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As pet parents, we take great joy in picking out the perfect collar and matching leash, the comfiest bed, and the cutest dishes we can find for our pets. Taking the time to choose your pet’s veterinarian is one of the most important things you can do for your pet.

Whether you just got a pet for the first time, have moved to a new area, or have decided to switch vet clinics, you must put sufficient time and research into selecting your pet’s veterinarian. The right vet will help to ensure your pet is kept healthy and happy all year long and will be able to help you understand how to care for your pet’s health as well. 

Choosing a new vet for your animal can be stressful. There are so many things to consider. Will you like the person? Are the hospital hours in line with your availability? But beyond the day-to-day practicalities of choosing a vet, there are several certifications an individual vet can hold. Located in Bayside, Melbourne, and on the hunt for a vet? Look no further! To get you started on your vet hunt, we have compiled a list of top vets in Bayside, Melbourne.

Ultimate List of Vets in Bayside, Melbourne

Bayside Mobile Vet Melbourne

Bayside Mobile Vet


0488 061 444

Our Services

We perform a full consultation and physical exam as well as:

  • Vaccinations
  • Wellness and Senior health checks
  • Dental examinations
  • Skin checks
  • Lump investigations
  • Ear examinations
  • Medical consultations
  • Sick pets
  • Pathology – including blood tests
  • Pre-surgical examinations


Bayside Mobile Vet was established in 2012 as a house-call Veterinary service to residents in the Docklands, Southbank, CBD, Port Phillip and Bayside areas of Melbourne.

We want to make it easier for pets and owners to access excellent Veterinary care. With over 20 years of experience between them, Natasha and Chris started Bayside Mobile Vet to address the stress surrounding a visit to the vet.

With a busy family, work and social calendars, many people find it very challenging to visit the vet. As well as time, there are often other constraints, including family, travel and physical ability.

We also eliminate stress for pets involved with car travel, being in unfamiliar surroundings and waiting in the veterinary clinic itself.

We feel proud to offer excellent veterinary care in the comfort of your home.

Bayside Animal Medical Centre

Bayside Animal Medical Centre


(03) 9592 4700

Bayside Animal Medical Centre is open 7 days a week, including some public holidays. We’re conveniently located on a quiet corner in Brighton, with ample parking right outside our front door. Our practice is bright, warm and inviting, and our waiting area is divided into a dog lounge and a cat lounge to reduce your pet’s (and you’re) stress.

So much more than just a veterinary hospital, our centre caters for the simplest of needs through to the most complicated life-saving procedures. With brand new state of the art facilities and experienced staff, you’re in great hands.

If you have any questions, our nurses can give you advice on a wide range of topics – you’re welcome to call us as often as you wish. Advice is always free of charge – we are very keen to help keep your family pets happy and healthy. We don’t just give the injections – we listen, and we care.

Some benefits of being part of our centre

  • With both older and younger vets on the team, you get the combination of experience and new knowledge to give you the best possible service.
  • Enjoy a longer consultation if you are a new client to give us a chance to get to know you and your pet.
  • We have separate dog and cat lounges to reduce stress for both you and your pet.
  • We can offer you better, quicker diagnoses with our high-tech equipment and facilities.
  • We have an open-door policy – feel free to ask for a tour of the centre.
  • We love our jobs and are always in a good mood.


Our services include:

Comprehensive Medicals

Our consultations include a thorough and comprehensive medical examination. This is to ensure that we leave no health issue uncovered. We always check eyes, look at ears, take temperatures, examine the chest and abdomen thoroughly and check the skin and coat. We prefer to spend more time with you, not less.

Vaccinations and Microchipping

We use the best vaccines on the market to ensure that your dog or cat stays healthy, with strong and long-lasting immunity against viruses and bacteria that are known to cause illness. The new Nobivac vaccine allows your puppy to finish its vaccination course at 10 weeks of age and start socialising earlier. If your pet is lost, our Back Home microchips ensure that they are returned to you as soon as possible, regardless of where they’re found or which vet or shelter they’re taken to.

X-rays and Ultrasound

Sometimes we need to look deeper into your pet to help us diagnose a problem. Often, this involves taking x-rays of bones and joints or of the chest, abdomen or head. However, x-rays only show us a silhouette of the structures inside the body. Sometimes we need to use ultrasound to get a better idea of the size and structure of soft tissues and organs. This is all done in-house in a safe and secure environment.


Just like humans, pets can get intestinal and stomach ulcers, as well as foreign bodies, polyps and masses. Our endoscope allows us to see right inside the oesophagus, intestines and stomach in full colour.

