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One of the most beautiful moments in newlywed couples’ lives is honeymoon time. After months or weeks of wedding planning and many sleepless nights worrying about how to have the perfect party, the moment of a nice and relaxing vacation is more than welcome.

Many couples choose exotic destinations for their honeymoon because they represent an exceptional choice compared to other types of vacations, like city breaks, and because exotic places are just right for relaxing, spending quality time, and discovering fantastic sceneries.

Of course, just like other vacations, any honeymoon stay needs adequate planning. You’d have to take care of many aspects to ensure that everything goes smoothly and you won’t encounter any issues. Not only the transportation and the accommodation matter but also the little details, like daily activities, special trips in local areas, or travel insurance.

Before getting to hop on the plane, in the car, or on the bus to go to the destination of choice for your honeymoon, every aspect must be planned out.  That will require some of your time and patience, yet it will all be worth it when you get to celebrate such a special moment in your life in an incredible place.

If you want everything to go perfectly, we’ve got some great tips on how to avoid tourist traps and stay safe during your memorable trip:


Research the destination

When you choose the destination of your wedding, you should do thorough research on the place. Start with the country of choice and then move to the exact location of the vacation. Is the country considered safe?

You can check the recommendations listed on the embassy site. Each country’s embassy in another country has a website updated with valuable suggestions for those who want to travel to the area.

After deciding if the country of choice is safe enough for tourists, you can research the city or area you want to visit. To do that, you can find plenty of resources online, including travel blogs where other people share their experiences.

Besides blog posts and news, you can use forum platforms, where users discuss various topics, including vacations and honeymoon trips. The most popular platform is Reddit, where you can find thousands of ideas, opinions, and advice on the subject.

Choose safe taxis

Vacations abroad rarely include only a stay at the hotel, and even if you do not plan to move around, you’ll still need reliable transportation to get from the airport or train station to the hotel.

It’s a good idea to never hop in the first taxi you see if you want to avoid being scammed. For airport-hotel transfer and vice versa, you can always call the resort you’re staying at and ask for such a service. If they do not give you the possibility to opt for a transfer, then make sure you ask at the airport for advice on how to get safely to your destination.

If you want to visit places nearby your hotel and need a taxi, ask the receptionist to book a car for you, even if the costs might be a little high. It’s always better to put safety first.

Make sure your hotel is as great as it looks on the internet

There are plenty of hotels and resorts with fake pictures online, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if you came across one. That is why booking your stay using a trustworthy platform is essential.

Nowadays, you can find numerous reliable platforms that offer the possibility to book both flights and accommodation without even having to leave your house. For example, on Expedia, you can book flights and accommodations, rent a car, find activities to do during your stay, and even book cruises.

Still, you want to check an aggregator platform and the official website of the hotel of choice. Hotels with tradition, like The Brighton Savoy in Melbourne, offer all the information you need on their website, meaning you don’t have to worry about surprises.

Don’t bet on street games

Street games might look fun and engaging, but most are illegal. Not only that, but people that try to convince you to participate usually operate in gangs and will find ways to fool you and steal your money. What is the safe alternative? If you want to wager or gamble, choose an online platform with free spins offers and a trustworthy license.

You can check the website’s first page to ensure that the online platform is 100% legit. All licensed online casinos display their licenses on the landing page of their platforms.

Your honeymoon should definitely be unique and unforgettable. It is a memorable vacation where you celebrate love and affection with your partner; that is why tourist traps should never ruin the moment for you. Use the advice above to ensure you stay safe during your honeymoon and have the time to focus only on having a good time.

Photo source: Unsplash.com

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