If you face criminal charges that can likely impact your future negatively, whether you are innocent or guilty, choosing a lawyer who will represent you in your lawsuit is a great choice. Despite the kind of criminal offence you are being charged with, as a defendant, hiring a reputable criminal defence lawyer who is specialising in defending people or companies is certainly very important.

Dissolution of marriage or divorce is the procedure of terminating a marital union or marriage. It usually entails the reorganisation or cancelling of a marriage’s legal responsibilities and duties, thus terminating the bonds of wedlock between a married partner under the law’s regulations of the specific country or state. A divorce is amongst the most challenging decisions one can make in his or her life. However, suppose you are considering a divorce in order to avoid regretting later. In that case, you must collaborate with a reputable divorce lawyer who will advise you accordingly about your issue of concern. In such a scenario, you should seek the services of a divorce lawyer who is experienced and has an exceptional term of operation that will perfectly suit your divorce needs.

Whether you are facing a divorce case, criminal charges or any other lawsuit that requires a lawyer’s services, collaborating with an experienced and reliable lawyer will expose you to a range of benefits.

Suppose you will eventually find yourself with several lawyer options that you believe are the best of the best. In that case, it is vital you compare their respective pricing factors and terms of operation.

Located in Bayside, Melbourne, and looking for a lawyer? Look no further! To get you started finding a lawyer, we’ve created an ultimate list of the best lawyers in Bayside, Melbourne.

Ultimate List of Lawyers in Bayside, Melbourne

Hartleys Lawyers Melbourne

Hartleys Lawyers


03 8415 5601

Every family law matter is different and has its own special set of circumstances. Family law disputes not only include children, property and divorce – they include the emotional and personal elements of each person who is caught up in the dispute. These difficult matters, with all of their complex elements, require an approach that recognises which dispute resolution method is correct in all of the circumstances.

Areas of Law


When splitting from a partner, there are many things that need to be considered, one of which is a property settlement that is fair for both parties.


Family breakdowns can be emotional and confusing and can result in anxiety and uncertainty about the future and wellbeing of your children.


In order to obtain a Divorce Certificate, you must first apply for Divorce via the family courts.

Wills and Estates

A Will is an important legal document that only comes into effect after your death.

Intervention Orders

Intervention Orders are civil orders that prohibit a person from committing a certain action against you.

Criminal Law

Our solicitors are committed to providing clients with the best advice in any Criminal jurisdiction matter.

Our History

Hartleys Lawyers was established in 2001 by Principal Solicitor Peter Love. Over the years, demand for our services has resulted in the establishment of multiple locations throughout the Melbourne area and expansion to a team of lawyers all focused on our approach and finalising your matter with the best possible outcome. Our team of lawyers have diverse backgrounds, and each brings to your matter a wealth of practice and experience.

Our Commitment

From the first day of operation, Hartleys Lawyers has represented people who are privately funded as well as those with government-assisted legal aid matters. We continue to represent people in receipt of government-assisted grants, despite the funding cuts that have restricted who and what legal aspects are eligible for legal representation.

We aim to attract the best solicitors to join our expanding team and are committed to the best practice of the highest calibre. Many of our lawyers are also trained to be Independent Childrens’ Lawyers, and these are Court-appointed lawyers who assist and act in the best interests of the children in any given matter.

Bayside Collaborative Lawyers Melbourne

Bayside Collaborative


03 9596 8509

We are a FAMILY LAW FIRM that understands that separation requires more than just legal solutions.  

We appreciate that going through separation and divorce can be a very overwhelming time. We know you don’t want to be here, and we know you probably didn’t imagine this would happen, but we will make it as smooth as possible for you and your family to move forward.  

We offer an alternative to divorce and dispute resolutions that support both parties to reach fair and balanced solutions for everyone without going to Court. 

Results without court.

We believe in a non-adversarial, family-focused approach to family law, and we achieve this by combining the skills of a family lawyer and a psychologist. 