Dental Surgery

If your pet has smelly breath, brown tooth discolouration or a poor appetite, it should have a full dental check. Poor dental health is a very common problem, particularly in pets over the age of three years. Apart from causing pain or discomfort in the mouth, it can lead to many other health issues such as chronic bacteraemia (blood poisoning), kidney disease, heart disease and tooth root abscesses. Dental disease may literally reduce the lifespan of your pet. If you are concerned that your pet may be suffering from dental disease, make an appointment with our nurses.


Whether your pet requires the simplest surgical procedure (for example, removing a small lump on the skin) or major surgery (for example, open abdominal or chest surgery, or bone and joint surgery), this can be done in our state-of-the-art operating theatre and procedures room. We are training to be able to offer the best available surgery for repair of cruciate ligament rupture, the tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA).

In-house Laboratory & Dispensary

We dispense any necessary medications from our in-house pharmacy and also perform cytology (looking at slides under the microscope) and urinalysis (examining the urine) in-house. If blood tests are required, we are able to take a sample immediately and send this off to the lab for same-day processing.

Food and Accessories

We have a wide range of dog and cat food available, including prescription diets. If you require a product that is not in stock, we will be happy to order it for you. We also carry treats, grooming and skin products. Give us a call or make an appointment with one of our nurses to discuss the best way to provide your pet with complete and balanced nutrition.

Community Vets Melbourne

Community Vets


03 9580 5111

Community Vets was born out of necessity following the closure, in April 2018, of a long-established welfare vet clinic. Some of the veterinary team from that clinic felt obliged to open their own independent clinic with a similar ethos to provide ongoing affordable veterinary care for the local community into the future. 

Our veterinarians have many years of experience, which enables them to offer high-quality surgery, desexing, medical consultations and vaccinations at a reduced price. They are professional, competent and compassionate and supported by a dedicated team of nurses.

The team at Community Vets understand that animals are such a vital part of people’s well being and will ensure that everyone is able to care for their pets who give them such unconditional love. With this mission and this passion, Community Vets have opened our clinic in Braeside.

Hobsons Bay Veterinary Clinic Melbourne

Hobsons Bay Veterinary Clinic


(03) 9391 4222

We offer a full range of services.

A vet clinic is a bit like a doctor’s surgery. A small hospital, pharmacy, dental clinic, pathology laboratory, and x-ray facility all rolled into one. We have a range of products and pet scales in our reception area, and our staff are happy to help. Let us know if we can offer you another service.

Surgery in our sterile operating theatre

  • desexing
  • cancer surgery
  • orthopaedic surgery
  • dental surgery
  • emergency surgery
  • abdominal surgery

Hospitalisation and in-house treatment

Diagnostic Imaging – in house

  • x rays
  • ultrasound

Pathology testing

  • extensive diagnostic testing facilities in-house
  • access to Australia’s leading laboratory services

Puppy school

Help your puppy develop social confidence.

We run a puppy preschool and offer behavioural and training advice.

Puppy preschool is a great way to introduce your puppy to other puppies and people in a safe environment. Early socialisation for your puppy is essential to develop confidence around dogs, people and different places.

Puppy age

The ideal age for your puppy to attend these classes is between 8 and 16 weeks.

Where and when

Our puppy classes run for 4 weeks and are held here at the clinic on Tuesday night from 7.30 pm–8.30 pm.

Cat boarding

We have a bright, spacious boarding facility for cats.

We have a bright, spacious boarding facility for cats located above the clinic.

The cattery consists of two main rooms. The larger of both rooms houses nine cats, while the smaller room houses five cats.

Each cat has its own spacious cage to call home during its stay.

During the day, the cats have the opportunity the explore the room and balcony, which has custom netting fitted. The few that aren’t sociable, they have their own time to explore independently. In the evening, the cat’s return to their cages for the night.

North Road Veterinary Centre

North Road Veterinary Centre


(03) 9596 4804

The North Road Veterinary Centre was established in Gardenvale in 1969. We pride ourselves in offering the very best health care for all your family pets, including dog and cat grooming, cat boarding in our purpose-built cattery, all in a professional and friendly environment where we strive to ensure that you and your pets always feel comfortable and relaxed.

Our team are loved by our clients because

  • We are a dedicated and passionate team. We are all avid animal lovers and treat your pets like our own.
  • We provide honesty and exceptional communication in building long-term relationships.
  • We offer a complete professional animal health care service with veterinary care, cat boarding, dog and cat grooming, puppy preschool. All onsite and to the highest standard.
  • We are an independent, family-owned practice.
  • We are open 7 days a week.

Our Services

Did you know that a well-equipped veterinary clinic is very similar to a hospital for humans?

