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Various Beautiful Themes for a Wedding at the Beach.

Do you dream of exchanging vows with your loved one on a sandy beach? There's no doubting that seaside settings are popular among engaged couples. It's important to make the event unique in order to make a lasting impression on attendees. Choosing a wedding theme is an important part of this process. The colours should be carefully selected to complement the beachy vibe.

Every couple choose their own unique wedding motif. Some couples choose for the traditional all-white wedding, while others want to make a splash with a nautical theme. Beyond current fads, the topic at hand should have substance. It ought to be able to organise even the smallest of wedding details.

It's not easy to settle on a wedding theme if you don't pay close attention to the little things. You or your guests must be able to visualise the chosen theme in order to make it a reality for your wedding. In order to convey the right message to your guests, it must make a solid first impression.

Weddings on the beach are extremely popular all year round since they are the most romantic and tranquil of all wedding venues. Relax in your beautiful, flowing wedding dress as you watch the sun rise and set with your loved ones while barefoot on the sand. Wow, that's fantastically lovely and romantic. If you're looking to be married on a beach in 2020, you've found the right place. Any couple dreaming of a seaside nuptials can find ideas for a beautiful theme here.

Consider the following while trying to zero down on a wedding theme:

  • If you could rewind time to your first encounter, when and where would that be?
  • Can you name a few places you'd like to see if you could go anywhere in the world?
  • I'm curious as to what features of a marriage ceremony you find most satisfying.
  • Can we ask if there's anything more you'd want to have at the wedding?
  • Do you have a prefered flower that you'd want to see at your wedding?
  • What would you say best describes your bond with each other?
  • To what extent do your interests coincide?

By discussing and resolving these issues with your prospective spouse, you may lay the groundwork for the wedding of your dreams. If you're planning a reception, these questions can help you decide between a formal and informal atmosphere.


As a couple, what are your hopes and dreams?

You and your future spouse should agree on a unifying concept for the wedding. Whether you're envisioning a bohemian beach wedding with a laid-back, natural vibe or a cosy, romantic winter forest wedding, create a mood board based on your favourite wedding themes to help guide your planning.

There are online surveys that may help you choose a wedding theme by asking you questions like your prefered colour scheme, the kind of activities you enjoy doing together, and your prefered personalities.

Perhaps the two of you have always wanted your wedding invitations to look like airline tickets and your reception hall to be decked up in maps and globes since you are true wanderlusts at heart.

Tell me about your monetary situation.

Some themes are more costly to adopt than others, so it's important to keep your budget in mind when you narrow down your choices. Elegant balls require elaborate decorations, such as candles, flowers, and other floral arrangements. A retro elegant outdoor wedding may be decorated for significantly less money using natural components like wood, natural greenery, and wildflowers.   Looking for the best Wedding Photographer in Melbourne? Check out our ultimate list here. 

Can you describe the atmosphere you're hoping to establish?

What kind of mood do you want your theme to create for the celebration as a whole? If you're planning a party in the spirit of the Roaring Twenties, you may channel the era's glitz and glamour by decorating with an art deco theme, playing jazz music, lighting the room warmly, adding accents of metal and sequin, and hosting lots of dances.

Consider the level of formality you'd like to have for the ceremony as well. If you're picturing a black-tie affair, a grand ballroom is the perfect setting. If you're going for a more relaxed vibe, a wedding in the garden or on the beach is the way to go.

How would you describe the ambience there?

Pick a place for your wedding that fits with your theme, or look for venues that were designed with a certain idea in mind. Sea glass, white, and blue are perfect for a wedding on the beach. Whether you see your wedding taking place on a beautiful lawn or in a renovated barn, you may have the rustic wedding of your dreams.

Can I ask what time of year your wedding is?

The season in which you hope to tie the knot is an important consideration. The time of year and overall concept of the wedding should complement one another. Whatever the aesthetic, a winter wedding is the perfect time to use deep, romantic colours like emerald green, plum, and deep blue.

A spring wedding theme may be built around a variety of elements, including outdoor ceremonies, pastel hues, and elements of nature like berries and lush foliage. Beach weddings are perfect for the summer, while fall weddings in the woods are cosier and more colourful.

