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Hospitality Humour

By Michael Lee – 02-Jan-2014

One day an Aussie tourist was in Spain to witness the bull fights. After watching the bullfight, he got so hungry that he went to a nearby specialty restaurant. On the table next to him he saw a waiter come out with this huge silver tray with the most ornate lid,with the gusto of a Spanish waiter the lid was lifted and the most magnificent two large pieces of round meat appeared.

Aussie: Excuse me waiter, but I’m just wondering, what is the other table is having? I think it really looks good !

Waiter: Oh, sir, that’s our specialty of the house, The Sizzling Yaro.

Aussie: Yaro?

Waiter: It’s the balls of the bull which got killed during the bullfight.

Aussie: Can you give me one of those?

Waiter: Certainly sir!

The Aussie enjoyed the dish so much, that on his last day to Spain, he went back to restaurant to try it again for the last time.

The waiter approached his table and with the familiar gusto, presented the silver tray , removed the lid. he looks down and goes to the waiter  I’ve ordered the Sizzling Yaro but how come these balls are so small.

Waiter: I’m sorry sir, but sometimes the bull wins.

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