If you’re a bride or groom to be, you are probably overwhelmed with all the decisions needed to be made. 

Choosing a banquet hall for your wedding is one of those decisions. 

It’s essential to find an inviting and welcoming place where you’ll feel comfortable celebrating your special day. 

You want it to be somewhere that doesn’t distract from the joyous occasion but rather enhances it! 

There are a lot of optional aspects that come with planning a wedding. 

You can forego the cake, ditch the flowers and wear a suit instead of a dress, but you can never ditch the venue. Looking for the best Wedding Photographer in Melbourne? Check out our ultimate list here. 

You have got to have somewhere for your guests to gather and celebrate with you. Here are our tips on choosing the perfect banquet hall for your special day.

How to Choose a Perfect Banquet Hall for Your Wedding

How To Choose A Banquet Hall For Your Wedding3

Define Your Budget

Wedding planning comes with a lot of excitement. Add to the excitement by pre-planning the events. 

Weddings are all about various fun events. Map out the elements and list a budget. 

Pen down the intricate elements’ decoration’, ‘food,’ ‘stay’ and ‘photography.’ An indoor banquet hall is perfect for a ‘winter wedding.’

Budgeting can assist you in choosing a fabulous venue with excellent service. Budget means an approximation of expenses that are allowed on each occasion. 

Firstly, know the maximum amount you can spend. Secondly, decide the location where functions have to occur. 

Thirdly, look for online offers available in different wedding halls. To check the offers you can always talk to specialists. Finally, choose the best option within your budget.

Evaluate the Location

Location is an essential aspect while finalising the wedding venue. The location should have ample space for organising various small and big events. 

For a local wedding, choose a space that is easily reachable and accessible for the guests.

The location should possess ample parking space. Most of the time, venue booking is made without studying the places. One needs to visit the site before finalising the location to host an event.

Check wedding service providers who offer a variety of venues with the best locations. 

You’ll get ‘Hotels,’ ‘Banquets’ and ‘Marriage halls’ which provide explicit catering and accommodation services. 

Conduct Proper Research

You might have googled “how to choose a wedding banquet hall” hundreds of times.

Why not make the best use of technology? Solutions are just a few clicks away!  

You always look for ‘ratings’ and ‘reviews’ while ordering food online. Don’t you? Then why not use this superpower and check the actual reviews and ratings of wedding venues?

Banquet halls illustrated online have customer reviews and ratings. 

Most of them are genuine and can be relied upon. Based on these votes, you can check the authenticity of the venue and know about their hosting service.

Ask for an Expert Opinion

There is a various dedicated website which allows you to book hotels and banquets online. But, of course, you can always talk to the representative and ask a couple of questions.

The specialists will help you book the banquet at the most affordable rates. In addition, you will be provided with a tailor-made solution as per your requirements.

It seems easy, right!

Let’s walk you through a set of questionnaires that will help you discover your needs for an ideal wedding function.

  • The availability of the venue for your wedding date.
  • Does that date require a pre-booking?
  • You can always ask for suggestions and flexibility of options.
  • Discount available for different seasons
  • The duration for which the venue can be used(Number of Hours)
  • The additional amount required for extending the hours
  • In-house and Additional facilities provided

Decide on the Theme of Your Wedding

Your wedding arrangements will be a piece of cake once you do theme finalisation. 

A theme gives the wedding a frame which leads to further decorations including lights, and flowers. For example, wedding themes could be ‘Traditional,’ ‘Fusion’, ‘Rustic’, or ‘Royal.’ 

Choose Banquet halls that incorporate various themes, so you are left with options.

The traditional wedding theme: 

It is all about idols, flowers, and mystic backdrop. Instrumental music like shehnai with a tinge of the flute is heavenly. 

Food is served in a traditional style. For a classic style wedding, less is more. It easily blends with the ambience and style.

Royal wedding theme: 

Colours play a vital role; the shade of red is given more importance. A royal theme is for those who want their wedding to be glamorous. 

They want special arrangements just like the royalties. So a royal theme is made grand with ‘candles,’ ‘chandeliers,’ ‘folk dancers,’ ‘traditional music,’ ‘art and crafts.’ 

Life effects make this theme unforgettable. Mannequins and artifacts add glitter to the Regal Ambiance.

The flower theme: 

Another spectacular theme for the perfect wedding is “Flower Theme.” The entrance is decorated with flowers. 

