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You are not really an icon, until you have made it onto a Monopoly Board..

The newly released Melbourne version of the popular board game has just been released, and our own Brighton Bathing Boxes have appeared on the famous board, under the yellow section.





The yellow section in the original version of the board game is at the pricier side of the board with only the green and blue section being more expensive The London version features Piccadilly, Leicester Square and Coventry Street. The  Melbourne version features : Brighton Bathing Boxes, Bells Beach and St.Kilda.

With the Brighton Bathing Boxes being literally across the road from the Brighton Savoy Hotel, why not move from a game to reality, and spend a night or two with us to explore, not only the boxes, but all that Brighton has to offer.

For reservations call 9592 8233, or check out our website

See the full new Melbourne Monopoly board…..

Melbourne Monopoply Board

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