I was wondering what sort of clothes you wear.

The bride's attire is the focal point of the celebration, which is set against a backdrop of a specific wedding theme. Therefore, it is essential that they complement one another. A bridal gown can be chosen to coordinate with the wedding's overall aesthetic and setting. Do you foresee a wedding with a boho flair? The addition of lace to a flowy, lightweight garment is a classy element.

At Brighton Savoy, we have compiled a list of the Best Photobooth Hires in Melbourne to help you choose who captures your magical day.

Use the style of dress you already have as inspiration for a wedding theme. Evaluate the garment on its style and the details that set it apart. The dazzling ballroom calls for a princess gown with lace and embellishments, while the beautiful vineyard reception calls for an A-line trumpet dress.

Wedding Color Schemes For The Beach

The sand, water, and sky all offer beautiful backdrops for a beach wedding. Here are some of our favourite colour combinations for an outdoor ceremony on the beach.

  • greyish blue and pale green
  • Mix of peacock blue and coral pink
  • green sage + dusty blue
  • Light pink, herbal green, and a soft grey-blue
  • colour scheme of emerald, taupe, and moss
  • Pink and turquoise
  • colours: dusty blue and peach
  • blue and pink and coral and lilac
  • yellow + marigold + orange sherbet
  • orange, pink, and green mustard

Inviting Wedding Guests: Invitation Thoughts

The save-the-date cards and wedding invites you send out are extremely important in creating the atmosphere (and aesthetic) you want for your seaside nuptials. You can incorporate the feel of a day at the beach into your design in a number of ways.

  • Art depicting coastal settings.
  • Colors or motifs inspired by the ocean (e.g., anchors, sailboat silhouettes, shells, starfish, nautical flags, rope patterns, etc.).
  • The entire thing is done in a neutral sand colour.
  • Using textured paper may make your home appear more natural and beachy.
  • Aesthetic conventions associated with beaches (e.g., the shore, crashing waves, seaside sunsets, driftwood, palm trees, or something more playful like flip flops or beachy cocktails).
  • Wedding invitations in the shape of an airline ticket or passport are a fun idea for a wedding on a tropical beach.
  • Invitations are sent out to guests in the form of a "save the date" card that resembles a bottle of sand and is sealed with a wax seal.
  • Rope or twine can replace ribbon on invitation envelopes.

Options for Wedding Gowns

Here are some stylish ideas for you and your bridal party to create a laid-back, oceanside vibe for your wedding.

  • Greetings to the happy couple and their guests!
  • Strapless, off-the-shoulder, and backless wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Wedding dresses should ideally be made of a flowy fabric like silk, chiffon, or lace.
  • Wedding dresses with asymmetrical necklines, high-low hemlines, or midi lengths are all great options. Any one of these options would be great if you want to sound cool and sophisticated.
  • Women standing around the bride dressed in various shades of blue to evoke the sea.
  • Bridesmaids in floral or tropical design dresses or skirts
  • Guests are encouraged to wear beige linen suits without ties.
  • Pick seersucker blazers for a classic prep style.

Everyone who is attending the wedding:

  • Plan a ceremony where everyone attends in flip-flops and celebrates on the beach.
  • Bright reds, greens, and corals will pop against the white sand, blue water, and blue sky, so don't be scared to wear them.
  • Wear a lovely sun hat as part of your attire.
  • Linen, cotton blends, and chiffon are great examples of lightweight, airy materials to consider.
  • Wear wedges or chic sandals in place of stilettos.
  • Wrap up in a light shawl or scarf in case the air is brisk near the water.

Concepts for Flowers

Planning a wedding on the beach doesn't need you to completely rethink your floral arrangements. We recommend not overpowering the beach with flowers and decorations, but rather complementing it.

  • Flower arrangements and boutonnieres
  • This tropical arrangement has proteas, orchids, pink ginger, and various palms.
  • Accent your boutonniere with some live succulents or tiny shells.
  • Replace traditional cut flowers with succulents.
  • Bridesmaid bouquets can be made by combining two flowers, such as anthuriums or birds of paradise, with a single large monstera leaf or other palm frond.
  • Nautical rope was used in place of ribbon to encase floral arrangements.