At the North Road Veterinary Centre, in order for us to keep your pet healthy, we need to have pet care facilities for radiology, ultrasonography, dentistry, blood testing, sterilisation of surgical instruments, the monitoring of vital signs when under anaesthetic and for fluid therapy (intravenous pumps). We regularly review our veterinary equipment and invest in upgrading it to provide your pet with the latest advances in veterinary medicine and surgery.

At the North Road Veterinary Centre, we offer a comprehensive range of veterinary and pet health-related services, including:

  • consultations
  • emergency care
  • wellness plans, especially encouraging regular check-ups
  • weight loss programs
  • preventative health care
  • microchipping
  • surgery, with a fully equipped surgical suite
  • desexing
  • dentistry, with the latest equipment
  • pharmacy
  • pathology, with full in-house pathology facilities
  • purpose-built radiology suite
  • ultrasound, especially for examination of the chest and abdomen

Our Team

The North Road Veterinary Centre was established in Gardenvale in1969.

Drs Andrew and Wendy Milledge have been the proud owners since 1990 and have built an exceptional team of dedicated animal care professionals, many of whom have called North Road Vet their ‘working home’ for many years!

We are a dedicated team of animal lovers, and all concerns with your pets are dealt with genuine compassion in a caring and gentle manner. 

Our team warmly welcomes you, and we very much look forward to meeting you and your furry family!

East Bentleigh Vet Clinic Melbourne

East Bentleigh Vet Clini


9579 3430

Welcome to East Bentleigh Vet Clinic

At East Bentleigh Vet Clinic, we are passionate about providing the best possible quality care for you and your pets that Melbourne has to offer. Our skilled and caring team offer high quality diagnostic, therapeutic and veterinary health care services for your pets at every stage of their life.

We are a young, enthusiastic, but experienced team who take pleasure in getting to know you and your pet personally in order to cater for your individual needs. We realise that we are privileged to be entrusted to care for your special family member.

EBVC is open and consulting 7 days a week, with NO surcharge for Saturday and Sunday; we have state-of-the-art surgical and emergency facilities, which ensures your pet is always taken care of in any situation. Our internal medicine department is always here to help, and we’re lucky to have a team of vets with a wide variety of special interests and experience in such things as brachycephalic (squishy face) breeds and BOAS (resulting in the soft palate and nares sugarer, tail amputation and all things squishy related), Cardiology and EPIC, Ophthalmology, Oncology, bone plating, cruciate repair (DeAngelis, TTA), Medial Luxating Patella, Endoscopy, thyroidectomy and more.

East Bentleigh Vet Clinic Services

East Bentleigh Vet Clinic provides quality veterinary care for dogs and cats in East Bentleigh and the surrounding bayside suburbs. We are a modern and inviting clinic boasting superb veterinarians and numerous caring support staff dedicated to our patients, clients, and community.

We are a full-service animal hospital emphasising preventive care. We tailor our recommendations to each pet’s age, breed, lifestyle and medical history.

East Bentleigh Vet Clinic will help your pet enjoy a long and healthy life with you and your family. Your pet is treated like family here.

Elwood Vet 

Elwood Vet


9531 1771

Hello and welcome to Elwood Vet

We’re a little bit different.  

When we took over the practice in 2017, we aimed to create a different sort of practice. 

One that didn’t just have capable, skilled vets with cool tools, but one that made you feel good when you walked through the door, where you could have open and honest discussions about your pet with people who listened to you and valued your opinion. And didn’t charge you for every little thing… the sort of practice we’d take our pets to if we weren’t vets.

We offer a comprehensive range of care for pets at every stage of life

And we work with you to find the best option for your pet and your situation.

The range of services we provide includes:

  • preventive care to keep your pet healthy
  • tailored medical care for acute and chronic conditions
  • soft tissue, orthopaedic and emergency surgery
  • comprehensive in-house diagnostic investigations
  • hospitalisation and rehabilitation
  • acupuncture
  • behaviour advise and treatment
  • dental care
  • palliative and end of life care

We also work with a range of specialists to offer you care outside Elwood Vet.

Deborah Clift

Although Deb spends a lot of time at the various skate parks of Melbourne, it’s not because she’s practising her ollies. We suspect that it’s not even because her three super cool boys Jake, Kye and Raph, are into skating. It’s all about carving out a few minutes to find a spot of sunshine and immerse herself in a good book. 

Deb started waging war on waste long before Craig Reucassel. So much is her dedication to the cause that she once carried a large bag of cabbage offcuts on the train so she could put them in someone else’s worm farm. Not sure the other passengers were impressed by the fart-like wafting, but you’ve got to admire her spirit.