Our highly-skilled team’s sensitive and holistic approach will provide you with the expertise you need to minimise conflict and achieve a peaceful resolution. 

We will listen to what you have to say and provide thoughtful and practical advice and support after separation, so you can move forward with dignity and respect.

Are you starting a new relationship?

If you are commencing a new relationship or currently in an established relationship, we can also give you financial security and certainty with a Pre-Nuptial or Relationship Agreement. This provides a firm basis for your relationship and removes the potential for dispute and conflict in the event of a future separation.

Collaborative Practice

A team approach – two lawyers (one for you and one for your partner) and neutral professionals (a facilitator and a financial professional) work in a structured process through a series of meetings to achieve a peaceful, fair resolution.  

This process is based on identifying your interests and goals – in other words, what is most important to you – and helping you achieve them. Throughout it all, there is a focus on maintaining positive family relationships and promoting the wellbeing of children.  

The professionals in this process are trained in collaborative practice and mediation and bring different skills to the negotiating table.

The lawyers advocate for you and provide legal advice and support.

Your Facilitator is a psychologist who manages and controls the meetings and can also provide assistance with the development of a Parenting Plan.

Your Financial Professional is a financial planner who gathers all required financial information and provides advice around budgeting requirements and other financial and taxation issues, giving you peace of mind. 

This team of professionals with different but complementary skill sets come together to provide you and your partner with a safe and secure environment to work through post-separation issues and achieve a resolution that is acceptable to everyone. The resolution will be specifically tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. 

Melbourne Family Lawyers

Melbourne Family Lawyers


03 9670 9674

Honest advice, guidance and representation

Melbourne Family Lawyers is an Australian Family Law Specialist Firm based in Melbourne which deals exclusively in Australian and International Family Law cases. Our Specialist Family Law Lawyers are accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria. We have the knowledge and the expertise to help resolve any Family Law problem quickly.

Melbourne Family Lawyers (formerly Auditore Specialist Family Lawyers) is an Australian Family Law Specialist Firm based in Melbourne which deals exclusively in Australian and International Family Law cases. Our Specialist Family Law Lawyers are accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria. We have the knowledge and the expertise to help resolve any Family Law problem quickly.

We specialise in a family law property settlement, resolving financial disputes and parenting disputes regarding the arrangements for children. We settle our clients’ disputes using Mediation and a Collaborative Lawyer approach if possible. If it is not possible, then we ensure that our client’s case is dealt with promptly through the Family Law Courts to achieve the best possible pragmatic outcome.

Specialist Family Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne

All of our Family Law Specialists are Accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria, and such accreditation is recognised throughout all of Australia. Only the best family lawyers in their field of expertise become Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialists.

Our lawyers have vast experience having successfully conducted court cases in the Federal Magistrates’ Court, Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Family Court of Australia, State Supreme Courts and the High Court of Australia. Whether your case involves a 50 million dollar business or a suburban house, rest assured that we know how to deal with it in the best possible way and obtain the best possible result for you.

With our experienced advice, guidance and representation, many of our clients are able to achieve timely property settlements through a Mediation process, thus avoiding the expense, delay and stress of Family Law Court Proceedings. However, some cases cannot be settled (e.g. where there is a spouse who refuses to negotiate on reasonable terms), and it becomes necessary to initiate court proceedings in order to promote our client’s best interests. You will have the benefit of the firm’s sound knowledge and experience in knowing when it is best to litigate in Court and knowing when it is best to settle out of Court.

Cases involving children need to handled in a sensitive way, but they can also sometimes require quick action to avoid long-term emotional damage to children. We have the experience, the knowledge and the resources to advise of the best way to protect the interests of our clients and their children. Should the need arise, we will recommend the best Counsellors and Psychologists to assist in achieving a sensible outcome.  

The firm was originally founded in Collins Street Melbourne in 1985, and in recent years we have extended our office network into the Melbourne Bayside suburbs. Melbourne Family Lawyers is located at 271 William Street Melbourne, adjacent to the Family Law Courts in Melbourne and Flagstaff Railway Station. We also have an additional Branch office for client appointments in Brighton. All of our locations have convenient car parking available.  