The focal point of your beach ceremony:

  • Rope around glass vases makes for a chic seaside accent.
  • Centerpieces at the seaside ceremony were hurricane vases with sand, shells, and pillar candles.
  • Floating pampas grasses in tall vases are a key component of this boho style.
  • Palm fronds used as a table runner, with votive candles placed on top of the fronds.
  • As an alternative to traditional wedding favours, you may arrange little air plants at each guest's place setting.
  • Pillar candles are lit around pieces of driftwood that have been placed in glass cylinder vases.
  • Candlelit lanterns perched on a bed of eucalyptus branches.
  • White phalaenopsis orchids amid palm fronds.
  • Centerpieces during a beach ceremony might include tropical fruits like papayas, pineapples, and mangoes. Put them in bowls and place them next to your flower centrepieces or set them on the table right away.

FAQs About Beach Wedding

Wedding Ceremony Ideas

The ceremony at your beach wedding might be what sets it apart from others like it. There is no limit to the number of ways in which one may mix colourful decorations and one-of-a-kind furniture to create the wedding of one's dreams. It makes no difference if the vows are etched in stone or sand. We've put up a list of all the essentials for a beach ceremony:

  • The ceremonial arch might be decorated with palm fronds or other tropical greenery.
  • The background for the ceremony might be made from a collection of driftwood or soft pampas grasses.
  • If you want your guests to feel like they are around you and your spouse in the sand, set up the ceremony seats in a spiral formation.
  • You may provide your guests with flip-flops and set up a "shoe valet" station.
  • Give your ring bearer permission to use a seashell as a ring bearer's pillow.
  • If you want to assist your clients beat the heat, you should stock up on sunglasses, paper fans, parasols, and sunscreen.
  • A refreshment station with cold refreshments should be set up at the ceremony so that guests may cool off from the heat. We think the idea of serving chilled fresh coconuts at a wedding with a tropical theme is brilliant.
  • Put some ornamental grasses in pots and line the aisle with them. Applying burlap to the pots gives them a more natural, beachy look.
  • Mini beach balls were offered for the recessional instead of rice.

Decoration Suggestions for a Reception

Decorate your wedding with seaside touches to really set the mood. Because, after all, enjoyment is the goal! These trendy elements to a beach ceremony might help set the tone:

  • Wooden or driftwood signs direct guests to key locations of your event (ceremony seating, the bar, the dance floor, guest book table, etc.).
  • Visitors' recommendations for future dates and marriage proposals left in message bottles. In addition, bottles that double as place card holders might be employed.
  • Specifics of a Seafaring Dinner Service (e.g., anchors, ship silhouettes, etc.).
  • The table is set with miniature seashells.
  • Various colourful nautical flags are displayed for aesthetic purposes.
  • Candles were set in sand in transparent glass cylinders or mason jars.
  • Turn on the lights above the dance floor and/or the tables.
  • Ice-filled kayaks or canoes are used as coolers to transport and store drinks.
  • Sky lanterns, best of luck to you! (note: be sure to check with your venue if this is allowed).
  • Sea glass place cards that have been calligraphed.
  • Place escort cards in tents on sand-filled trays.
  • Use oyster shells or sand dollars with elegant calligraphy as escort cards or place cards.

Dish Concepts

Wondering what to offer at your themed wedding? To avoid a suffocating lunch, choose meals that are light in both calories and flavour. Fits only in coastal areas where seafood is a staple diet. Water-themed menus are also an option.

For the Aperitif:

  • Oysters, shrimp, and crab claws, together with dipping sauces and lemon wedges, are available at a self-serve raw bar.
  • Shop serving sushi.
  • Conveniently sized lobster rolls.
  • Little cups of clam chowder.
  • Crab cakes, in a nutshell.
  • On a slice of cucumber, some smoked salmon and cheese.
  • Crispy fish and chips.
  • Lobster macaroni and cheese.
  • Tartare of raw tuna atop wonton crisps.
  • Mini fish tacos, if you will.
  • a shot of chilled tomato gazpacho served in chilled shot glasses

As The Star Of The Show:

  • Grilled prawns and tender fillet mignon make for a delicious surf and turf.
  • Baked or grilled cod or halibut.
  • fish that has been grilled and served over a bed of roasted corn risotto.
  • Grilled scallops are served.