We also have Deb’s talented husband Jason (of Finch Design) to thank for our renovations.

The obligatory vet stuff

Deborah Clift graduated from Melbourne Uni vet school in 1994. She worked around Melbourne for a while then headed off overseas, eventually owning her own practice in Hong Kong.

Returning to Melbourne with a family in tow, Deb started working at the Southern Animal Emergency Centre (where she met Raquel). Enjoying the pace of emergency work, Deb ended up working at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, where she still does some (crazy) shifts.

Deb is particularly handy with the endoscope and has retrieved more foreign bodies out of dogs than you can poke a stick insect at.

Cheltenham Veterinary Bayside Melbourne

Cheltenham Vet Clinic


03 9584 2511



By appointment seven days a week. House calls can be arranged if you would prefer to be seen in the comfort of your own home. Emergencies can be brought into the clinic immediately and will be seen as a priority.

Diagnostics & Laboratory

Onsite Laboratory, Radiography, Ultrasound, and an External Laboratory are used daily by our Vets to ensure disease processes are defined, and your pet’s health care is optimised.


A surgical suite is located onsite to facilitate routine to advanced soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery.

Puppy Preschool 

Small intimate classes are held weekly with qualified dog trainers, starting from 8 weeks old.


​Dental disease is the most prominent disease affecting your pets. Dental treatments are the most common procedure performed within the clinic.


​Visiting dermatology practitioner Dr Daniel Mitchell is here at Cheltenham each Wednesday to assist you with your pet’s challenging skin and ear complaints. Please contact Dr Daniel Mitchell directly on 0417019884​ 


Cheltenham Veterinary Clinic has been caring for pets since 1981. Dr David Stasiuk & Dr David Wilson purchased the clinic from Dr Chris Roach in 2010 after spending time in the UK and Australia developing their veterinary skills and knowledge. Since then, Cheltenham Veterinary Clinic has developed an exceptional team of professionals who are committed to the vision “to make people and their pets happier and healthier”. Our focus is to maintain the health of your pet by the prevention of diseases and treatment when required. 

​At Cheltenham Veterinary Clinic, our aim is to nurture the bond between you and your pet and ensure your time together is enjoyable, rewarding and long-lasting. Cheltenham Veterinary Clinic offers a full range of veterinary services and products for small animal pets. 

We provide veterinary services for the City of Kingston area, including; Cheltenham, Mentone, Parkdale, Black Rock, Sandringham, Dingley Village, Highett, Beaumaris, Moorabbin, Aspendale Gardens, Heatherton, Mordialloc, Hampton, Brighton, Bentleigh and their surrounding areas.

​In 2011, our vets were selected by Seeing Eye dogs Australia (SEDA) look after the health and medical needs of the SEDA puppies in training.

​Cheltenham Vet Clinic is a member of the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM).

Greencross Vets Bayside

Greencross Vets


1300 836 036

Welcome to Greencross Vets 

Greencross Vets Sandringham has been providing exceptional care to companion animals and their owners for over 30 years. Our clinic is a well-equipped, purpose-built animal hospital located in the heart of the Bayside area. Our clinic services a wide area including Sandringham, Black Rock, Mentone, Parkdale, Hampton, Hampton East, Cheltenham, Highett, Beaumaris, Bentleigh & Bentleigh East, Brighton & Brighton East.

Our team of friendly veterinary clinicians and nurses are dedicated to the treatment of companion animals, from dogs and cats to birds and pocket pets. We treat your animals as if they were our own. Doctors Jessica Ierardo, Lindsay Evans, Angela Ho & Megan Tucker are constantly undertaking continuing education so you and your pet benefit from the latest advances in veterinary science.

Minimising the stress your pet feels is of utmost importance to our team. We strive to make your pets visit us as stress-free as possible. We ensure that waiting times are kept to a minimum and direct you & your pet into a consultation room as soon as one becomes available. Some of the techniques we utilise include:

  • Creating visual barriers between patients.
  • Providing separate consultation suites for both dogs and cat
  • Utilising the latest in feline calming pheromone technology in our exclusive cat boarding suite to help your kitty relax
  • We encourage once in the consultation room that our canine patients are allowed off the lead to explore, promoting calmness.
  • During hospital stays, we ensure that cats and dogs are kept separate as much as possible and loud noises are kept to a minimum.
  • We utilise specialised equipment to help us manage stress levels in our patients, such as calming caps to reduce visual stimuli
  • We are very mindful of reducing pain and fear in our patients and utilise medications, sedations and anaesthetics to enable procedures to be performed both safely and with as minimal discomfort as possible

We are the leaders when it comes to pet healthcare. 