Bayside Family Law Solutions Melbourne

Bayside Family Law Solutions


03 8842 3149

Bayside Family Law Solutions is a law firm providing expert advice and representation in family law cases. We offer considered tailored solutions.

The firm operates exclusively from premises in Hampton Street in Hampton and is committed to delivering it’s specialist services to people living or working locally in the south-eastern bayside suburbs of Melbourne.

Providing an expert service that is both accessible and flexible is a high priority for Bayside Family Law Solutions. We provide:

  • A discounted flat fee for initial appointments and advice.
  • A range of pricing options, including fixed price, hourly charges and monthly retainer.
  • Appointments after business hours and on Saturday mornings.
  • We will come to you if getting away from your office is a problem.
  • We listen to you and focus on understanding your needs and priorities.

We work with you to identify and implement holistic solutions that are tailored to your individual circumstances.

Areas of Practice

We can assist with the whole range of family law issues, including Divorce, Property Settlements, Financial Agreements, Spousal Maintenance, Child custody arrangements, Relocation cases, Intervention Orders and Child Support.

Our Principal

The principal of Bayside Family Law Solutions, Chris Forster, is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law and has over 20 years of experience in the legal profession in Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. Chris is friendly and approachable as well as professional. He understands the complex personal and legal issues that can arise when family relationships break down, and he has the skills and experience required to anticipate and to deal with them.

Kingston Lawyers Melbourne

Kingston Lawyers


(03) 9585 6456

For almost 50 years, Kingston Lawyers and her predecessor firms have served Melbourne. We are Melbourne’s most trusted law firm with lawyers who will be with you throughout difficult times and transitions in your life.

We also have a dynamic commercial and employment law practice that counts some leading public and private Corporations as clients. Our motto is “Our clients come first”.

This means that meeting your requirements and achieving your goals will always be our primary focus and objective. We look forward to welcoming you as a client of our firm.

Practice Areas

  • Commercial and Business Law
  • Will, Estates, and Probate Law
  • Property Law and Conveyancing
  • Intellectual Property
  • Entertainment Law
  • Sports Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Employment Law

Our Process

Initial Contact

Call us on (03) 9585 6455 and speak to one of our friendly team who will assist you with any of your dealings with our firm.


Our team works collaboratively to ensure you receive the best advice for your matter. We will conduct extensive research on both statute and authoritative case law. In more complex matters, we may engage a Barrister for an expert opinion.


Once we have assessed your matter, you will be invited to attend our office for a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers who will provide you with the advice you need for your legal matter.

Sharrock Pitman Legal Lawyers Melbourne

Sharrock Pitman Legal


1300 205 509

Lawyers in Melbourne for more than 50 years

Experience the difference between solutions and service second to none while receiving real value and benefit, all at an agreed fixed price. We’ll always be: ‍On Your Side.

Who we are

We are a boutique commercial law practice serving the legal needs of business people and those in the ‘not for profit’ sector, as well as the wider community.

Areas of Law

We aim to serve you with solutions that are always innovative, practical, proactive and strategic, combined with exceptional service.

  • Industry Experience
  • Commercial Law
  • Employment Law
  • Property Law
  • Litigation [Courts & Tribunals]
  • Mediation of Disputes
  • Family Law Specialists
  • Probate & Estates
  • Wills & Estate Planning
  • Charities & Not for Profits

Since 1967, Sharrock Pitman Legal has made a significant and long term contribution to meeting the legal needs of business owners and residents in the City of Monash and the greater Melbourne area.

Our law practice is located on the ground floor of modern, multi-level premises, adjacent to the busy retail and restaurant precinct in Glen Waverley.

The building is a real commercial hub, with some 25 other businesses located there.

Customers are afforded comfort, convenience and good access to the premises. There are bus and train transport nearby, with plenty of free car parking opposite the building off Montclair Avenue and behind the building off Bogong Avenue.

