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Bridal showers are a social event for the soon-to-be bride and her closest friends and family members to wish her well on her upcoming nuptials. Many modern couples are choosing to organise a joint couple's shower instead of a traditionally female-only affair. You can invite anyone you'd want to your approaching nuptial celebrations.

Your wedding or couple's shower's theme is a critical initial step in preparation. No matter what you decide, keep in mind that this isn't a bachelorette party and that your grandmother may be in attendance. There is no end to the number of themes you may choose from.

We've gathered bridal shower themes for you, ranging from a tea party to a beach party, and provided two free printables for your celebration. You can browse through all of the available themes here, or you can go straight to the one you're most interested in.

Who says that women are the only ones who can have fun? Men are becoming more involved in planning wedding showers, and today's party planners are challenging the traditional all-girl affair. Because you can't bear to be away, it's known as the "Honeymoon Phase". Plus, you'll benefit from the gifts you receive, so why not include your significant other? A cocktail party rather than a bridal shower, a co-ed shower is more casual. Of course, there will be games and gifts for the happy couple, but the atmosphere is less feminine and more masculine here. This list includes everything you need to prepare a Jack and Jill shower, whether you're a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid organising your first guy/girl bash!

Elegant Bridal Shower Themes

Those who want to celebrate in style with a traditional wedding shower will be delighted by this type of event. Food, conversation, and perhaps a few light party games are the main sources of entertainment, and the setting is stylish and understated.

Bridal Shower

Garden Gala

Host a garden party in the spring when everything is in bloom and at its most attractive. All you need to make this party a success are some light snacks, a few drinks, and a few entertaining activities. A backyard party could not be more straightforward or more sophisticated.

Tea Time

Bridal showers are known for their tea parties, which are a terrific opportunity to incorporate all your guests. Gather fresh flowers, and you're all set for a beautiful tea party decor. Sweet pastries and teas are all you need with the pleasant company to keep you entertained.

Minimalist Mixer

In this day and age, it's really popular to decorate with reusable, minimalistic elements. Small centrepieces like lanterns and succulents, together with basic calligraphy on a plain or acrylic background, are a great way to keep things simple. Most of the weight of a minimalist party will be carried by the location.

Party n Paris

Paris, the city of love, is the perfect inspiration for a classy soiree. Stripes in French, signs in French, and Eiffel Tower figurines are simple, go-to decorations. What's a French shower without some French food, of course? Snacks like macarons, pastries, and charcuterie are great additions to any gathering, but don't forget the wine!

Lovely in Lemon

Lemons may be the most popular fruit theme of all time. Their colour and flavour make them ideal for any occasion, and they're especially entertaining to serve at a party. Decorate with yellow and white flowers, a lot of foliage, and, of course, lemons. Lemon cupcakes and pastries are a must-have for an iced tea and lemonade stand.

White Wedding

A white-themed bridal shower is slick and sophisticated. Use white paint on your walls to create an open, spacious, and classy feel in your home. White flowers with green stems are an excellent choice to keep the overall motif intact. Lighting, metallic accents, and patterns can also enhance interest.

Boho Bash

The laid-back couple will feel right at home with bohemian motifs and furnishings. The nicest thing about throwing a boho bash is the abundance of chances to use second-hand and recycled items as party decorations, which allows you to cut costs and reduce your impact on the environment. Gather some ornamental frames for use as signage, some pillows for use as sitting, and an abundance of wildflowers for use in your hair and the centrepieces.

Vintage Soiree

3-bridal-shower-themes-vintage-soiree You can throw a party in the style of the 1970s or the style of any other decade that you want. This is yet another fantastic idea for recycling old pieces of furniture and decoration. Begin by amassing a collection of unique bottles, antique and ornate frames, and fabrics for use in making tables and tapestries. Ask your guests to dress in the fashion of the era they are celebrating as a way to get into the spirit of things.

Flannel and Frost

You may create a cosy and welcoming environment for all of your guests by decorating your party with evergreens, flannel textiles, and Mason jar lanterns. Your visitors will have a great time mixing and mingling as well as playing group games if you provide cider drinks and spiced cookies as appetisers.

Glitz and Glamour

Make the evening celebration more elegant by requiring guests to wear glittering cocktail attire and serve hors d'oeuvres. When you want to throw a glitzy party for your friends, you can provide entertainment in the form of a wine tasting and glam up the space with some modest floral arrangements, candles, anything that shines, and a few gold accents.

Adventurous Couple’s Shower Themes

These exciting themes are perfect if you want a party with imaginative compositions, activities that keep people interested, and an environment that gets people excited to be there. These concepts are fantastic for illustrating who you are as a pair and for honouring the things that are most important to you.