Different Colour tones, orchids, roses add a magical touch. With fragrance all-around a flower, the theme enlightens the soul with happiness and calm. 

The ambience turns pious with embellishments, mirrors, and flowy curtains. This theme is more about simplicity and charm.

Evaluate the Wedding Banquet Hall

For evaluating the wedding venue, here is a checklist for you:

Catering services: 

Always choose Banquets with affordable catering services and unconventional food choices. The bespoke menu includes Multi-Cuisine like Continental, Italian, Mughlai, Chinese, Indian. 

Food served is known for purity and quality. The food served is so good that its taste will linger on my mind for years. 

You can always ask for customised decorated fruit corners. Drinks, cocktails can be arranged on demand.  

Any celebration is incomplete with those sumptuous sweets. The catering staff equally manages to serve delectable treats to satisfy all the cravings.

Size of the hall:  

A wedding is incomplete without guests. Music, chit chats, dances set the celebration mood. 

So, whether it is Mehendi, sangeet or shaman, ample space is required for fun. You can always choose banquets that can accommodate your guests quickly. 

There are wedding banquets and marriage halls for different types of gathering. Some venues have a capacity of serving more than 600 guests. 

So, regardless of the size of the gathering, a suitable banquet can be arranged. However, the selection priority should be a picturesque backdrop, food, and accommodation.

Additional Services: 

Additional services include valet parking, Wedding DJ, Tattoo Artists, Dancers, Bridal Makeup and more. So, utilise their resourceful networks to get more facilities.

Safety Measures: 

When a lot of people are involved in a chaotic environment, things can go wrong. To keep the mishaps at bay, there are venues with appropriate safety measures. 

So, you can be at peace of mind. First aid, fire safety, and emergency services are always on standby. 

Emergency power backup in case of unwanted power cuts is an additional facility. Furthermore, CCTV cameras are also allocated in the function zone for venue safety.

Check for backup plans:

Backup plans make an event better even under irregularities. For example, the biggest problem which arises during a wedding event is the unexpected rise in the number of guests. 

Wedding specialists counter all big or small challenges. 

Arrangements include room for backup facilities. Arranging extra food, extra parking space, or even additional rooms is never a challenge.

Customisation services are also available. Sometimes couples want a personal touch in their wedding—the team designs wedding themes for those who have exquisite tastes.

Know Your Guest’s Profile

Transportation and stay have always been a matter of chaos. Therefore, it is essential to know your guest’s profiles. 

If it is a local gathering, guests use their conveyance. All they will need is a ‘safe parking space.’ For outstation guests, a pick and drop facility is a must.

Make a rough count of locals and outstation attendees—Hand over the list to the specialist. And yes, don’t hesitate to take their favour. 

Banquets and wedding halls have facilities for transportation, parking, and accommodations for guests. Guests can also utilise the shuttle facility to reach the venue on time.

With a clear guest profile, the staff will go the extra mile for making travel-related logistics. Looking for the Best Photobooth Hires in Melbourne? We have compiled an exclusive list of some of Melbourne’s best photobooth hire suppliers to capture your special day.

So, forget the hassle!

Availability of the Services

Brides can avail the best makeup and tattoo artist services which are attached to wedding venues. 

A professional photographer can be hired to capture candid moments. “Entertainment” adds more zeal to the event.

So, why not arrange a folk dance or a puppet show?

Finalise Your Budget and Location

The first thing to do is to finalise your budget and location for the banquet hall. Budgeting can help you choose a great venue with excellent services. 

Know the maximum amount you can spend on the banquet hall. It includes the venue, the catering, accommodation, and additional facilities. 

Location is also equally important. For example, if you have guests from other states or countries, a centrally and close to the railway station and airport wedding banquet hall will be a very convenient choice.

Conduct a Thorough Research

Asking around is always a good idea for making an essential decision like choosing a perfect venue for your big day. 

Thanks to technology, you can also search online for the best venue for a wedding. In addition, you can go through the ratings and reviews for the banquet halls of your interest. 

Thorough research will help solve your confusion and shortlist some of the best-suited options as per your needs.

List Down Your Requirements

For choosing a perfect wedding banquet hall, you need to be clear about your requirements. 

You can ask the questions mentioned below to address some of the basic yet essential needs:

  • Is it available on your wedding date?
  • Do you need to pay an extra amount for extending the hours of your event at the hall?
  • Does it offer the kind of in-house services or additional facilities you require?
  • Can it arrange for the ambience and props for the theme of your choice?
  • Are there any discounts available?