All Greencross Vets practices consist of enthusiastic vets, nurses, and receptionists who share the goal of providing the best possible care for their patients.

We are part of a national organisation which means we have more to offer your pet – whatever they need, whenever they need it. Our practices are run and managed by a local team of dedicated animal lovers who are there to help at every step and give you reliable answers and the best solutions for your pet’s individual needs.

Greencross Vets pride themselves on team selection and internal training programs focusing on continued education. All Greencross Vet clinics follow a strict accreditation program designed to ensure that you and your pet will always receive the highest standard of care and a large range of quality pet health care services.

Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital Bayside

Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital


03 9020 4472

Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital is a well-renowned Veterinary Clinic in Bayside, VIC, with an experienced team of Veterinarians who handle surgical, medical and dental veterinary procedures. Our highly-trained team provide an extensive range of Veterinary Services that span surgical treatment and hospital care.

Established way back in 1958, Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital continues to operate from a single location, providing a full range of pet care for the entire Bayside community.

Over the years, we have treated pets from all suburbs in the Bayside area, including:

  • Moorabbin, VIC 3189
  • Beaumaris, VIC 3193
  • Black Rock, VIC 3193
  • Heatherton, VIC 3202
  • Gardenvale, VIC 3185
  • Brighton, VIC 3186
  • Brighton East, VIC 3187
  • Cheltenham, VIC 3192
  • Hampton, VIC 3188
  • Hampton East, VIC 3188
  • Highett, VIC 3190
  • Sandringham, VIC 3191

Headed by Dr Jenny Wilsher and Dr John Ley, our Veterinarians, Veterinary Nurses and Reception Staff aim to make your and your furry friends visit a veterinary clinic as pleasurable as possible. All of our staff are animal lovers themselves, and they understand the deep bond that exists between you and your pets.

We aim to make your visit to Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital as smooth as possible with our friendly, family-like environment, where we strive to ensure that our clients and their four-legged friends always feel comfortable and relaxed.

About Us

Our veterinary hospital is a friendly place where you and your pet can feel at home. We provide the very best of methods and expertise in animal care.

We have been serving the communities of Bayside, Kingston and Glen Eira since 1958 and operate from a single location that offers the full range of veterinary services. Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital is privately owned and run by the vets who treat your animals and is completely independent.

We are all animal owners ourselves and understand the bond that exists between you and your pets. Our promise is to make your trip to the vet a smooth, happy and effective one.

Port Melbourne Veterinary Clinic Bayside

Port Melbourne Veterinary Clinic


03 9646 5300

Welcome to PORT MELBOURNE VETERINARY CLINIC & HOSPITAL, where the well being of your pets is our priority.

We care for dogs, cats, birds, other small pets and we also treat injured native animals on a compassionate basis.

Our friendly and professional staff are committed to providing quality services to our clients and their pets 7 days a week.

The clinic and hospital are purpose-built and fully equipped.

Port Melbourne Veterinary Clinic & Hospital was established in 1997.

Who We Are

Port Melbourne Veterinary Clinic and Hospital were established in 1997 on Bay street, two streets from the beach. The clinic is purpose-built and fully equipped for all types of surgeries.

We have four full-time veterinarians, two part-time veterinarians and 8 veterinary nurses and animal attendants. Our friendly staff are passionate about health and value your relationship with your pet. Your pet’s wellbeing is our number one priority.

We are open 7 days a week, including most public holidays.

Our vets have decades of experience in the veterinary field and are up to date with the latest knowledge as we value continuing education. We attend seminars and conferences on a regular basis.

We offer a pet export service with Dr Julie Paris and Dr Lewis Kirkham, who are accredited, an export veterinarian. If you are planning to travel overseas with your pet, give us a call to book an appointment.

We have in-house pathology for fast turn-around results but also use external laboratories.

We are close to multiple referral centres and work closely to do the best for your pets. If your pet needs a specialist’s option, we can get a specialist to come into our clinic for a diagnostic workup or send you to one of the specialist centres in Melbourne.

Southern Animal Health Bayside

Southern Animal Health


9584 6100

Why Choose Us?

Our clinic’s philosophy has been born from a belief that modern marketing has gone too far and lost the actual best interests of our pets.

As a result, our group of like-minded veterinarians established Southern Animal Health in order to return to a more balanced and sensible approach to both preventative medicine and also the diagnosis and treatment of an unwell pet.

The other concerns that have evolved in recent times are the exorbitant costs of after-hours emergency centres and specialist centres. Many “general practices” continue to reduce their hours and services, instead referring to these centres.

