindfold each other and try to stick the smooches to the celebrity’s face. Whoever gets the closest to the celebrity’s lips wins the game, and everyone should buy that guest a shot (if they drink).

The Groom/Bride Quiz

Ask the groom or other bride to answer a series of questions about their relationship before you leave for the bachelorette party. Then, during the bachelorette party, ask the bride the same series of questions to test her knowledge. It’ll be a good laugh for everyone whether she answers the same or doesn’t know! Equally, it’ll be funny to see how well the groom/other bride remembers those bits about their relationship.

The Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

Go on a bachelorette party-themed scavenger hunt. You can download tons of scavenger hunt games for bachelorette parties, specifically, off of the internet — like this one. Break the party up into groups, and send them off to check off items. These include buying the bride a shot, getting someone to make a keg stand, finding something blue and bringing it home, getting a condom from a random stranger, taking a selfie with another bachelorette party (or a bachelor party!), etc. Each item is assigned points. 

DIY Bachelorette Ring Toss

Decorate some champagne bottles with glitter and paint, and then buy some plastic or rubber rings. Set up the bottles in the yard or on the beach — wherever the bachelorette party is — and try to toss the rings so that they land on the bottlenecks. Whoever rings the most bottles wins the game! That person deserves a drink (if they drink)!

How Well Do You Know the Bachelorette Game?

There are tons of downloadable card games to test the party members’ knowledge of the bachelorette. This one here, for example, will ask questions from “When was her first kiss?” to “What’s her shoe size?” This is a fun way to get to know each other; mostly, if not everyone in the bachelorette party knows each other super well. That’s because it’s a game that’s sure to induce some serious storytelling.

Adult Camp

Getting married is the ultimate form of adulting. Why not kick it off by feeling like a kid again? Camp No Counselors offers adults-only camps nationwide, complete with food, lodging, an open bar and fun activities like theme parties, the blob, water skiing, sports, and all the wifi you’ll need to post about it on Instagram.

Spa Day

This is sure to be a winner with your squad. Grab your girls and go to an all-inclusive spa where you can spend the day lounging at the pool, sitting in the sauna, getting a massage or facial, and laying back with some cucumber eyes!

Old School Sleepover

For an alternative and affordable bachelorette party, throw it back to your younger years and have a good old fashioned slumber party. You and your crew can lounge in your pyjamas and slippers, open a bottle of wine, order pizza, set up an ice cream sundae bar, and watch some classic chick movies (like Bridesmaids) for a simple girls night in!

Set Sail Before The Veil

This bachelorette activity is becoming the latest trend,…and very Insta-worthy! Rent a sailboat, throw on some coordinating swimsuits, and set sail! Ahoy matey!

Yoga Retreat

Take off on a yoga retreat with your ladies for some ultimate zen. Get all the downward dog time you’ll need to combat wedding stress and find your inner peace…all beside your besties.

Comedy Club

Who doesn’t love a girls’ night full of hysterical laughter? This is sure to be a unique experience, as you can count on getting some special attention from the comedian!


If you haven’t heard of glamping, it’s exactly how it sounds – glamorous camping – and it’ll be perfect for you and your crew if you’re an outdoorsy bunch! Check out Glamping Hub to explore tons of destinations and styles (cabin, teepee, treehouse, etc.) for a unique getaway trip. It’s all the fun of camping while still being able to use electricity, a shower, and an actual toilet…thank goodness!

Wine Or Beer Tasting

Take a ride-share with your girls to a winery or brewery to spend an afternoon sipping and sampling some fine wines or tasty beers! Do something cute for your future self by purchasing a bottle of wine or growler of beer, then have your girls write loving notes on it in permanent marker, and save it to open and enjoy with your hubby on your first anniversary together! Cheers!

Cruise On A Hornblower Ship

If you’re having your bachelorette festivities by coast or harbour, board a Hornblower boat to cruise around the waters with a dance floor and open bar. Cool off from dancing and head up top on the deck for some lovely city views and the evening breeze in your hair!


Get an actual vacation out of your bachelorette party by renting out a coastal Airbnb and spending your days soaking up the sun at the beach! You can catch some rays by day, then get dolled up and go out by night, giving you the best of both worlds. Consider it the honeymoon before the honeymoon!

Paint & Sip

Like a craft room, you can attend a painting workshop with your girls to channel your inner Bob Ross and create your gorgeous painting! These workshops have been insanely popular over the last several years, so you’re sure to have a local paint-and-sip attraction wherever you are. The class will walk you through the step-by-step process to a stunning painting – all while bumping some music and allowing you to hold a paintbrush in one hand and a drink in the other! You’ll be sure to get some “happy clouds” and “happy trees” action!

Rent A House Boat

If you live near a lake or reservoir, you and your squad can rent a houseboat for a fun weekend getaway on the water! Spend your days swimming, lounging, and enjoying a good cook-out!

