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When one thinks of a wellness holiday in Australia, what’s the first place that comes into your head? A Byron Bay retreat, am I right? But what if you’re looking for a wellness retreat location that’s maybe a little bit more accessible or at least based in a metropolitan area?

When it comes to this great country and wellness, there are actually a number of places around our great country that offer natural wellness, as well as some great spa retreats. One happens to be Brighton, a seaside locale situated in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs that can be a perfect spot to catch up on some pampering and some wonderful ocean air. 

From a walk on the sand to swimming in the sea, to even picking up some skincare inspired by the ocean, on a shopping spree in a local shop, these are only some of the top of the various activities that Brighton has to offer for wellness, in mind, body and energy. 

You may find that by the end of your trip, you’ll want to come back and crave the seaside air all over again. 

Book beauty by the beach

Most of us know that Brighton’s beaches make Brighton properties a highly sought after commodity here in Melbourne. But even if you don’t live in this sunny suburb, you can still plan a day trip or weekend trip to get some of that beach beauty. 

Whether it’s the (safe) dose of the sun or getting your bathing body ready through hair removal in Melbourne before the big trip. With your skin all perfectly smooth and maintained, you’ll be able to get that perfect tan, albeit, make sure to get it safely, or out of a bottle. 

Brighton can also be the perfect spot for a spa getaway, with facials, massages and everything from your well-styled mani/pedi. So book those beauty appointments now to make sure you’re perfectly pampered to kick off your wellness weekend.

Visit the iconic Brighton Beach boxes

If you take a trip to Brighton, there is nothing more well-known than that of Brighton Beach and a line of famous sheds that line Dendy Street’s beach sand. 

Yes, no trip to Brighton is complete without seeing the painted beach boxes. As one of the must-do activities and iconic landmarks of the area, and indeed, Victoria, it really does deserve a photo opportunity. 

Originating in the 1920s and ’30s, as a way for those of polite society to change for a modest dip in the ocean, the bathing boxes now hold a means of history in Melbourne and interest. 

Aside from the boxes themselves, it always makes for a good excuse to take a paddle or a swim in the sea (whether you swim in winter or not). 

Take in the sea breeze and saltwater

Speaking of the ocean, if you want wellness at Brighton, you can’t get much better than enjoying a dip at the iconic beach itself. Taking a walk along the sand, whether in shoes or barefoot, can be a very healing experience, as you breathe the salt air. 

The ocean also has many health benefits for us too, in the forms of many minerals that enrich our body, from our hair to our muscles and skin. The naturally exfoliating sand and rolling waves can create a wonderful wash of wellness for your body and mind. 

So be sure to enjoy ‘nature’s spa’ by carving out some time in your Brighton weekend to really take in the ocean air.

Enjoy some boutique shopping on the shore

A new outfit can definitely increase one’s wellness, in the form of self-esteem, so why not boost it in Brighton with a little retail therapy?

For your best selection of new fashion attire, hit the shops of Church St, Brighton’s main street for high-end fashionable clothing and accessories. Noted for having a 100% occupancy rate, you can’t be more appropriate for selecting a new outfit in which to be noticed. 

And if you want to shop more intimately and like a local, try the Lanes or Brighton Market for some trinkets and more unique treasures. This can be one of the great activities to do with your girlfriends. 

Drinks and dining with the girls

When it comes to spending time for wellness and wellbeing, we know that a strong network and support are important, and sometimes, coffee or cocktails and a meal with your girlfriends do just that. 

Whether it’s a weekend catch-up or that such as a staycation down the coast with your closest pals, there are some great Italian eateries to enjoy in Brighton’s bustling cultural hub. 

If you like a cosier atmosphere, try a comforting drink at a local watering hole, happily serving customers for over 60 years. 

Beachside bachelorette party

Spending the weekend down by the seaside can bring clarity and a means of calm to many, but how about if you’re a bride-to-be? 

Let your hair down with your best girls and, most likely, your soon-to-be bridesmaids by having the greatest weekend before getting hitched. 

From drinks to a cabaret show with a steamy twist, there are many different ideas for a beachside hens party that you’ll be able to enjoy before tying the matrimonial knot. 

Whether it’s for a bike ride along the bay, a coffee catch up weekend with your girlfriends, or a preparation spa pamper with your impending bridal party, Brighton has some great spots for a needed wellness recharge.

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