Our clinic offers extended hours 7 days per week, along with highly skilled veterinarians whose main areas of interest are advanced medicine and surgery. This enables our patients to remain within the clinic they come to know and trust. Our future aim is to become one of Melbourne’s only general practices to actually offer 24-hour care within our own clinic for inpatients.

The final concern we have is the ever-increasing costs of general practice itself. With “modern marketing” draining many pet owners finances, often pet owners cannot afford insurance and hence make “financial-based” decisions when their pet actually suffers serious injury or illness. As such, our staff have encouraged all our clients to “give up” the excessive products recommended in routine pet health that we are unconvinced are beneficial, and instead use these savings to do something that really will help your pet one day: insure them!

We have shown thousands of pet owners how to get their pets insured, often just using the savings from products they were using but didn’t really need. It is now becoming commonplace for pet owners to have insurance, and as veterinarians, we are extremely happy when costs are not a factor when offering the best diagnostic and treatment options that are available these days to help your pet recover from a serious illness.

 The following is a summary of why you should consider using our clinic to look after your pets:

  • Open late 7 days per week (to help you avoid emergency centres!) 
  • Soon to offer a 24-hour care service for our clients. Doggy_drink
  • We offer routine and advanced medical and surgical solutions, rarely requiring specialists, performing many procedures in the clinic that other clinics would refer to.
  • Our Less is Healthier approach allows for long term healthier pets, also allowing for hundreds of dollars of savings per year by avoiding unnecessary product up-sizing! (refer to our Less is Healthier information on the home page).
  • We only employ experienced veterinarians who all communicate with each other. For any complicated case, we discuss, as a team, the best way forward. Hence you get up to 10 opinions! Yet you stay in communication with the vet of your choice.
  • At our clinic, you are always welcome to ask for the vet of your choice.
  • At our clinic, we encourage our clients to call with any enquiries, and yes, you will get past the receptionist, who will not just try to book you in for a consult. You will get to talk to one of our veterinarians!
  • You won’t just be satisfied with our service, and you will be appreciative! Our staff love their job and their interaction with our wonderful clients and their pets, and nothing gives us more pleasure than to help you when your pets need help!

Brighton Veterinary Hospital Bayside

Brighton Veterinary Hospital


03 9596 7333

The Brighton Veterinary Hospital was established in 1968 and continues to supply dedicated pet care for the Bayside community to this day.

We understand that choosing a vet is a big decision. This is a lifelong relationship that requires the very best professional care and compassion for your beloved pet. Our commitment to our valued clients is to provide comprehensive, compassionate, quality veterinary care for life.

Headed by Dr Rohan Hart and Dr Geoff Rankin, our veterinary team has extensive experience. Our professional team is dedicated to providing high quality and friendly care to you and your pets.

Our Services

We will not compromise on our commitment to high-quality health care for your pet, whom we recognise as an important and integral member of your family. We strive to ensure our professional team offers you valuable, informed and cost-effective advice.

We recommend appropriate management, treatments and care for your pet while being sensitive to your individual circumstances. Our care and advice will always be delivered professionally and with integrity.

Black Rock Animal Hospital Bayside 

Black Rock Animal Hospital


(03) 9589 0777


Find out why our furry patients think we are the best vet in Bayside.

We are a family-owned Bayside animal clinic and have been caring for local pets for over 50 years. We genuinely care about each and every animal who walks through our doors, and we treat them all as if they were our own, providing exceptional care with a warm and gentle touch. Our goal is to make your visits as positive and stress-free as possible—for both you and your beautiful furry companion. 

Full-service animal care provider—our highly-skilled vets can do it all. 

From consultation through to diagnostic tests, x-rays and vaccinations, addressing behavioural concerns, and surgery, we do it all in this clinic. 

This minimises expense and stress and allows you and your pet to stay in one place with people you know and trust to look after you. 


The team at Black Rock Animal Hospital have offered the best in veterinary care for over 50 years, with happy patients in Black Rock, Sandringham, Cheltenham, Brighton, Beaumaris, Hampton, Highett, and Mentone. It has always been and continues to be in the ownership of the vets who work there.

Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre Bayside

Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre


(03) 9592 9811

How We Help…

  • Consultations
  • Vaccinations
  • Desexing
  • Surgery (Soft tissue and Orthopaedic)
  • Dentistry
  • Xray and Ultrasound
  • Pathology

Puppy School

We conduct Puppy Preschool on a regular basis, where we aim to teach puppies good manners in a safe and relaxed environment.

Keyhole Surgery

Middle Brighton Vet believes that owners should have the options of the most advanced method of desexing their pet, and is able to offer laparoscopic spay and castration for your female and male dog.