We aim to be different and to make a difference in terms of service, expertise and solutions. 

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers Melbourne

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers


(03) 9605 2709

We Fight For Fair.

Maurice Blackburn is proud to be Australia’s leading social justice law firm. We’ve built a reputation on the unwavering belief that the law should serve everyone, not just those who can afford it.

That’s why we’re here for everyday Australians who deserve to have their rights defended, people who deserve:

  • The right to be free – to live without the threat of persecution or oppression.
  • The right to feel safe – to live and work without physical or emotional threats.
  • The right to be heard – to not be silenced by the wealthy, privileged or powerful.
  • The right to equality – to be respected as human beings and free from prejudice.

In 1919, Maurice Blackburn – a man whose sense of civil liberty was ahead of his time – set the course for social justice in Australia. In the time since, his law firm has contributed to some of Australia’s most influential legal decisions, from the 40-hour week and equal pay for women and Indigenous workers to the fight against patenting of human genes and the largest class action settlement in Australian history. And the legacy grows as we continue to protect the exploited, free the wrongfully detained and hold the big names to account. Although we’ve been leading the charge for almost a century now, as far as we’re concerned, the fight for the fair has only just begun.

Today, Maurice Blackburn is a national firm with over 30 offices throughout Australia and more than 1000 of the country’s best and most respected legal professionals. We provide accurate and confidential advice without unnecessary legal jargon, and we recognise the varying financial circumstances of our clients and offer a flexible fee policy. We treat every client who walks through our door with the sincerity and respect they deserve.

You can read more about our commitment to you in our full client charter.

If you need someone in your corner, someone who’s willing to fight for your rights, speak to us today.

Rickards Legal Lawyers Melbourne

Rickards Legal


03 9523 9774

Rickards Legal was established in 1983 and has grown to become a highly respected and successful firm with a legal team able to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients.

The firm is proud of its reputation and has grown to be one of the largest practices in the area. We take pride in providing practical advice to best suit our clients’ individual needs.

From the full range of small transactions to complex cases, Rickards Legal offers the same level of dedication in all matters. The firm’s philosophy is simple:

Providing answers, offering solutions and achieving outcomes.

Our Expertise

Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Being involved in litigation can be stressful and costly. Whenever possible, our advice will be to avoid litigation.

Rickards Legal provides advice and recommends strategies most likely to secure your desired outcome.

We understand the importance of good communications and recognising our clients’ individual needs.


We do more than just ‘conveyancing’. We offer a full range of property services.

Rickards Legal’s services include conducting simple residential conveyancing matters through to large-scale property developments, which involve preparing master contracts and conveyancing of sale of lots in developments, including off-the-plan sales and purchases.

Property Law and Development

We can help clients with land subdivisions, adverse possession and title issues, creation and variation of easements and restrictive covenants, property disputes, land ownership property structures, strata and strata title advice, disputes and conversions, and much more.

Family Law

We understand that the breakdown of a relationship is a very stressful and emotional time.

At Rickards Legal, we strive to provide you with personalised and practical family law advice and guide you based on your personal needs and desired outcome.

Elder Law and Aged Care

Elder law focuses specifically on issues affecting our clients as they age, including their rights and responsibilities.

We understand that ageing can create complex legal issues for you and your loved ones. It is therefore important to plan ahead by ensuring that you have a will and powers of attorney that meet your wishes.

Wills and Deceased Estates

We understand the importance of planning for your future.

We understand the diversity of a ‘family unit’ and that each client has its own specific needs. We provide advice in the areas of Wills, Estates and Probate tailored to your specific needs.

Commercial Leasing and Lease Disputes

Rickards Legal has extensive experience in all aspects of leasing, acting for landlords and tenants involving commercial and retail leases.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, our highly skilled lawyers can prepare both retail and non-retail commercial leases and can advise on leasing disputes.

Other Areas of Practice

Our other areas of practice include Criminal law, including trials, police and traffic matters and court appearances; Criminal appeals; Motor traffic offences, demerit points; Negotiation of all forms not limited to legal matters, and much more.