Wedding Cake Inspiration

The wedding cake is the main attraction and centrepiece of the reception. It's a terrific and delicious setting for introducing your beachy decor. Here are a few examples of our favourite beach-themed cake designs:

  • Soft, ocean-inspired blues.
  • Confectionery for the shore (such as seashells, starfish, and coral)
  • Sugar is the main ingredient in making sea glass.
  • Bivalve mollusc shells (real or made from sugar).
  • Two little Adirondack chairs sit on the cake.
  • The cake's preppy vibe is enhanced with rope embellishments made of gum paste.

Recipes For Wedding Favors

Before the night is done, send your guests home with a souvenir from your beach bash. A few of our favourite themed wedding favours are listed below.

  • Adding rosemary to sea salt (the salt resembles fine white sand).
  • Towels for the beach come bundled with a pretty note and string.
  • Tiny buckets of saltwater taffy.
  • Beach-themed cookies made with sugar or shortbread.
  • Custom shot glasses with a nautical or beach theme, including your names, the wedding date, and the venue (e.g., palm trees, flamingos, starfish, beach balls, lighthouses, etc.).
  • Sandals that pop with primary hues.
  • Beach blankets that won't weigh you down for when the sun goes down.
  • Lip balm with sun protection factor and your name on it.
  • Warm greetings in spades Any of the aforementioned things can also be used to stuff them.

Also Take Into Account

Location: Think about the venue while deciding on the wedding's aesthetic. Remember that the location of your wedding will be a major expense. The wedding venue shouldn't be at odds with the event's overall theme. Explore the area to discover what it has to offer if you have made up your mind.

We recommend paying close attention to the location and facilities. You may visualise your perfect wedding day there even if you haven't settled on a specific site just yet. In addition, you should consider your financial limitations to avoid going over your spending limit on the location(s) you ultimately select.

Colors are another factor to consider while deciding on a wedding theme. After you couple colours, inspect the results to determine if your prefered shade goes well with the others. If you don't know which colour you like most, a quick perusal of your clothing will reveal your go-to shades. You may find a wealth of information on colour theory and palette construction on the internet. Some of the hues might appeal to you.

Figuring Out What You Want To Write About

It's important to have a unique and personalised theme for the wedding. No matter how much you like your friend's wedding theme, you should still select a theme that reflects who you are as a couple and what you value most. If you provide the wedding planners as much information as possible, they will be able to understand your vision.

One should be wary of utilising very universal themes, as they are open to various interpretations. The results may not be satisfactory. Put your ideas down on paper and see what emerges. Choosing a wedding theme may seem daunting at first, but reflecting on your own tastes and interests can lead you to the perfect option.

Just because you don't have easy access to the ocean or another body of water doesn't mean you shouldn't share your thoughts. Beaches are defined as "the shore of a body of water, especially if sandy or pebbly." Victoria, the answer is yes; waterways of all kinds are taken into account. A "beach" might even be built adjacent to the pool. There are no rules in place. Use your imagination! It's your wedding on the beach, and you may do whatever you want! Above all, have a good time.


The Best Beach Wedding Themes To Inspire Any Couple Looking to Tie The knot By The Sea. Because they are the most romantic and peaceful, beach weddings are very well-liked all year long. These beach wedding themes listed here will inspire any couple looking to tie the knot by the sea. You and your partner should decide on a shared theme for the big day. There are questionnaires available online that may help you narrow it down.

Create an inspiration board based on the wedding themes that reflect the atmosphere you want to create. Some themes are more expensive to implement than others. A wedding dress can be selected to complement the selected wedding theme and location. Weddings in the summer are best suited for beach themes, and those in the fall for wooded settings and warm colours. We've included some of our favourite colour schemes for a beach ceremony.

If you're planning a beach wedding, you don't have to change your flower arrangements drastically. Instead of stilettos, try wedges or elegant sandals. Glass vases filled with sand, shells, and pillar candles were used as beach wedding centrepieces. We've compiled a list of our favourite things for a wedding on the beach. Colourful accents and one-of-a-kind furnishings can be combined to create the wedding of your dreams.

