In my 30 years at Brighton Savoy Hotel, I have seen many types of cakes from the professional to those homemade with love – yet maybe not quite the skill. So in my theme of top ten blog posts, On this occasion I’ve decided to list the top 10 Wedding cake suppliers in Melbourne for 2018.

Please note this list is in no particular order and is based on my personal opinion of over 30 years of cutting, slicing and serving many wedding cakes.
After booking the right wedding reception venue, and a ceremony location, you then start to look for the many other elements of a successful wedding night. Selecting a wedding cake comes onto the radar fairly soon.  A Wedding cake can reflect your personalty;  traditional or Modern,  2 tiers or 5 tiers, Chocolate or fruit, cupcake or croquembouche, the list goes on…

So here are my top Wedding cake suppliers for 2018 …

4. Sweets for Tilly


5. Cherrytree Bakehouse

cherry tree

6.Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

7. Ab Fab Cakes


8. Eiffel Tower Cakes


9. Truffles Patisserie

For over 94 years Paterson’s Caked located in Chapel street in Windsor provided traditional wedding cakes for many happy couples, almost every week a delivery from Paterson’s cakes would arrive with immaculate and intricate presentation.
Patersons cake Brighton Savoy

My Wedding Cake Confession

I do have a confession to make, In my younger years, when intricate royal icing decoration was in fashion,  I always looked forward to the time of night towards the end  of a wedding reception when the wedding cake was brought back into the hotel’s kitchen and ready to be sliced and boxed for guests to take home.  I used to love running my figure along the intricate icing like you see in blue below and watching it crumble…… Luckily I’ve grown up since them.
 Blue Royal icing BS.JPG
Before you can choose your cake, you’ve got to choose one of the award wedding venues Melbourne as the venue for your special day. Brighton Savoy can cater from 30 – 220 guests and offers both five hour wedding reception packages or six hour ceremony and reception packages. please contact us on (03) 9592 8233


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