CKL Lawyers Melbourne

Ckl Lawyers Melbourne


03 9500 1721

We Are Approachable, Experienced & We Listen

Areas of Law

  • Business & Commercial Law
  • Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Commercial & Retail Tenancy Law
  • Litigation
  • Probate, Reseals & Will Disputes
  • Property Law
  • Wills, Power of Attorney & Estate Planning

CKL Lawyers Melbourne is one of the leading law firms in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

As a vibrant and dynamic law firm, we service a wide range of business and personal clients. Our Melbourne Lawyers are approachable, experienced and caring, but when there is a need to fight, we are determined and tough negotiators and Litigators. 

When you need great advice, experience really matters. Collectively, we have a broad range of experience and a wonderfully dedicated team.

We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients and listening to their needs.

Our History CKL Lawyers

We first opened our practice in Balaclava in 1987 as Cyngler & Co and rapidly grew. 

In 2004, we merged with Kaye Levy & Co (established a decade earlier in 1977), and with a bigger team, we rebranded as Cyngler Kaye Levy Lawyers and moved to Caulfield. 

Since then, we have grown from strength to strength with a loyal and happy client base. Today we are located in Caulfield North, and our firm is known as CKL Lawyers in keeping with our tradition but creating a modern, clean and simple name.

Mark Shenken Lawyer Melbourne

Mark Shenken


03 9525 9647



Family Law

If you are currently going through a divorce or separation, we can provide legal insight and advice.

Binding Financial Agreements

Learn more about how binding financial agreements can affect you and get legal help regarding them.

Wills and Probates

Whether or not you have set up a will, we can make sure everything is in order to protect your interests.

Intervention Orders

We know how intervention orders impact people on both sides. Give us a call to discuss your situation.

Conveyancing Services

If you are interested in buying a new home, contact us for professional and thorough conveyancing services.


Since 1998, Mark Shenken has been offering a wide range of legal services to the people of St Kilda and the surrounding areas. Our law firm is well-established in the area, and Mark Shenken has more than 30 years of legal experience. We provide personalised, friendly, professional and prompt legal services.

Quinn & Quinn Lawyers Melbourne

Quinn & Quinn


(03) 9592 3474


Brighton Lease LawyersQuinn & Quinn can provide assistance with retail and commercial leases in a number of capacities. It is important to seek legal advice from an experienced commercial lawyer before entering a lease, as it has the potential of becoming a negative impact on your business’ cash flow at a later stage.

Quinn & Quinn can assist you with:

  • Drafting and reviewing retail and commercial leases
  • Negotiation for the terms of the lease (including rent, transfer options, duration, exit and renewal options)
  • Subletting of premises
  • Insurance advise and assistance identifying the most suitable business insurance opportunities
  • Possible dispute resolution


The Contract

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your property, one of the first tasks is to have the Contract for Sale of Land drawn up.

The contract will include not only the legal terms and conditions of sale but will also specify what items are included or excluded from the sale and any other special requirements you might have, like a longer or shorter settlement than usual, or perhaps that the contract is conditional upon another contract for you to buy your next property. There are a lot of ways that a contract can be varied, so it’s important to discuss your situation in detail with your lawyer/conveyancer.

You also need to know your disclosure responsibilities, as failing to disclose certain things can lead you into a lot of trouble.

The Deposit

Once a purchaser has been found, and the contract has been signed and is legally binding, then a deposit is usually paid by the purchaser and is usually held in the trust account of the selling agent.


Settlement (the day that the money is exchanged for the property and keys handed over) is scheduled in accordance with the contract and is usually 6 weeks after signing contracts. During the wait for a settlement, your lawyer/conveyancer will liaise with your bank in relation to releasing any mortgage held on the property. At this time you should arrange disconnection of electricity and other services.

Before settlement, the purchase price will be adjusted to reflect the council rates, water rates and strata fees that need to be shared between the parties. There may be other adjustments based on the Contract for Sale.