MBVC Cattery

At the Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre, we pride ourselves in offering you and your cat peace of mind when you are away with our in-clinic Cattery.

Our Values

At the Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre, we pride ourselves in offering you and your pet the best in care and service.

Your team is dedicated to the health and welfare of your pet, and we aim to provide the best possible treatment that modern veterinary science can offer. We care about your pets, and we care about you. We go into detail on what we offer and put your mind at ease when you leave your pets in our care.

We are pet owners ourselves, so we understand the loyalty, love and enjoyment that pets bring into our lives. You can be sure that your special pet will always receive the best care and attention when you visit our practice. It is our policy to offer you treatment options for your pet, so you are able to have input into the most appropriate course of action for your pet.

Community Involvement

The Middle Brighton Veterinary Centre has been caring for the local community for over 25 years and has been owned and operated by Drs Murray Collings & Anna Platt since 1990.

We not only care for our patients and their family, but we also support:

  • Pets in the Park
  • Wildlife care
  • Work Experience Program for Local Secondary Schools
  • Duke of Ed Program
  • Fundraising for Local Kindergartens & Schools
  • Donations to Overseas Pet welfare organisations
  • Sponsor of Story Dog – Tango Bell

St. Kilda Veterinary Clinic

St Kilda Veterinary Clinic


03 9534-1741

Our dedicated team is always here for your pets.

Our Veterinary Hospital provides modern, professional and affordable health care for your pets. We aim to make your pet feel at ease in our clinic with a caring and gentle approach to treatment and consultations. Our dedicated staff and leading veterinarians are all passionate about pets and avid animal lovers.

At the St Kilda Veterinary Clinic, you will be fully supported with sound advice first and foremost. We know that helping our clients starts with providing a good understanding of health care issues and treatment options. With good advice and professional recommendations, you will be well equipped to make the best ongoing health care decisions for your pet.

With fully equipped examination rooms, diagnostic machines and pharmaceutical stores, we provide on-the-spot assistance for nearly all pet health and medical needs. Take a moment to meet our team and our own pets. We look forward to seeing you and your pet again at the next scheduled visit.

A big part of our local community

Our Veterinary Hospital has been an integral part of our local community for years. In that time, we’ve helped thousands of our client’s cats & dogs, rabbits & guinea pigs, birds, horses and even a few snakes. Being so strongly integrated with our local community is important to our clients and us. Our customers know by experience that they can rely on us for sound advice and treatment options and that their pet is in the very best hands with our team.

Albert Park Vet Bayside 

Albert Park Vet


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We might not be a big practice, but we prove that size doesn’t (always) matter.

At Albert Park Vet, we provide:

  • preventive care to keep your pet healthy
  • tailored medical care for acute and chronic conditions
  • soft tissue, orthopaedic and emergency surgery
  • comprehensive in-house diagnostic investigations
  • hospitalisation and rehabilitation
  • behaviour advise and treatment
  • dental care
  • palliative and end of life care

To find out more, have a look at:

  • consultations
  • preventive care
  • diagnostic imaging
  • blood and another testing
  • surgery
  • dispensing medications (including medication request form)


The story starts…

Once upon a time, four vets (Bec, Craig, Deborah and Raquel) who really liked and respected each other’s work decided to get together and create a different sort of veterinary practice.

The sort of practice that didn’t just have skilled vets, but one that made you feel good when you walked through the door, where you could have open and honest discussions about your pet with people who listened to you and valued your opinion, one that didn’t charge you for every little thing… the sort of practice we’d take our pets to if we weren’t vets.

In May 2017, the four vets bought Elwood and Albert Park Veterinary Clinics and there they found two other vets (Donald and Louise) and some lovely nurses who were keen to be part of that sort of practice too.

And that’s how the new Albert Park Vet and Elwood Vet began.

So, how are we different?

Most vet practices are modelled on other vet practices. The way they look and the way they run is generally similar – whether large or small, red or green, your experience is pretty much the same. And that’s fine. But we’re not interested in offering you more of the same – we’re sure we can do better than that.

Focus on good design

From our Elwood practice, you can see the direction we’re taking. There, we’ve looked for inspiration (and stolen ruthlessly) from outside the vet world to create a beautiful and functional place that we can do our best work in, and you’ll love to bring your pet to. Once Elwood is finished, we’ll start on Albert Park – the clean aesthetic will be the same, although it will have a distinct look.

Focus on quality

When putting together our team, we didn’t just want highly skilled people; we wanted people who would fit our continuous quality improvement culture. 