We adore the notion of fresh coconuts on ice and wrap decorative flower pots in burlap. If you're planning a seaside themed wedding, here are some of our favourite beach-themed wedding favours. Serving dishes that are light and tasty to keep the meal from getting too heavy. A self-service raw bar with oysters, shrimp, crab claws and sauces is ideal for the cocktail hour. When choosing a wedding theme, keep the location in mind.

If you don't have a favourite colour, you can look through your closet to see which hues you prefer. It's your beach wedding, so you may have it however and anywhere you want!

Content Summary

  1. The Best Beach Wedding Themes To Choose From.
  2. For your special day, do you desire a beach wedding?
  3. There's no denying that one of the most prefered locations for couples looking to get married is the beach.
  4. Here's where picking a wedding theme comes into play.
  5. In order for the colours to go with the beach atmosphere, they must be properly chosen.
  6. Each couple chooses their own wedding theme.
  7. There should be more to the theme than just trends.
  8. It should be able to coordinate every aspect of the wedding down to the last detail.
  9. If you don't pay great attention to the wedding details, it can be difficult to choose your wedding theme.
  10. If you were to choose a specific theme for your wedding, you need to see yourself or the guests there.
  11. Here we are if you want to get married on a beach somewhere in 2020.
  12. The gorgeous beach wedding themes listed here will inspire any couple looking to tie the knot by the sea.
  13. If you're having trouble deciding on a wedding theme, consider these questions:When and where did you first meet?Do you have any particular nations or cities you'd want to visit?What do you consider to be the ideal wedding?Is there anything else you wish to include in your wedding?Is there a certain flower you'd want to see at your wedding?Can you think of anything that defines your relationship?Do you share any common interests?Achieving the wedding of your dreams starts with answering these crucial questions with your future spouse.
  14. Determine whether you want a formal or casual reception by answering these questions.
  15. You and your partner should decide on a shared theme for the big day.
  16. Create an inspiration board based on the wedding themes that reflect the atmosphere you hope to achieve for your big days, such as a boho beach wedding with a carefree and natural vibe or a warm and inviting winter woodland wedding.
  17. If you're having trouble coming up with a theme for your wedding, there are questionnaires available online that may help you narrow it down based on questions about your interests as a couple, your prefered colour palette, and your individual personalities.
  18. What Mood Do You Wish To Create?Throughout all of the festivities, what atmosphere do you want your theme to evoke in your guests?
  19. Additionally, think about how formal you want your wedding to be.
  20. A beachside or garden wedding is appropriate for a more laid-back atmosphere.
  21. What Is The Vibe Of Your Venue?Choose a wedding venue that reflects your chosen theme, or search for locations that have a certain concept in mind.
  22. What Is The Season Of Your Wedding?The time of year you plan to get married is a major one.
  23. The wedding's season and theme should work together in harmony.
  24. Garden settings, pastel colours, and natural features like berries and lush vegetation are all good starting points for a spring wedding theme.
  25. Weddings in the summer are best suited for beach themes, and those in the fall are best suited for wooded settings and warm colours.
  26. What Kind Of Dress Do You Wear?Wedding themes serve as the backdrop for the entire event, and the bride's dress is the main attraction.
  27. A wedding dress can be selected to complement the selected wedding theme and location.
  28. Is it a bohemian wedding in your future?
  29. Find the right wedding theme in the fashion of the dress you've previously found.
  30. Give some thought to the dress's style and the nuances that make it unique.
  31. Colours For A Beach WeddingFind your wedding colours in the sand, sea, and sky for a perfect beach ceremony.
  32. Here are some chic suggestions for you and your bridal party to adopt that carefree, beachy look and feel.
  33. Best wishes to the newlyweds and their guests!Wedding gown shapes that have a halter neckline, cut-outs, or an open back.
  34. Look for lightweight silk, chiffon, or lace wedding gown fabrics.
  35. Choose a wedding gown that is mid-length, has a high-low hemline, or has an asymmetrical silhouette.
  36. Bridesmaids in various colours of blue to match the ocean backdrop.