Once settlement takes place, the real estate agent will be authorised to release the deposit to you, less their fees.


Brighton Wills LawyerPlanning for your family’s future after you’re gone is a really important legal task.

If you take the time now to make an effective legally binding Will and Testament, you can save your family not only stress but money in what will undoubtedly be a difficult time for them.

Quinn & Quinn’s will and estate planning lawyers can help:

  • Advise you in regard to estate and Probate laws
  • Write a will that maximises the inheritance for your family
  • Set up family and testamentary trusts
  • Advise you in regard to choosing executors and guardians
  • Minimise the chance that your will is contested and subject to litigation
  • The advice in regard to estate tax (including capital gains) and financial concerns
  • Safely store your will and other important legal documents

At the same time as considering your Will, we strongly recommend that you also put in place plans for any future incapacity through Power of Attorney and Guardianship documents. This will ensure that if you somehow become unable to make decisions about your finances, your medical treatment or living arrangements, then the person or persons who you trust to make these decisions can do so unhindered.


  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Experienced
  • Local knowledge

CE Family Law Melbourne

Ce Family Law


03 9596 0221


CE Family Law provides the highest possible level of specialised family law service, assistance and support to achieve optimum, fair and practical outcomes.  

We focus on understanding your particular individual circumstances and needs, and we will treat you with respect and understanding and provide the support that is caring as well as professional.

We find the ideal balance between our client’s legal rights and the interest of their family for the best long-term outcome. 

Our specialist team of dedicated family lawyers is ready to assist you.

CE Family Law is one of the few firms in Melbourne which practices exclusively family law. We are a strong team of family lawyers and accredited family law specialists. Our team also includes two Independent Children’s Lawyers who are trained and qualified to represent children in complex parenting matters in the Family Court. Our team is highly regarded by the Courts, Barristers, Lawyers and Professionals working in family law.

How we can assist you.

Divorce and separation can be very complex. We will help you to understand your rights and feel secure. We will provide certainty and security for you and your children. We will work hard for you to achieve the best possible outcome so that you can move forward.

We have a commitment to our clients to be easily contactable, responsive and open in our communications. Clients can communicate directly with the senior lawyer on their case; there are no gatekeepers.  

Lardners Solicitors Lawyers Melbourne

Lardners Solicitors


03 9787 4510

Welcome to Lardner’s Solicitors, Mount Eliza’s local firm of solicitors who offer constant support and advice to our local people and have been continually doing so for the past thirty years. We are one of the most respected legal firms in the whole of the Mornington Peninsula, and our dedicated team go to great lengths to maintain our highly sought after, successful reputation.

My name is Charles White, and I am the principal of Lardner’s Solicitors. I also play a very active role in Mount Eliza and the Mornington Peninsula’s community because I genuinely care about the people I am lucky to live close to. My firm has helped many people from different backgrounds and industries over the years, and my team of professionals is committed to confidentiality, trust, and integrity, as it is paramount to us that you feel you are safely represented at all times when consulting us. Frequent communication with all our clients is all part of the exceptional standard of service you will receive, along with high-quality legal advice time after time.

Our legal services include:

  • Family Law
  • Migration
  • Probate
  • Wills
  • Litigation
  • Commercial and Business
  • Property and Conveyancing

Our Team

Our team of professionally trained and highly successful solicitors and support staff promise to listen fully and understand your situation in order to find you the best solution for whatever legal issues you are currently facing. We appreciate that every case is individual and unique and are able to guide you with expert knowledge no matter what problem has arisen. We will always handle your case with complete discretion, offering you constant support.

“At Lardners, we believe clients should expect personalised service where relationships, understanding and trust can be developed and maintained”

All of our advice and services are up to date in conjunction with Australian law.

We strive to continually develop relationships with our local community, which are always based on understanding, trust and integrity. We professionally manage each client’s case before, during, and after court proceedings are carried out.