From human healthcare, we’ve adopted the Institute of Medicine’s six dimensions of quality, and so all of us at Albert Park Vet always aim to provide care that is:

  • safe: we avoid harms to patients from the care that is intended to help them
  • effective: we provide services based on scientific knowledge to patients who could benefit from them and refrain from providing services to those who aren’t likely to benefit (we avoid under and overtreatment)
  • pet and pet family centred: we provide care that is responsive to the individual needs of you and your pet and that respects your preferences and values
  • timely: we aim to minimise waits and harmful delays in providing care
  • efficient: we avoid waste, including waste of equipment, supplies, ideas and energy
  • equitable: we provide care that does not vary in quality based on personal characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, geography or socioeconomic status.

Focus on good decisions

Our pets rely on us to make good decisions for them.

But when it comes to decisions about your pet’s health, there is often no single ‘best choice’. Instead, we typically have multiple options, each with potential benefits, harms, trade-offs and uncertainties.

Part of our job as vets are to provide you with useful and clear information that reflects:

  • the best available evidence
  • your pet’s circumstances
  • your personal opinions, preferences, values and priorities

Together we can use this information to make choices.

This is the process of shared decision making. (Nerd note: the evidence from human studies shows that shared decision making leads to better outcomes – it’s not just being good people, it’s about getting good results!)

Focus on excellent value

We hate up-selling too. We’re not going to do that to you. Ever.

We believe that high-quality care should be affordable. We’ve gone through the old Albert Park price list and reduced the cost of many services, including consultation fees, vaccinations, spay and castration fees and dentals. 

Why are vets so important?

Today’s veterinarians are the only doctors educated to protect the health of both animals and people. They work hard to address the health and welfare needs of every species of animal. Veterinarians also play critical roles in environmental protection, research, food safety, and public health.

Veterinarians are essential health professionals. They are people who have gone through the four walls of a higher institution to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge and training to be able to treat animals. But their contribution to society is more than just treating cats and dogs. Vets offer more than that.

So, how do veterinarians contribute to society?

Veterinarians are trained personnel that treat and ensure that animals are in good health. These animals range from pets and those in the wild, including zoos. And by protecting and ensuring the wellbeing of animals, vets are contributing immensely to society. The benefits of animals include food, clothing, research, education, companionship, and recreation. So, veterinarians help ensure public health, food safety, research, and environment protection.

Importance Of Veterinary Services

Veterinary care services are essential to each pet owner. Lack of correct care to your puppy or any other pet will pose a great danger to its health.

Veterinarians always recommend early vaccinations to all pets to protect them from disease caused by pests; help protect your pet from heartworm; give you the best advice on how to defend your pet from this dangerous infection that can cost the life of your pet.

Additionally, taking your pet to be checked by a vet is that you will be advised on the right kind of food, vaccine, and medication to use. Some people ignore this important fact due to their high cost and tend to assume their pets’ health. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Keeping your pet’s health in check is the best thing you can do with Veterinary services rather than waiting until it gets ill.

Several veterinary clinics offer treatments for dermatological care and allergy cure for pets. Therefore, it is important to find veterinary services you can trust. This will ensure your pets get the best treatment available when they need it. When it involves your pets’ health, you should always ensure that you look for the best veterinary care services around you.

Veterinary medicine, also called veterinary science, medical specialty concerned with the prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases aealth of domestic animals’ healthd animals and preventing transmission of animal diseases to people. Veterinarians ensure a safe food supply for people by monitoring and maintaining the health of food-producing animals.

What Would Happen If We No Longer Have Veterinarians?

Most professionals do not get enough accolades from the people they claim to serve, and vets are one of them. We may not realise the importance of having veterinarians around until we require their services.

For the records, vets are more than helpers to dogs and cats. I know the first thing that comes to mind when our precious pets get sick is to visit a vet clinic. But here’s what you should know, vets play more critical roles in society than treating cats and dogs.

So what would happen if we no longer have vets?

  • Pets will no longer enjoy the help they get when they fall sick or get injured. The pet owners would be affected emotionally and have to deal with an unhappy pet.
  • Abused animals won’t have someone to stand in for them.
  • Humans will not prevent, eliminate, or detect zoonotic diseases, which could wipe out the entire human race or a large population of people.
  • Livestock farmers will no longer get the help they seek to ensure the wellbeing of their animals.

So, now you know the answer to the question, “how do veterinarians contribute to society?” The bottom line is vets are essential and play a crucial role in our environment. Besides treating and providing information regarding the management of pets, they also contribute immensely in ensuring public health, food safety, and the protection of our environment. So, veterinarians are important people and should have the respect they deserve.

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