  37. Floral or tropical print bridesmaid dresses or skirtsGroom and groomsmen in beige linen suits, ties optional.
  38. For a preppy look, choose seersucker blazers.
  39. To the wedding attendees:Invite everyone to a beach ceremony in their bare feet.
  40. Don't be afraid of colour: bright reds, greens, and corals will stand out against the beach, ocean, and blue skies.
  41. Include a gorgeous sun hat in your ensemble.
  42. Bring a lightweight shawl or scarf in case of a coastal breeze.
  43. Flower IdeasIf you're planning a beach wedding, you don't have to change your flower arrangements drastically, but you do have some leeway to experiment.
  44. Flowers and decorations should not overpower the beach environment but rather enhance it.
  45. Pair a huge monstera leaf or another palm frond with two blossoms, such as anthuriums or birds of paradise, for bridesmaids' bouquets.
  46. You may set your beach wedding apart from others by doing something new with the ceremony.
  47. Colourful accents and one-of-a-kind furnishings can be combined in endless ways to create the wedding of your dreams.
  48. Whether or not the "I dos" are written in the sand is irrelevant.
  49. We've compiled a list of our favourite things for a wedding on the beach:Palm fronds or other tropical foliage can be used to embellish the ceremony arch.
  50. Built from accumulated driftwood or fluffy pampas grasses, the ceremony backdrop.
  51. Arrange the ceremony chairs in a spiral so that you and your partner are surrounded in the sand by all of your guests.
  52. Set up a "shoe valet" station and equip your visitors with flip-flops to change into.
  53. Allow your ring bearer to transport your rings in a seashell.
  54. Set up a refreshment station with cooled drinks at the ceremony so visitors may stay cool in the sun.
  55. For a tropical-themed wedding, we adore the notion of fresh coconuts on ice.
  56. Decorate the aisle with containers of decorative grasses.
  57. Wrap the pots in burlap for a more rustic seashore appearance.
  58. Instead of rice, mini beach balls were provided for visitors to toss during the recessional.
  59. Ideas For Reception DecorationBring the beach into your wedding by decorating with beach-themed items.
  60. Details of a nautical table setting (e.g., anchors, ship silhouettes, etc.).Miniature seashells are scattered across the tablescape.
  61. Colourful nautical flags serve as decoration.
  62. Pillar candles and sand were placed in clear-glass cylinders or mason jars.
  63. Thinking of having a themed wedding but not sure what to serve?
  64. Pick dishes that are light and tasty to keep the meal from getting too heavy.
  65. It only fits the seaside location where you choose to eat a lot of seafood.
  66. The menu cards can even be designed with an aquatic theme.
  67. Fries with fish.
  68. Idea For Wedding CakesThe wedding cake serves as both a focal point and a centrepiece on its own.
  69. It is a fantastic and delectable location in which to bring in your beach motif.
  70. A couple of our favourite cake ideas with a beach theme are as follows:Blues that are subtle and delicate, inspired by the ocean.
  71. Shells from oysters or mussels (real or made from sugar).As cake decorations, a pair of small Adirondack chairs.
  72. Gum paste rope decorations add a preppy touch to the cake.
  73. Ideas For Wedding FavoursSend your guests home with a memento of your seaside party before the night is over.
  74. Venue: When choosing your theme, keep the wedding location in mind.
  75. Be sure to plan for the fact that one of the aspects of your wedding that will consume a sizable portion of your budget will be the venue.
  76. The location shouldn't contradict the wedding's theme.
  77. The setting and amenities require your attention.
  78. Even if you haven't selected a location yet, you can picture your ideal wedding there.
  79. To make sure that the venue you choose doesn't cost more than your allotted budget, you must also keep your budget in mind.
  80. Colours: Choosing a wedding theme also depends on the colour scheme.
  81. You might like some of the colours.
  82. Selecting A ThemeA customised and distinctive wedding theme is required.
  83. Even if you might find your friend's wedding theme appealing, you must choose your theme while taking all of your preferences into account.
  84. Write down all of your thoughts and combine them.
  85. Even if it can be difficult at first, thinking about your preferences and personality will help you choose the ideal wedding theme.
  86. Be original!
  87. It's your beach wedding, so you may have it however and anywhere you want!

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