Beaumaris Law Melbourne

Beaumaris Law


03 9589 5445

At Beaumaris Law, we have a compassionate approach towards our clients, who are often dealing with very stressful situations, including:

  • Buying or selling a home or retirement unit
  • Coping with the death of a loved one
  • Purchasing or selling a business
  • A retail or commercial Lease
  • Making a new Will or Enduring Power of Attorney

As a small team of dedicated professionals, we aim to provide a friendly, family atmosphere with a reputation for timely, personalised service.

Our Areas of Practice

At Beaumaris Law, we practice in a wide range of areas, including Conveyancing, Retail and Commercial Leases, Commercial Agreements, Sales and Purchase of Businesses, Retirement Living/Aged Care Agreements, Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Trusts and Deceased Estates.


Beaumaris Law offers superior Conveyancing services. Whether you are buying or selling a home or a retirement unit, our team of conveyancing clerks and Solicitors can provide efficient and reliable advice and assistance.

Probate/Deceased Estates

Beaumaris Law deals sympathetically and efficiently with Deceased Estates, making the process as smooth as possible. We take the stress off your shoulders. All matters are handled personally by our probate Solicitors in conjunction with our very experienced probate law clerk.

Business and Commercial Law

Beaumaris Law has vast experience in the following areas:

  • Commercial Agreements
  • Business Partnership Agreements;
  • Employment Law
  • Commercial and Retail Leases;
  • Sale and Purchase of Businesses;
  • Advising on asset protection;
  • Succession plans

Our Solicitors are very experienced in these areas of law, and we look forward to assisting you.

Retirement Living and Aged Care arrangements

Beaumaris Law provides advice on the complex arrangements when entering into Retirement Living Agreements or Aged Care accommodation, and we aim to provide you with peace of mind by ensuring that you are fully aware of the financial implications of such arrangements.

Estate Planning – Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney

Your will is one of the most important documents in your life and therefore requires expert advice. Beaumaris Law has a team of Solicitors who are experienced in preparing both standard and complex Wills, Testamentary Trusts, Medical and Enduring Powers of Attorney and are more than happy to discuss your requirements. Ask to speak with one of our experienced team members.

Commercial/Retail Leases

We want to assist you in avoiding costly pitfalls in the leasing process. It is important to understand your rights and obligations to avoid disputes. Beaumaris Law provides extensive experience in assisting both Landlords and Tenants navigate the constantly evolving area of commercial and retail leasing.

Taylor Family Law Melbourne

Taylor Family Law


(03) 8765 2381

Experienced and friendly Family and Relationship Lawyers.

Our services include:

  • Advice about your rights and entitlements
  • following a separation
  • Parenting agreements
  • Child custody orders
  • Property settlements
  • Divorce
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Child recovery orders
  • Court representation
  • Family Violence Intervention Orders

“Our aim is simple. To assist you to achieve the best possible outcome, quickly and at minimum expense.”

What are the benefits of having a lawyer?

Are you facing charges for something that could affect your future? Whether innocent or guilty, it is a good idea to get a criminal defence lawyer to help you with your case. Talking to a police officer, filing paperwork, posting bail, etc., is very overwhelming, in addition to the stress that getting any of the steps wrong can mean a higher sentence, more money, or a higher charge on your record. This puts a burden on you, your family, friends, and responsibilities. That is why you should hire a criminal defence lawyer to help you make the best situation.

When one faces a dispute against the law, one must call the help of a lawyer. Although there are several legal matters in which the use of an attorney is not necessary, there will always be instances where the participation of a legal representative would be of great help. These instances include injuries, divorce, breach of contract, losing a job, lost claims, criminal matter, and the worst, sentenced to jail time. While some would think they can represent themselves in the legal battle for some reasons, like they can’t afford an attorney, we will be explaining how, in the long run, hiring a lawyer would benefit and be the best solution for you.

Great Benefits Of Hiring A Lawyer

They Possess Extensive Knowledge Of the Legal System

When you want to win a battle, you take soldiers to the field and not teachers. Why? Simply because they are the ones that understand a war environment!