Conduct a Final Assessment of the Hall

How To Choose A Banquet Hall For Your Wedding

Once you have narrowed down on a hall that meets your requirements, here’s a checklist for conducting a final evaluation of the arena before booking it.

Look for halls that offer affordable catering services with unconventional food options. 

Food is an integral part of any wedding, so make sure your banquet hall offers exceptional catering services in terms of taste and variety. 

Customised food counters which match the wedding theme are also in vogue. Ask about these services.

Modern-day wedding banquet halls also provide additional services such as wedding DJ, bridal makeup services, valet parking etc.

The hall must have appropriate safety measures to keep mishaps at bay. 

CCTV cameras, fire extinguishers, emergency power backups are safety measures that should be present in and around the venue.

The staff must have a backup plan for emergencies such as an unexpected rise in the number of guests, need for backup facilities, extra accommodation, food, and other requirements.

Book Well in Advance

The demand for banquet halls increases in peak wedding season. Hence people often have to let go of their first choice because of a delay in booking. 

So once you have done your homework and found the perfect hall for your big day, make sure that you book it well in advance.

This way, you won’t have to make any compromises due to last-minute bookings. You can also benefit from some early-bird discounts.

Last-minute bookings may lead to compromises. Once you have your wedding date, go ahead with pre-bookings. 

The availability of banquet halls may vary depending upon the peak season demand.

To be on track, a six-month prior booking is recommended. Unfortunately, you might end up losing great deals. 

Those who are looking for top-notch service should not wait. Sought out wedding days are always expensive. However, if booked in advance, you’ll be able to save a lot.

Things to Remember While Choosing a Perfect Wedding Banquet Hall

The number of guests you are expecting: When looking at a banquet hall in Miami, have the number of guests you want to include in your big day in mind. 

In 2014, the average couple invited around 136 guests to their wedding, but this does not have to be your limit. 

If you have 500 guests you would like to have that day, the banquet hall should accommodate them all. 

If your wedding is not an invite-only event, remember your friends and family could bring a plus one if you give them freedom. So leave room for a few extra people, just in case. 

A room may look enormous when it is empty, but wedding essentials will fill it up. 

Your guests will need some movement room, and you need to have enough space for your first dance, a Dj set up or the band, the buffet, and bar if you plan to brew. 

You can either see the venue when another wedding of the same size is taking place or work with a venue provider who has been in business for many years. They will give you the exact fit.

Check the Wedding Halls Availability: 

By the time you are looking at banquet hall options, you have a wedding date set. 

Discuss with the banquet hall rental the availability of the hall on your preferred date. 

Remember, most of the best locations book up fast, so don’t wait too long before booking the hall. 

If you spot a beautiful ballroom available on your desired date, make haste and put up a deposit so you don’t miss out on it.

Check If the Banquet Hall Aligns With Your Vision: 

What kind of wedding do you have in mind? Are you thinking of something modern or something a little historic? 

Your vision for the wedding plays a huge role in choosing the perfect event banquet hall. 

Together with your planner, determine if you will pull off the concept in the halls you check out and what it will take to harmonise every element. 

The advantage of a banquet hall is it can be turned into almost anything you wish, but your vision must fit nonetheless.

Consider Privacy:

How private you want the hall to be will depend on the venue and your preference. For example, it is common for banquet halls to host more than one event at a time.

If there will be other events simultaneously with your big day, you need to make sure that your guests and those from the other event will be comfortable. 

If it bothers, book the hall when there isn’t another event running. 

It is best to visit the venue when they are hosting a dual-party and check out how sound carries and whether there are significant concerns you should be worried about. 

Most companies that have been in business for years have the experience to host dual parties and will have things sorted out.

How the Lighting Looks:

Lighting is essential in setting the mood for your wedding. If you’re hosting during the day, make sure your ballroom has enough windows to bring in natural light. 

An evening affair should have a well-lit room, so make sure the hall is not too dim. 

You may be planning on adding a few extra lights of your own, in which case the lighting in the hall will not only accentuate what you have in mind.


Choosing the right venue is an integral part of making your day a success. A hall with an exceptional view your guests can enjoy will be a plus. Follow the tips outlined above and stay true to yourself and your vision. Here at Brighton Savoy, we have compiled an exclusive list of Wedding Photo Locations in Melbourne to help you decide on your special day.

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