Tropical Luau

Your shower would benefit significantly from having a luau since it is the ideal way to incorporate fun, the sun, and the tropics. Organise a party by the pool with refreshing beverages, beach-themed decorations, and amusing inflatables that can also be used as picture props. Pool parties are a fun way to celebrate with a large number of guests and make an excellent theme for a couple's shower.

Happily Ever After

What could be better than a fairytale party for your happily ever after? This theme will come to life with the addition of greenery, fairy lights, books, and other tributes to your favourite fairytales. Either make it an Alice in Wonderland-themed party or mix and match fairytale themes. Whatever makes your bridal shower fantasies come true, go for it!

Disney Dreamland

Bring the enchantment of Disney to your special occasion by sending out invitations to all your friends to be your guests. You can be creative by picking your favourite Disney tales and characters, setting each table with a unique centrepiece theme, or getting into the spirit of things by throwing a costume party and dressing up as your favourite Disney pair. Your creativity is truly the only thing holding you back.

Celestial Celebrations

The night sky is both ethereal and romantic, making it an excellent choice for a theme for a bridal shower. This theme will be brought out to its full potential with the addition of certain metallics, delicate lights, and deep blues. You may decorate your wedding with a print of the constellations in the night sky and then keep the print after the wedding for your own home. If you are interested in the metaphysical, you can take your interest to the next level by participating in astrological games or getting tarot card readings.

Happy Holidays

Gather all of your loved ones together to celebrate your favourite holiday and your engagement simultaneously. You probably have your holiday decorations up, so whether you celebrate Christmas or New Year's, plan a party that everyone will talk about for years to come. You can also ask for Christmas decorations that you can use for many years to reach rather than receiving standard presents.

Around The World

Travelling around the world themed baby shower is a great way to celebrate the beginning of a new life. Decorative items like luggage, globes, and maps are easy to find and utilise. Decorate your event with images of famous landmarks worldwide, such as the Sphinx, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Taj Mahal.

Drama and Dancing

Get your dancing shoes on and have fun! Everyone should look their best, and the venue should be decorated in rich jewel tones and dramatic lighting. The playlist is the most crucial aspect of the party, so ask your guests for their recommendations before the event. Make a few creative cocktails, stock up on tasty treats, and you're all set.

Under The Sea

You may want to check out this theme if you're obsessed with the mermaid look. The core of your theme is cool colour palettes and some iridescent or silver metallics. Gather seashells, glass pieces, and simple arrangements of plants to use as table centrepieces. Use wine bottles as candlestick holders by filling the inside with sand and shells.

Beach Bash

Bridal shower guests love beach-themed themes. If you're aiming for a more refined or romantic aesthetic, subtle hues, seashells, and delicate candles can boost this theme. Naturally, you can always organise a beach party with a swimming pool, eye-catching sunglasses, and plenty of activities.

FAQs About Bridal Shower

A special day is set aside for the bride, whether it is the bridal shower, the bridal party, or the wedding party. The future bride will get a lot of affection and gifts at this special celebration only for women.

In essence, the bride will open the gifts before the guests. As the big day draws closer, she is rewarded for all the hard work she has put into the wedding planning. One alternative moniker for the event is "wedding shower."

Laidback Wedding Shower Themes

Couples on the go who want to throw a memorable celebration for their friends and family will love these easy going baby shower themes. You and your guests are the focus of these party ideas rather than elaborate decorations and entertainment.

Picnic Party

A picnic is a fun, low-key event that everyone will enjoy. You can provide sandwiches and snacks to your visitors, or you can organise a potluck and ask everyone to bring a dish they love to share. Buy some picnic baskets, a chequered tablecloth, fruit, and pitchers of iced tea if you want to go all-in on the theme!

Champagne and Cookies

Bachelorette Party And Bridal

It's possible that celebrating anything, including your approaching wedding, with champagne and cookies is the finest way to do it. Pick up a few unique kinds of cookies for guests to sample, pour their prefered sweet champagne, and serve sparkling juice, and the party is ready to go! Your cookies can serve as the centrepiece of the party when displayed on ornate trays and a table runner.

Brewery Blowout

Instead of spending time putting together a meal for dinner and beverages, you should visit a local brewery instead. Everyone will have a fantastic time mixing and mingling while sampling the local craft beers, even if you choose not to decorate the space or bring more than a few simple centrepieces.

Backyard Bonfire

A gathering of your favourite people around a bonfire, complete with s'mores, music, and drinks, is the ideal setting for unwinding and relieving stress. As long as you have sufficient seating and food for everyone, you should be good to go with this party.

If you want to construct décor, gather old tins and trays to display the snacks and arrange lanterns and string lights about the party to add to the ambience. You may also collect old tins and trays if you want to make the decor.

Dinner Date

Please invite your guests to join you at the table to enjoy a home-cooked meal of fresh, regional food. Visit the farmers market in your neighbourhood to pick up some fresh ingredients, then wow your guests with a meal bursting with flavour and character.

