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Jazz was created with a mix of influences from blues, swing, reggae and funk music. Originating in New Orleans from the late 19th century, this infectious musical genre is now popular throughout the world. Using mainly brass and woodwind instruments, jazz music is where improvisation and syncopation reign supreme. As the musicians create unique melodies and play with the notes, people can’t help but gather around to enjoy the creative and soulful atmosphere.

When it comes to modern weddings, many couples are looking to jazz to bring an array of unique, romantic music accompaniments to their day. A wedding has its own undulating rhythm, from the sincere moments of the ceremony right through to the lively afterparty. If you’re looking for a versatile, adaptable band for your wedding day, jazz is the perfect style.

Let’s explore the versatility of jazz bands and see exactly how they can be the perfect choice for your modern wedding.

Gentle background ambience

There are sure to be multiple times throughout your wedding day where you need a little ambience. As your guests arrive and gather, it’s nice to have a little background music to help reduce any social anxieties. Moving into the ceremony room, your guests expect to be serenaded with soft melodies which are sure to set the tone for romance.

Jazz is perfect for these moments, and is a classy alternative to the classic string quartet. Most jazz-style wedding bands are happy to play your favourite popular tracks, creating a sense of familiarity with a soulful twist. This style of background music is also perfect for when you’re enjoying your wedding breakfast, where conversation is key but it’s also nice to have a little ambience as you eat.


Perfect for a party

Jazz musicians are talented improvisers, which means they can naturally adjust their tempo and volume accordingly throughout the day. After a day of hearing their softer side, it’s all the more fun when they then take centre stage and let loose with some foot-tapping beats for your evening reception.


From Dixietown to Swing, Bebop to Free Jazz, there are many different subgenres of jazz to explore. Be sure to talk to multiple jazz bands to find the ones that resonate with you as a couple, and ask which of your favourite tracks they can play. From smaller sax-led trios and sax and guitar duos, to larger bands with vocalists, cellos, drums and banjos, there’s nothing if not ample choice when it comes to modern jazz bands.

Pop classics, vintage treasures and latin twists

Whether you’re dreaming of swinging renditions of popular tracks from Bruno Mars, Sam Smith or Dua Lipa, or retro classics from the Beatles or Aritha Franklin – a jazz band has it all. The classy sophistication and fun of seeing a jazz band up close is sure to make yours a wedding to remember. From setting the tone of your romantic ceremony, to getting all your guests on their feet and dancing the night away, jazz is a great compliment for a modern wedding.

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