Joint Bachelor(ette) Party

Another rising trend is to have a joint party for you and your fiancé with your ladies and your fiancé’s crew! This method makes for one big celebration and will allow all of your friends on both sides to get to know each other better, making that arm-in-arm walk down the aisle a little less awkward for everyone on the wedding day.

How to Host a Virtual Bachelorette Party

Virtual Bachelorette Party

Bachelorettes are a time for celebration and quality time spent with close friends. Still, if you’re unable to celebrate in person, you may think all hope for a fantastic bachelorette is lost. Thankfully, you’ve got options.

Practising social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t throw a bachelorette party you’ll never forget. Thanks to apps like FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and more, you can gather all your gals in one (digital) place without having to make a trip physically. Sure, you can reschedule the official bachelorette—and you should, if possible—but the bride-to-be is sure to feel a bit gloomy on the would-have-been weekend. Hosting a virtual bachelorette is the perfect way to show the bride-to-be that she can still be celebrated, in person or not. Check out a range of Magic Men’s hens party ideas to help in your upcoming party.

Here are a few tips on how to throw the ultimate virtual bachelorette.

Invite Each Bachelorette Member Personally

While you can always just send a calendar invite, add a personal touch by calling or emailing each person individually. At a glance, a video call isn’t much of an investment, but you can treat this as seriously as you would a real bachelorette. Reaching out personally will help establish this level of importance while also making each member feel inclusive. PS: Make sure each member can dedicate at least a few hours to the virtual bachelorette to make it feel less like a happy hour and more like a real event. Be specific about a start and end time so that each guest can plan accordingly.

Ask the Bride to Choose a Theme

You can theme the whole party, as long as everyone has access to the necessary items or garments. A more reasonable approach is to ask the bride to choose a few signature drinks or a meal that everyone can plan to enjoy together. For my friend’s recent virtual bachelorette, we all organised to order or make pizza; since pizza is her favourite food—it was a small gesture from each of us that made my friend feel special. Another idea is to wear the same colour or do your makeup in a specific way. Throwing a theme into the mix can be a great conversation starter if needed and help make everyone feel like they’re a part of the event.

Get All Dressed Up (Even Though You’ve Got Nowhere to Go)

For so many of us, attending a bachelorette party means looking your absolute best. Don’t skimp on the getting ready process, even if you’re only walking to the living room. The extra effort could help you switch gears from sweatpants mode to party mode. Plus, the bride-to-be will be flattered that everyone put in the effort.

Have a Handful of Games Ready, Including an Ice Breaker

If everyone in the bachelorette party knows each other well, feel free to skip the ice breaker, but it can still be fun without veering into cheesy territory. The more general idea is to start with the bride calling on each person who will then introduce themselves, explain how they know the bride, and share a funny or embarrassing memory with the bride.

As far as games to play, think about activities that don’t require cards or other materials that would make it difficult for everyone to participate. Games that include one central host or hinge on people participating one at a time are a simple choice. As long as you play it safe, “Drink If…” or “Never Have I Ever” games also work well because the action is solely on the participant. You can play the classic “How Well Do You Know the Bride?” game—the bride asks the questions, participants write down their answers, and then the bride shares her responses with the team via email or text, and laughter/conversation ensues.

If you’re worried about games not working outcome the day of the virtual bachelorette, test them out beforehand with a few people to ensure they make sense.

If the groom is joining the call at any point, you can play a question-based game and focus it on queries like “Who cooks more?” and “Who is more stubborn?” The bride and groom can either speak simultaneously or write “Bride” and “Groom” on sheets of paper and hold it up to answer. Since the game only requires one person to ask the questions and the bride and groom to answer, it’s an easy-to-follow game for the rest of the party.

Schedule a “Special Guest Appearance”

If you’re going to be on a video call with a bunch of people for hours at a time, you’ll need some variety in activities. Schedule a guest appearance for the groom-to-be or mother of the bride (or both!) an hour or two after the virtual bachelorette starts. The build will freshen up the party and help members stay engaged.

Schedule Breaks to Refill Drinks or to Just…Take a Break!

If you’re planning to commit an entire night to a virtual bachelorette, you’ll need a break now and then. To avoid any oncoming FOMO (you don’t want to miss the re-telling of your favourite story about the bride-to-be, but you have to use the restroom and refill your drink!), schedule a five-minute break every half-hour or hour. Everyone will appreciate it—trust us on this one.

End the Night With Mini Speeches

As acute last touch that will warm the bride-to-be’s heart, end the night with a short speech about how excited you are for your loved one to get married and how grateful you are to have this person in your life; celebrating without being physically together can be difficult when you had something different planned, so reminding the bride of how important and loved she will help lift her spirits. At Magic Men, we have the best hens packages to make your party a night to remember.

Above All, Have Fun

The circumstances may not be ideal, but it’s your job as part of the bachelorette crew to make lemonade out of lemons. All that matters is that everyone at the bride’s party is present, excited to celebrate her, and ready to have fun. Don’t forget to cheers!

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