If you want to share the experience with your visitors, consider signing everyone up for a cooking lesson together so that you may all improve your abilities while creating the perfect meal.

Rustic Romance

The enormous popularity of rustic themes is that they are very romantic and elegant. The importance of understated decoration cannot be overstated; all required are some straightforward flower arrangements, some lanterns, and some candles. This motif is also quite simple to implement on your own, and a lot of the decorations may be recycled and used again in your interior design.

Comfy and Cosy

The season is about comfort and cosiness, so incorporate it into your celebration. Warm blankets and hot chocolate should be on hand for your guests' comfort, so stock up on both. Bridal shower activities or a movie marathon might be used as entertainment.

Cabin and Cocktails

Renting a cabin in the country for a winter camping trip may be ideal if you're searching for a change of scenery. The cabin aesthetic has already been established, so all you need to bring is your nighttime attire and your prefered libations.

Game Night

Everyone will immediately become friends if you host a game night at your house. Bring your favourite games and refreshments and get the celebration started. Make a guest book out of Jenga pieces, and use candy dice to decorate cupcakes.

Brunch and Bubbly

Bridal brunches are low-key affairs that allow visitors to mingle with one another and get to know the happy couple's loved ones. An extensive brunch menu is offered, and a mimosa bar is included for guests' enjoyment. You only need a few light floral arrangements and modest table settings for a lovely breakfast.

Other Bridal Shower Themes

There are specific topics that cannot be categorised in any way. Try one of these innovative and up-to-date party ideas if you're still seeking the right one for your get-together.

Candy Crush

You should eat candy to celebrate your engagement with your crush. Candy is a sweet, delicious, and exceptionally aesthetically beautiful method to cover decor and favours for your guests, and it is also an economical and quick way to do so. For a fantastic celebration centred on having fun throughout the summer, set the table with centrepieces consisting of gumball bowls, gigantic lollipops, and macaron towers, and serve drinks that are brightly coloured and fizzy.

Sock Hop

Throwing a party with a sock hop theme is a great way to relive the '50s. Please bring back the polka dots and circle skirts for one night, and put together a mix of upbeat music that will get everyone on their feet and moving. Old-fashioned glass and metal signage Coca-Cola bottles can be used as a whimsical piece of decoration, and malt milkshakes are the ideal sweet treat.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

What could be more opulent and timeless than the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's? Tiffany blue can be used as a decorative accent, and you can use present boxes from Tiffany's or candles as centrepieces. Dressing in a tiny black dress and giving your guests pearls and sunglasses as party favours will put you in the mood to channel your inner Holly Golightly.

Fair Food

Everyone loves the fair, and even if you're not a fan of rides, you can't say no to fair food! Saturated colours and novelty lights may go a long way, and a Ferris wheel monument would be a terrific addition to the theme. Food is, of course, the focal point of this concept! Serve cotton candy, caramel corn, corn dogs, and other sweet treats with the help of beautiful equipment you may rent.

Bold and Bright

Bring a lot of life and excitement to your celebration with vibrant colours and eye-catching decorations. Choose a few of your favourite colours, or go all out with rainbows. You'll be able to take advantage of a wide range of photo opportunities regardless of your choice.

Fruit Fest

There is no need for grass skirts when going to a fruit-themed party. Adding flowers and a few colourful trays to a fruit display isn't bad. Fruit cocktails, coconuts, and a variety of novelty straws are all you need for this party.

Winter Wonderland

Nature's snow and ice are the glitters we should embrace and use to enjoy a winter wonderland. Candlelight and glitter centrepieces are surefire ways to get guests in the celebratory spirit. Pinecones and frosted evergreens are wonderful additions, not only for colour but also for texture.

Classic Hollywood Chic

In the winter, you can still create a glossy party with a throwback to the movies. Use jewel tones, gold accents, and pearl and ostrich feather centrepieces. Photobooth items include faux-fur scarves, vintage beads, as well as a red carpet.

Potter Party

Celebrate with butterbeer, chocolate frogs, and all your witchy and wizardry buddies. Make your wands and house badges to give as gifts, or use the recipes to make all of your favourite magical delicacies. Movie marathons, trivia contests, and even a brief game of Quidditch are all viable options. Everyone can have a good time at Hogwarts.

Trim The Tree

Invite your family and friends to help you decorate your Christmas tree with homemade ornaments. Collect instructions and materials to make ornaments for you and your partner as favours for your guests. You can't go wrong with cookies and eggnog for a festive atmosphere.

Attendees will appreciate their invitations, whether a retro celebration or a cosy night in. Pick a bridal shower theme that you'll like the most! It's time to start having fun with your chosen theme! Organise your perfect party now and have lots of fun with your free games and activities.

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