Good criminal defence attorneys are experts in criminal law. They have studied and practised criminal law for several years. They know the legal system’s ins and outs and thus stand a better chance at building a solid case against your complainant.

They will assess the facts of your case; evaluate all the evidence brought forward, and find loopholes that can work in your favour. If you know nothing about criminal and legal procedures, you’ll most likely not even understand what your charges mean, let alone the consequences of those charges.

Having someone with the knowledge of criminal defence law and some experience, as well as a good reputation, amplifies your chances of building a solid defence.

They Know People and Tactics to Navigate the Legal System

Part of winning a battle is knowing who the participants on the battlefield are. The chances of winning are also higher when you understand how the battlefield is laid out. In Criminal law, it’s imperative to understand the parties involved, including prosecution lawyers and judges.

If you decide to defend yourself, you’re likely to find yourself in murky waters if you don’t know any of the parties you’ll be dealing with. A prosecutor will consider you an easy target when they know you’re unrepresented.

On the other hand, criminal attorneys often interact with prosecution lawyers and judges to better understand how they operate. They know what arguments work best for them, as well as their biggest dislikes. There is nothing sinister about playing these facts to their advantage. After all, prosecutors and judges are also human beings, and they have their quirks.

Having this knowledge enables criminal lawyers to plan a smart defence strategy and know whether to go for a plea bargain or proceed to trial.

They Protect You From Hefty Penalties

In a battle, your opponents will come down hard on you to ensure you lose and surrender. In a criminal charge, the prosecutors will be your biggest enemies. They will try as much as possible to crush you and add a win to their ‘accomplishment list.’

If you have been falsely accused of a crime, it can be quite distressing to receive a penalty for something you didn’t do. A criminal attorney will act as your shield against harsh prosecutors. 

They will help you prove your case and avoid severe penalties.

But if you’re found guilty (even when innocent), the attorney will make sure that you get a fair penalty. This could be a reduced sentence or fine.

They Have the Right Resources to Handle a Case Efficiently

Reputable criminal defence attorneys have the staff and resources to handle cases effectively. Legal representation is not all about court appearance to argue out points. It’s about gathering evidence, looking for witnesses and cross-examining them, and preparing winning strategies (as well as backup plans in case the chief plan fails).

Experienced criminal lawyers know how to obtain court resources to help their clients. For example, even if you hire an attorney, you may qualify for a court-appointed private investigator or court funds for expert witnesses, such as toxicologists or forensic scientists. Moreover, experienced criminal lawyers know how to use their resources efficiently and find experts who will make the best of what the court provides.

If you decide to represent yourself, it’s challenging to do all these things on your own. It will be expensive and time-consuming. Professional criminal lawyers delegate this work to their staff so that they handle different things simultaneously. Your criminal lawyer can worry about your case while you handle your daily life. 

They Can Save Your Time and Money

All the time you’re likely to spend filling legal paperwork and following up on your case could be spent somewhere else. You could be at work or taking care of your family.

Defence attorneys are familiar with all legal proceedings relating to your case. As such, they know how to speed up the process or slow it down and foresee challenges before they happen. Hiring a criminal defence lawyer is your best shot at clearing your name fast and getting back to normal life.

Having an attorney by your side for criminal legal representation also saves you money in the long run. In the long-term, your lawyer may save you money. For example, criminal restitution is often disputed successfully, which can save clients significantly more money than an attorney’s fee.

An attorney will ensure that they preempt any charges such as court costs, fines, and miscellaneous fees levied against you. They will also make sure you don’t miss many working days. If you’re found guilty, they will also negotiate for lower fines, saving you huge costs that can endanger your finances.

Whether you’re staring down the potential of prison time, trying to get the best possible arrangement for your children after a divorce, need to defend yourself from a lawsuit, or have some other legal matter, it’s good to know there are experienced attorneys just a click away. Meet with a qualified, local lawyer near you today to get confidential, personalised answers to your questions.

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